After the demise of the Northern Song Dynasty, why did you see the figure of the Yang family?Where did the Yang family General and Yangmen go?

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After the demise of the Northern Song Dynasty, why did you see the figure of the Yang family?Where did the Yang family General and Yangmen go?

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The women and children of the Yang family and Yangmen women are also very exciting, but they are unfortunately. Most of the characters and events in the story are fabricated in the romance. The real Yang family will have only three generations, and there is no female general of Yangmen. This is very different from the romance.

However, it must be pointed out that the true Yang family in history is indeed full of loyalty, and there are many heroes that can sing and weep. They deserve us forever!

The Yang family will have three generations, the first generation of Yang Ye, and the second generation of representatives is Yang Yan Showa Yang Yanyu, and the third generation is Yang Wenguang, the son of Yang Yanzhao.

So what kind of story will the Yang family have, why can't I see the Yang family when the Northern Song dying? Today we will talk about this.

The first generation: Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was originally known as Yang Chonggui and was from Xinqin County (Shenmu County, Shanxi). His father Yang Xin was the local strength and dominated one side with force.

Yang Ye has been very popular since he was a child. He has the style of heroes. He is very good at riding and shoots. He also looks forward to becoming a general who will lead the soldiers in the future.

After the establishment of the later Jin, Liu Chong went to Linzhou as a thorn history and took the initiative to make good friends with Yang Xin. He was trusted by Yang Xin. Yang Xin sent his son Yang Ye to Liu Chong for efficiency.

Honestly, Yang Ye's luck is really good, because Liu Chong is not a simple person. He is a minister of the post -Jin dynasties, and after the establishment of the Han Dynasty in 19951, he was called the emperor.

In the process of following Liu Chongnan's conquest of the north, Yang Ye was brave and good, and he had countless merits. Therefore, Liu Chong appreciated him very much. He said that the emperor was named him a defending command and gave him a name, Liu Jiye.

However, the northern Han Dynasty was poor and poor, and the regime was very weak, and he confronted Zhao Kuangyin's post -week confrontation, so Liu Chong called the Liao State to obtain protection. It was also with the help of the Liao State that the later Han was not eliminated by the post -week, and it also seized a lot of sites in the post -week.

In the process of fighting with the post -week, Yang Ye's performance was as good as ever. He not only soldiers first, but also courageous, and rarely defeated the battle. Therefore, he was called "Yang invincible" by the later Han people. This is Yang Ye invincible. The origin of the general's name.

In 19960, Zhao Kuangyin launched Chen Qiaobing to usurp and captured Zhou Jiangshan. After several years of development, the Song Dynasty gradually calmed down Jingnan, Wuping, Hou Shu, Southern Han Dynasty, and Southern Tang Dynasty, and gradually unified the country. Song Taizu also recruited the Northern Han Dynasty, but with the help of the Liao Kingdom, the Northern Han Dynasty resisted the Song Jun's offense.

After Zhao Kuangyin's death in 19979, Song Taizong Zhao Guangyi succeeded him.

Zhao Guangyi is also an ambitious person. He regards recovering Youyun Sixteen State as his biggest ideal. However, if you want to recover the land, you must destroy the Northern Han Dynasty first, so Zhao Guangyi just started to use the soldiers of the Northern Han Dynasty.

At that time, the Emperor of the Northern Han Dynasty was Liu Jiyuan. He was Liu Chong's grandson. He was his surname. Because Liu Chengjun had no son, Liu Jiyuan fought his adopted son. After Liu Chengjun was killed, Liu Jiyuan succeeded to the emperor.

Liu Jiyuan was very jealous of Yang Ye. As early as Song Taizu, he founded the Northern Han Dynasty, he made excuses to relieve Yang Ye's military power. However, Yang Ye was loyal to the country. He did not hate Liu Jiyuan. Instead, he took more than a dozen people to rescue when Taiyuan was in critical condition.

Zhao Guangyi took the lesson of his brother Zhao Kuangyin's failure and launched a rapid attack on the Northern Han Dynasty. Without waiting for the Liaoning army to arrive, the Northern Han army was defeated, and Liu Jiyuan also surrendered to the Song army. However, Yang Ye did not surrender, but insisted on fighting with Song Jun according to the city.

Zhao Guangyi loved Yang Ye's talent, so Liu Jiyuan wrote to persuade Yang Ye. After persisting for several months, Yang Ye watched the north, and after crying, he went out of the city to surrender to Song Jun.

After Yang Ye's surrender, Song Taizong appointed him as a general for the left army and guards, and let him restore the original surname Yang, and renamed him Yang Ye for him. This is the origin of his name.

After Song Jun returned to the DPRK, Yang Ye was appointed by Zhao Guangyi as Zhengzhou defense. However, Song Taizong later considers that Yang Ye was familiar with the border war, so he was re -appointed as the deployment of the Sanjia soldiers of the Sanjiao in Daizhou. This position is not easy, and the responsibility of defending Yanmen Pass.

Although Zhao Guangyi reused Yang Ye, he didn't seem to worry too much about him, because before Yang Ye took office, Zhao Guangyi deliberately gave him a bag to him, and seemed to be hit him; but Zhao Guangyi later rewarded Yang Ye's large number of treasures It seems to be attracting Yang Ye again.

In fact, Zhao Guangyi still did not know how loyal Yang Ye was. The reason why he surrendered the Song Dynasty was not only because his younger brother was the old man of the Zhou Dynasty, but later he was an official in the Song Dynasty. He also ordered him to surrender. Since Yang Ye decided to loyal to the Song Dynasty, he was definitely reported to the country with death, and it was true.

As soon as Yang Ye arrived in Yanmen Pass less than a year, the Liaoning Army began to attack.

In October 1998, Liao Jingzong sent a troop 100,000 royal driving to the Yanmen Pass. At that time, the boss of Yang Ye was a famous Northern Song Dynasty and the then Sanjiao capital deployed Pan Mei. When the Liao State attacked the Yanmen Pass, Pan Mei just visited Daizhou from the Sanjiakou, so she resisted the Liaoning attack with Yang Ye.

Yang Ye's cooperation with Pan Mei was perfect. The two made decisions after understanding the situation of the battlefield. Pan Mei was responsible for defending the Liao Army in front of the front, while Yang Ye took thousands of cavalry to the back of the Liao Army. Under the back and forth of the two, the Liao Army was beaten and defeated, and there were countless deaths. Liao Jingzong only escaped with a small number of soldiers. This is the famous battle of Yanmen Pass.

Because of the victory of the battle of Yanmen Pass, Pan Mei was named Dai Guogong, and Yang Ye was appointed as a Yunzhou observation. He still served as a post in Zhengzhou and Daizhou. After this battle, Yang Ye became famous in the Liao State. As soon as the Liao Army saw Yang Ye's military flag, he either throw away the flag and escaped, or he could only wait to die in place. In the sixth year of Yongxi, the sixth year after the war of Yanmen Pass, Zhao Guangyi decided to send troops to regain Youyun Sixteen State. Pan Mei is the general, and Yang Ye is the deputy general.

Pan Sanlu's army was originally smooth, and recovered Lizhou, Shuozhou, Yingzhou and Yunzhou. However, after the Empress Dowager Liaoning learned that Song Jun attacked the Liaoning Kingdom, he led more than 100,000 troops to fight with the Song army, and soon recovered Yingzhou.

As the main force of the Liao Dynasty arrived in the battlefield, and Cao Bin's ministry failed in the battle of Qi Guan, the battlefield situation began to change dramatically. The army of the Song Dynasty began to withdraw, and Pan Mei and Yang Ye led the army to return to Daizhou.

Soon after, the court ordered that Pan Mei and Yang Ye went back to bring the people of all states back. Originally En Panmei and Yang Ye had returned to Daizhou safely, but after getting the order of the court, they had to return to pick up the people. This is very dangerous.

In order to achieve the goal, Yang Ye made a suggestion that he led his army to attract the main attack of the Liao Army in Yingzhou, and Pan Mei and others returned with the people. The Liao Army who chased the chase was destroyed in one fell swoop, so that it could be lost.

According to the plan, Pan Mei ranked in Chenjiagukou, and Yang Ye went to Yingzhou. After hearing that Yang Ye had played, the Liao Army general decided to capture it, so he sent Xiao Tarty to pretend to fight Yang Ye, and then guided it to achieve the ambush.

After Yang Ye was surrounded, Ying Ying killed the enemy and finally retreated to Langya Village. Soon after, the Liao Army arrived again, and Yang Ye led him for several hours.

The supervisor Wang Yan had no good opinion of Yang Ye. When he learned that Yang Ye was gradually in his advantage, he took the troops to leave the Taniwang Wolf Village to approach regardless of Pan Mei's opposition, trying to compete for credit.

But soon after, Wang Yan found out that Yang Ye began to defeat, so he kept retreating. He did not stop at Chenjiagukou, and returned to Daizhou all the way.

Pan Mei, who stayed in Chenjiagukou, saw that Wang Yan retreated, thinking that Yang Ye was really defeated, so he returned to Daizhou with Wang Yan.

Yang Ye struggled to fight with the Liao Army, and finally came to Chenjiagukou in the evening. He originally had a brigade waiting for him, but in the end, he found that Gukou was empty.

At this time, Yang Ye's situation was very dangerous. He hurt a dozen places during the combat, and only a few people left. However, Yang Ye still worked hard and killed hundreds of Liao Army himself.

Soon after, Yang Ye waited for a horse to get into a wooden forest, but he was unfortunately discovered by Liao General Yeluyu. He shot Yang Ye's war horse in one arrow. Liao Army captives. At the same time as Yang Ye was captured, his second son Yang Yanyu died.

After Yang Ye was captured, facing the intimidation of the Liao Army, he resolutely did not surrender, so he died for three days. Before Yang Ye died, he was still worried that he was loyal to the Song Dynasty, but he was killed by the adulterer (Pan Mei and Wang Yan), and the army defeated.

After Yang Ye's death, his head was taken back by Yelu diagonally. But whether it is the Song Dynasty or the Liao Dynasty, they all appreciate Yang Ye's spirit of reporting to the country with death. Forces.

As for Pan Mei and Wang Yan who had left Yang Ye's retreat, one was surrendered to the third level and the other was removed from office.

The second generation: Yang Yan Showa Yang Yanyu.

Yang Ye has seven sons, Yang Yanzhao is the boss, Yang Yanyu is the second child, and they all become generals. The other sons of Yang Ye are more common, and they all serve as scattered officials in the DPRK, and there is nothing special.

Yang Yanyu's record in history is relatively small. He only knows that he has followed Yang Ye very early and fights with Yang Ye. He died with Wang Gui in the battle of Chenjiagukou.

According to Yang Ye's family rankings, Yang Yanzhao, the eldest son of Yang Ye, ranked sixth in the family, so he was also called Yang Liulang. Among the many sons of Yang Ye, Yang Yanzhao is also the most famous, and even the Liao Army is very afraid of him. He also tells him as the sixth star of Beidou as a general in heaven, so he coincides him to call him as a coincidence. Yang Liulang.

Yang Yanzhao was born in 19958. He learned martial arts from an early age and was considered by Yang Ye to be the son of the most like him. In the Northern Expedition of Yongxi, Yang Yanzhao once fought against the Liao Army as Yang Ye's pioneer. Although he was injured in his left arm, he still bravely killed the enemy and achieved a great achievement.

Later, when Yang Ye returned to Yingzhou, he followed Yang Yanyu, so Yang Yanzhao was able to escape. After Yang Ye's death, Yang Tingzhao was committed by Zhao Guangyi to the edge of Baozhou's edge inspection to know the Yuan Army and Ren Chongyi.

In 1999, Queen Mother Xiao held troops to attack the Song Dynasty again. At that time, Yang Yanzhao was in Suicheng, which was the goal of the Liao Army's offensive. However, Suicheng City is small and insufficient preparation, so the military and civilians of the Song Dynasty were scared.

Just when the generals were unprepared, Yang Yanzhao stepped forward. He called all the Zhuangding in the city to the city building to defend, and then used the cold and convenient weather to spill all the water on the city wall. Strong and smooth, the Liao Army could not attack the city, so he retreated.

After the Liao Army retreated, Yang Yanzhao went to Song Zhenzong, who was stationed in Hebei, and asked for the battle. However, Song Zhenzong did not promise Yang Yanzhao for various reasons, but he awarded him and praised him to have his father Yang Ye's bones. In 1000 years, the Liao Army attacked the Song Dynasty since then. Yang Yanzhao led his soldiers to fight against the Liao Army in Yangshan, Hebei. He was wise and brave. He used ambush to fight the Liao Army by surprise, killed the Liao Army, and captured many generals of the Liao Army.

Song Zhenzong was very relieved after learning that Yang Yanzhao had won. He said that many people in the DPRK said bad things about the Yang family because they were jealous of the Yang family.

In 1002, the Liao Army attacked the Song Dynasty again. Yang Yanzhao led the army to rescue, but was attacked by the Liao Army and finally lost. Someone took the opportunity to impeach Yang Yanzhao, but Song Zhenzong ignored it and still led Yang Yanzhao to play, and finally won.

In his later years, Yang Yanzhao had been fighting against the Liao Army in the border.

In 1014, Yang Yanzhao died at the age of 57.

Third generation: Yang Wenguang.

Yang Wenguang was a sad person, because he vowed to avenge his grandfather Yang Ye, but he had no chance to fight against the Liao Army for life.

Yang Wenguang was born in 1999 and was Yang Yanzhao's three sons. When Yang Wenguang was four years old, the Liao State attacked the Song Dynasty. Under the auspices of Song Zhenzong and Kou Zhun, the Song Dynasty and the Liao State reached the League of Yuanyuan, and the two sides entered a relatively peaceful period.

After Yang Wenguang grew up, he rely on his father's shade to enter the DPRK as an official, but then the Song Dynasty had no great war, so Yang Wenguang had never used the martial arts, but in his forties, he participated in the peasant uprising of Pingxi Shaanxi. Blind it as a temple.

In 1045, Fan Zhongyan, a political affairs, was stopped and served as the fate of Zhizhou and Shaanxi's four roads in Shaanxi. After talking with Yang Wenguang, Fan Zhongyan felt that he was doing well, so he recruited him to his own.

In 1052, Yang Wenguang, who was still the troops of De Shun, was transferred to Guangxi and served under the hands of the famous general Di Qing, but did not have much chance to participate in the battle.

In 1064, the court began to evaluate the generals of various places. Song Yingzong commented on Yang Wenguang's "after the famous general and had merit". Soon after, Yang Wenguang was promoted to the defense envoy of Xingzhou (now Shaanxi) and the deputy director of Qinfeng Road.

In 1068, under the call of Han Qi, Yang Wenguang cast a castle in Shaanxi to prevent the attack of the Xixia people. During the period, he had a small -scale war with the soldiers and the Xixia people. The party dare not dare to make a situation easily.

In March 1074, after three decades of silence, the Liao Kingdom would once again stab the Song Dynasty. Yang Wenguang's main battle also presented the court to seize the strategic map of Youyan area, but at that time, the court of the court and Yang Wenguang could not fight. The Song Dynasty finally ended the conflict with the Liao State in the way of increasing the year.

In November 1074, Yang Wenguang was promoted to the defense of Tongzhou, but soon he died of illness at the age of 75.

So, will the Yang family still be there when the Northern Song dying?

Historically, the descendants of the Yang family did reproduce more vigorously. Yang Ye himself had seven sons, and his sons also gave birth to many descendants. By the time of the death of the Northern Song Dynasty, there were indeed many descendants of the Yang family, but few people had worked as officials or played in the army.

In history, the Yang family will also be the first three generations. Since Yang Wenguang, the Yang family has never made any big characters. By the time of the Northern Song Dynasty, it has basically become ordinary people. Therefore, when the Northern Song Dynasty perished, there was no general Yang family, and there was nothing to do with Yangmen.

It is said that during the death of the Southern Song Dynasty, many descendants of the Yang family went to live in seclusion in order to avoid the fire. For example, Yangjiazhuang under the Qinling Mountain in Qinling, Shaanxi Province, is said to live in the descendants of the Yang family.