It is a scholar. If you have a strong ability to do, you may not be included in the history of the history-doctor Wang Weiji

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It is a scholar. If you have a strong ability to do, you may not be included in the history of the history-doctor Wang Weiji

2022-05-16 12:15:51 36 ℃

Most people's work career is full of thirty or forty years. What do you think you can do in it, many people will answer, just work, what can there be.

However, someone can do a difference. Although they are intellectuals, many people have been reading for decades, and they have not created their own content. But some people can.

Like the king of the Northern Song Dynasty.

It is said that it is a scholar. You do n’t know how cheap you should have a strong hands -on ability.

A few days ago, I saw a news that it was said that the primary school students had to join the labor class, and I had to start learning to cook and repair electrical appliances.

And in a bunch of scholars, if your hands -on ability is strong, you don't know what position you will create in history.

Everyone knows that readers are more advantageous because of their active ideas because they read more books. But in real life, how much your thoughts should be exerted, this is not necessarily.

What you learned, which are the dross and what are the essence, and you put it on the society to practice, you know why many intellectuals will be depressed in life, in fact, you will still be a bit in your heart.

It is because I know a lot, but in the situation where I look down, I can't do it.

In fact, it is what you have learned and did not play any role.

But if you have a strong ability to practice, you may create a legend of the world.


Acupuncture, many people have seen and have been treated. Some people have seen various acupuncture molds and villains, but may not have thought about how these came out.

Who is the origin of the origin, some people may not care.

Just like we always use all kinds of us, it seems that these are born there.

At that time, because we didn't care, we would ignore it. We can only show that we are too comfortable and we cannot cherish it well.

Just like the development of medicine, when there are smoothness, there are also resistance, resistance, and rejection.

The same is true for acupuncture. When in the Tang Dynasty, they paid more attention to moxibustion and despised the needle, so you will see that when Wang Wei's editor "Acupuncture Copper", you will focus on the meridians. Essence It is not to say that it is important to put it ahead, but to arouse the application of doctors' confidence in acupuncture and the application of thorns.

Wang Wei, a doctor, likes acupuncture, and usually focuses on the acupuncture experience before the Song Dynasty. Coincidentally, his book "Copper Acupuncture Acupuncture Tacura" has been widely recognized, so on this basis Acupuncture, he invented the practice of engraving books on the inscription.

It can be imagined that the reason for doing this is because of the limitations of printing at that time. The carrying and application of books is not very convenient, so it is engraved on the inscription to allow more people to observe and learn.

People just need to do things with a drum, and then he realized that just by looking at it, through reading, there will still be many limitations for the popularization and practice of acupuncture. So in the next year When I came out of acupuncture copper people, I knew that they would have to do it, so there was a sign of the national treasure -level, and acupuncture bronze people appeared.

At that time, the dynasty he was in, and for his own acupuncture bronze mold molds, did not expect that it would be the baby he wanted.


Because of the emergence of his acupuncture molds, it has brought great progress to clinical practice. I am naturally a beneficiary, so I looked at his life carefully and found that there was almost no clear record in Wang's only life.

Naturally, no one will sort out and record his coming.

But these are not important, and it does not affect him as a person who will always be remembered.

It's just because of his hands -on ability, because of his invention, because he is an actionist.

How big should the impact on people in the era? In the Northern Song Dynasty, he attached great importance to the sorting of medicine and literature. Therefore, he was born in this era. His confidence, so he had his own experience on the basis of his predecessors, and also produced unexpected inventions on the basis of predecessors.

Have you ever thought that one day, what you or you invented will become someone else, the treasures of other countries, or the talents you specially care about by other countries?

At that time, you won't think about this country, this society, and some individuals caused by the harm of you. You think, for you, how trivial you are. That's actually just because you have no value, you are not expensive.

I see the medical doctors of the future generations. Some people will say that Wang Weiyi and he has no ability. It is just a list, that is, to sort out the experience of the previous person's literature.

In fact, how many patience in this world should have, carefully looked at the experience of many doctors, not all the stupid ways of all we all will, that is, to look at, that is, pondering, that is, it is just driving. It's just that they may be a little more patience than you.

Because of his suggestions again, he believes that the previous people's acupuncture literature books are not standardized and want to further organize and unify. To be honest, if you do n’t like it, if you do n’t like it, if you do n’t have any feelings, it ’s really better to be lively.

But he just took this work, so he compiled the book "Copper Point Acupoint Acupuncture Map", so he had the next two -continuous distribution, inscriptions, and models. (three)

You think you can do it too, but you need an introduction, this is necessary.

Because of the existence of his book, he was recognized by the emperor today, so he suggested that he can engrave the content of the book on the inscription. After all, the books at that time were not popular. More people see it. Furthermore, the text describes that there are always no three -dimensional, and the exactly model as a person is intuitive, so according to the content of the book, the relevant molds are established for teaching practice applications.

Is this not the same as our self -media now? It was originally popular, but now it has gradually become a short video popularity because it is more vivid.

We will encounter various problems in the society, and we always hope to have a rule to solve it.

The same is true for medicine. These three measures of Wang only want to use one way to unify acupuncture together, let everyone understand, accept, and have a way out to solve the disease.

It was just that he did not expect that when another dynasty attacked in, his acupuncture bronze man was one of the plundering treasures that had to be included.

Yes, who doesn't want it, acupuncture molds that are the same size as humans, the body shell can be removed, hidden inner organs, and acupuncture points, and the copper human surface is waxed, irrigated in the body (says mercury), when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, you when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture, when acupuncture) If the operation is correct, the water (mercury) will come out during the middle acupoint, and it will not be in the middle. Until now, students who take acupuncture exams abroad say that this is still the way.

It is really the practical skills passed from the ancient Oriental, which has always been good to the present.

This is the precision medical model of ancient times. Who does not think this is an important invention of the physical teaching method in the history of education.

It seems that no one is stupid, not dull, and knows what is good, no matter what the dynasty.


A grounded doctor can read, work, work, and create, so although he is famous, although he has made the first movie in the world in the prototype, it is actually unknown to his life It seems that his positioning for himself is just a doctor. He has no name and nothing. In the forty years of Gan Yusi, he just did the doctor's work.

It can be said that he was born at the time, caught up with a era when he paid attention to medicine, and the ancient book literature was organized. Coincidentally, in the scholars, his hands -on ability was strong, so lucky was so simple, and he entered the history book. This is Wang Wei.