In 1952, Chairman Mao traveled to the Confucian Temple of Qufu and asked Xu Shiyou and others who traveled with: What was the Confucius surname?

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In 1952, Chairman Mao traveled to the Confucian Temple of Qufu and asked Xu Shiyou and others who traveled with: What was the Confucius surname?

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Lao Qin wrote last week "In 1952, Chairman Mao asked Xu Shiyou, Commander of the Shandong Military Region: How did the name of Jinan come? "One article, written from the end of October 1952 to the beginning of November. Chairman Mao used the central government to approve his vacation time to conduct field inspections on the Yellow River. Ye Zilong, the director of the Organic Organic Organic Organic Organic Organic Office, Wang Dongxing, Director of the Guard Office, and Wang Jingxian, Luo Guanglu, Ma Wuyi, Zhang Miqi and other guards.

The first stop of the inspection is Shandong.

Xu Shiyou, commander of the Shandong Military Region, was very enthusiastic and exhausted the friendship of the landlord. On October 27, he accompanied Chairman Mao to visit many famous victories in Jinan, including the Tunno Spring, Daming Lake and North Pavilion.

On the afternoon of October 27, Xu Shiyou proposed to visit Qianfoshan. Chairman Mao refused. He asked the team to drive to Sili Mountain in Jinan, specifically visiting the cemetery of the martyr Huang Zuyan, and then inspecting the Damou Dam.

That day, from the top of the dam, the sunset had been settled, and the clouds of Xitian were burned.

In this way, Chairman Mao stayed for another day in Jinan.

In the early morning of the next day, Chairman Mao asked Luo Ruiqing to convene personnel to prepare to go to Xuzhou next stop.

Xu Shiyou was infinitely attached to Chairman Mao and was reluctant to leave Shandong.

As soon as he moved, he said to Chairman Mao: "Chairman, when you go to Shandong, don't go to see the Confucian Temple and say you can't pass it."

I have to say that Xu Shiyou is a member of the Fu, and it is very possible.

His words immediately evoke Chairman Mao's memories of the past years.

In 1920, in order to help the members of the New People's Society raised the funds to work in France, he ran away in Changsha, Beijing, Shanghai and other places. During this period, he got off at Qufu and visited the Confucian Temple with great interest.

Unconsciously, the time passed 32 years.

After a lapse of 32 years, does the Confucian Temple have a scene?

Chairman Mao was tempted by Xu Shiyou's words.

He said, "You are right, I should visit Master Kong again."

In this way, accompanied by Xu Shiyou, Chairman Mao and his party left Jinan by college and went to Luzhou.

In the dumplings next to Yanzhou Railway Station, each person ate a bowl of dumplings, then transferred to a car, and went to Qufu.

In the car, Xu Shiyou asked Chairman Mao to talk about the origin of Qufu.

In Jinan, Xu Shiyou heard Chairman Mao talked about the history of Shandong and Jinan and the origin of their names. ? "

Chairman Mao laughed, ordered a cigarette, and spoke leisurely.

He said: "Eastern Han Dynasty Liu Xi explained to 'Fu" in "Refident":' Tushan Yuefu ', Qufu City Dong, can not have Tushan named Fangshan. Said, there is Fu in the city of Lu City, the chairman of the song seven or eight miles', this is the origin of Qufu's place names. In ancient times, Shennong was built in Qufu. For the emperor, more than 60 years of reign, and later gave the throne to his brother Huang Di. Look, Qufu has a long history. "

There were more than 20 kilometers of drive from Luzhou to Qufu. Chairman Mao subsequently talked about the history of Qufu as the history of ‘ancient capital’ and Zhou Gongdan ’s son, Bo Qiao, was sealed in Qufu.

He said: "Bo birds are sealed, bringing a large number of ritual and music classics in the Western Zhou Dynasty; and Qufu has existed for more than 700 years as King Lu. The deep cultural sediment has bred the Confucianism led by Confucius and Mencius. The traces can be found in Confucius, Confucian Temple, and Confucius. "

Talking about laughter, the team came to the door of the Confucian Temple.

Chairman Mao stepped into Donghua Gate.

There are thirteen Xuannang Royal Stele Pavilion in Donghua Gate, which stands with 53 stone monuments that have been given by the feudal emperors of the past. Among them, a stone monument established by Kangxi in the 25th year of the Qing Dynasty was the most exaggerated, weighing 35 tons.

In these things, Chairman Mao had observed carefully 32 years ago. This time, he just looked at it at will, and passed through Dacheng Gate and came to the Dacheng Hall.

The Dacheng Hall is the main building of the Confucian Temple. It is also known as the "Three Eastern Halls" with the Taihe Hall of the Forbidden City and the Temple Temple Temple.

Chairman Mao pointed at the plaque of the golden character "Dacheng Hall" in the center of the main hall, and said to the accompanying everyone: "This' Da Cheng" is Mencius's evaluation of Confucius. The advantages of the sage of the saints, the Holy Pie, "Liu Xiahui, and the saints, are" Ji Da Cheng ". With the evaluation of Mencius, the rulers of the Qing Dynasty sealed Confucius for 'Dacheng to Shengwen Xuanxian Master. ', To mention, this is also the success of the emperor's emperor's name to the Confucius name. "

Everyone listened to Chairman Mao's funny humor and couldn't help laughing.

Chairman Mao said endlessly: "Confucius is progressing every year, and the senior officers from generation to generation!"

After everyone laughed, he said, "Confucius has a descendant, called Kong Shangren, very talented, and has been worried about 17 years. The pain of the country. "

Lao Qin wrote last year's "In 1951, a group of historical materials were discovered in a house in Changsha, and in the record of Chairman Mao's first use of soldiers" said that when Chairman Mao was studying in a teacher in Hunan in his early years, he was appreciated by him. Kong Zhaozhang was also the descendants of Confucius. However, he did not mention it here, but asked Xu Shiyou, Luo Ruiqing and others, saying, "Confucius died in Lu Ai for 16 years. The following year, Lu Aigong was in the old house of Confucius' old house in the old house of Confucius. Standing Temple Shouyu, that is to say, for calculating, the Confucian Temple has a history of more than 2,000 years, but I ask you, do you know what Confucius is surnamed? "Xu Shiyou and Luo Ruiqing and others listened to Mao. The chairman's question was stunned all at once. Why is Confucius's surname Kong?

When Chairman Mao saw their expression and knew that they couldn't answer, they Xu Xu explained: Confucius is actually the descendant of the Yin Shang nobles. He belongs to the same blood ethnic group as the king of Shang Yang, and they are all surnamed "Zi". King Zhou Wu destroyed the queen of Shang Ye and sealed the princes. Confucius' ancestors became the monarch of Song Kingdom. His tenth ancestor was the eldest son of Song Yigong. Why did the Father let his younger brother worship and he was Qing. Father He's son Song Father Zhou, Sun Zi Zizi Sheng, and his great -grandson was in the exam. In the generation of Confucius, Confucius, Confucius, was done by the Father of the Father of Confucius and became Dr. Song. Father Kong Jia died of the high level of Song State. His son, Mu Jin, fled to Lu State and reproduced the pulse of Confucius. Therefore, Confucius, in fact, his surname is his family, his name is Qiu, and the word is Zhongni. "

Xu Shiyou, Luo Ruiqing and others listened, and suddenly realized, and said in unison: "After listening to the chairman's words, I won the book for ten years.