In 1978, two officers went to Chengdu to find No. 273 ashes: 4 years ago by Premier Zhou's top secret mission

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In 1978, two officers went to Chengdu to find No. 273 ashes: 4 years ago by Premier Zhou's top secret mission

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On December 20, 1978, the two tasks officers of the task force led a "secret letter" and rushed to Chengdu, Sichuan from Beijing to rush to the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Office.

The person who received the two officers was named Zhang Zhenya, and then Deputy Secretary -General of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee. I heard that the two were ordered to come from the Central Military Commission. In addition to doubts, he still had only doubts in his heart. Until the letter was opened, and the white paper was written on the black letter:

"Introduce Yan ×× and Ren ×× three comrades to learn about the storage of Comrade Peng Dehuai's ashes, please contact."

Then, in the question of the other party's "Winter in 1974, there were two soldiers who came from Beijing, and a ashes were sent, Zhang Zhenya slowly thought of something. Immediately afterwards, he was completely shocked from the beginning of his doubts. He couldn't believe it at all, and he couldn't even believe it. In winter 4 years ago, the ashes named "273", named "Wang Chuan", turned out to be President Peng!

Because the two soldiers at that time clearly conveyed the "16 -character instructions" to him, he was very impressed, and even the corresponding names and numbers remembered clearly. The so -called 16 words were a top secret task issued by Premier Zhou four years ago: carefully custody, often check, not allowed to change the box, and cannot be transferred.

In other words, the task of secretly escorting the ashes of Peng was assigned by Premier Zhou secretly.

In April 1973, President Peng was diagnosed with rectal cancer. The advice given by the 301 Hospital was surgery, otherwise there would be life danger. Soon, the news was passed on to Premier Zhou, and soon got the instructions of "allowance", and also emphasized that "the operation must be done well."

After the instructions were returned to the hospital, the corresponding medical staff immediately started implementing the surgical plan and preparation. However, it was surprising that at this time, President Peng was obviously tortured due to the symptoms of blood in the stool, and even once independent walking was a problem, but he resolutely opposed the operation and no one came to persuade him.

Time does not wait for anyone, everyone is in a hurry in her eyes but there is no way. Until the niece Peng Gang came to the hospital to see him, moved out of Premier Zhou, and in a sentence, "If you don't listen to the arrangement, Premier Zhou will be unhappy ..." Only then did you not be happy ... " It shakes its initial thoughts.

This is enough to see the weight of Premier Zhou in President Peng's heart, but it is enough to see how desperate President Peng was at the time. Otherwise, how could he want to completely give up the instinct of survival ...

On April 24, President Peng was pushed into the operating room. The surgery itself is probably smooth, but because of the late diagnosis, cancer cells have spread, so this surgery can only make President Peng temporarily feel better for the time being.

Cancer cells spread quickly, and when the beginning of the winter, leaving was already aware of everyone's heart. At the beginning, when the pain came, President Peng could still grab the sheets to transfer his attention. When he couldn't stand it later, he shouted to the guard outside the door and used the tone of "begging". He hoped that the guard could give him a shot.

On November 29 of the same year, President Peng finally failed to persist again and left permanently at the age of 76. The bad news came, Premier Zhou was distraught, but he had no time to immerse himself in sadness. Premier Zhou knew that he could not hold a memorial service for his old comrades, so he wanted to do what the old friends did as much as possible.

Soon, the comrades who were responsible for handling Comrade Peng Dehuai's body and ashes, etc., received a notice from Premier Zhou to see the handling opinions. After the opinion was reported to Premier Zhou, he thought for a long time, and finally gave an important instructions for 16 words: carefully custody, often checked, not allowed to change the box, and could not be transferred.

That is, the "16 words" that made Zhang Zhenya extremely impressive.

Because the process takes time to go around, President Peng's body has been dragged until December 17 that he was secretly sent to thermalization. In order to keep confidential, the name on the cremation list at that time had been changed to "Wang Chuan". The applicant wrote "Wang Kui" and the relationship between the two was "father and son". Even for the sake of safety, the age of "Wang Chuan" was changed to 32 years.

And all this was completely unaware of even the nephews and nieces of President Peng. Even though Premier Zhou knows, this is extremely unfair to the children he even loved by President Peng, and he dare not take this danger after all.

In this way, President Peng's ashes were successfully sent to Chengdu, Sichuan under the protection of the secret mission of Premier Zhou's secret. Then, under the secret arrangements of Zhang Zhenya and the staff of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, they were stored in the crematorium of Dongjiao.

On December 18, 1978, all misunderstandings were solved. The proposal to hold a memorial service for Marshal Peng Dehuai also agreed by the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, and set the time on December 24. So with the beginning of the article, the two were ordered by the Central Military Commission to go to Chengdu to find the boss of Peng Peng.

Then Zhang Zhenya led the two officers to the crematorium in the east suburbs. The distance between ten or twenty kilometers is not long, but it seems that whether it is Zhang Zhenya or two officers from the central government, it is far away. Because their hearts were too embarrassed, they were afraid that things would change.

Fortunately, all the worries are superfluous, the ashes number named "273", and the name "Wang Chuan" has always been in the original place.

On December 22, the General Office of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee received a call from the Central Military Commission. It was told that someone would come to pick up the ashes of President Peng to return to Beijing tomorrow and hope to be prepared.Zhang Zhenya quickly brought the content of the phone into a document and sent it to the hands of Du Xinyuan, the secretary of the provincial party committee.Subsequently, the two of them got the ashes of Wang Chuan together with the Provincial Party Committee's General Office.The next day, the "Wang Chuan" ashes of the "Wang Chuan" was picked up the next day. Time happened on December 23, and 4 years ago was December 23.

On the 24th, the memorial service was held as scheduled.On November 29, 1974, where President Peng and the world resigned, this day was too late for too long ... To this day, can we make up for regrets that we have no right to conclude, but always remember the life of President Peng, for the country, the party for the party, the party for the partyThe contribution to the people.

Tribute to President Peng, pay tribute to all heroes who have struggled for the future of New China!