Qianlong saw a beautiful woman, and went out of Shanghai: The spring water in the cave was endless!Ling Ji Xiaolan's red ears and red ears

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Qianlong saw a beautiful woman, and went out of Shanghai: The spring water in the cave was endless!Ling Ji Xiaolan's red ears and red ears

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Qianlong (1711-1799)

During his reign, it was the most heyday of the Qing Dynasty.

Ten elder

Essence "

These ten all refers to Shiquan Martial Arts, that is,

The battle of the Golden River, the Battle of the Pingjaga Vazi, the Battle of the Pingjiamur Sana, the size of the southern Xinjiang and the Zhuo rebellion, the two Ping size Jinchuan and other ten battles.

In fact, Qianlong was regarded as a generation of Mingjun, and there are still many controversy until now. The rebellion stabilized the stability of the northwest frontier.

He reduced taxes and vigorously promoted high -yield crops such as sweet potatoes and corn, which relieved the pressure caused by the increase in the population. In summary, Emperor Qianlong was indeed a rare Mingjun.

At the same time, he has done a lot of criticism, such as Daxing Word Prison, implementing a retreat to locking the country, good luck, obsessed with enjoyment, and six south of the river, and the people hurt the people. Since the Qing Dynasty, it was also an indisputable fact that it gradually began to decline. If this basis, Qianlong is also an extremely rare faint monarch.

In addition, Qianlong also recognized the literary and very good. It is said that in his life, he made more than 40,000 poems, which is comparable to the entire Tang poem. But he only pursued the quantity, but he did not consider quality at all. In fact, he didn't want to pursue quality, but had no ability. In fact, Qianlong has very poor qualifications in terms of literary talent, and there are very few poems that can be recorded by future generations.

The most ridiculous thing is that his level is limited, and he brags proudly everywhere. Today, let's talk about a wild history story in the south of the river in Qianlong.

During the play process, Qianlong suddenly saw that beside Feiliu's turbulent waterfall, there was a graceful, handsome and beautiful woman who was cleaning her hair.

The water in the cave is not exhausted

Essence "

Then he turned around very confidently and said to Ji Xiaolan: "

Ji Aiqing is very knowledgeable.

"What kind of character Ji Xiaolan, this kind of pediatric department is worthless, but he understands that Qianlong's drunkard is not wine, but attracts the beauty who is shampooing.

So after a long time, after a long time, he said red ears and said, "

Wei Chen is talented to learn shallowly, and he really can't think of the United League.

"Qianlong laughed a few times, deliberately walked to the woman, and groaned again:" The spring water in the cave is endless! " "Who knows that woman laughed and said,"

What's the difficulty! The little girl is a long time to a mountain jade tree!

"Qianlong made a fine and really good. It was really good. I quickly took the opportunity to chat with this beauty, and kept praising her as her own conscience.

Qianlong fell in love with this woman at first sight, and with a bit of literary talents, which won Qianlong's love, and brought her back to the capital. Perhaps we can think that Qianlong has a certain role, but this is a manifestation of self -deception. It is immersed in enjoyment and complacent for a long time, and gradually disappears with ambitions and aggressive hearts.