In 1961, the United States defeated compensation, the president held accountable for the CIA senior management, and the reason for the investigation of the defeat was speechless.

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In 1961, the United States defeated compensation, the president held accountable for the CIA senior management, and the reason for the investigation of the defeat was speechless.

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In November 2010, the game's masterpiece "Call of Duty: Black Action" was released. This "Call of Duty" was based on the theme of the Cold War and carried out the plot around the special operations of the United States and the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

The opening of the game was placed in Cuba. Players needed to cross the front in the tragic "Pig Bay landing" and sneaked into the assassination of Cuban leaders. Americans actually took the initiative to expose the scars of "pig bay landing", which is extremely rare in modern art works.

"Pig Bay" is a small bay in southern Cuba. On April 17, 1961, the "Cuban Travel" trained in the United States departed from Nicaragua and landed in Cuba "Pig Bay" to subvert the Castro regime.

As a result, more than 1,000 Cuban brigades were blocked by Cuban government forces and militia on the Pig Bay Beach. More than 100 of more than 1,500 people were killed, more than 300 people were injured, and the remaining 1,000 were captured.

The "pig bay landing" in the game is only a bait battle that attracts the Cuban army, and it is a bait combat organized by the assassination of Castro. This is obviously posted on the face of the United States.

In real history, "Zhuwan landing" is the largest black history in the United States. Although this battle does not directly participate in the US soldiers, it is also a military operation approved by the president himself. It is an official aggression.

After the war, Kennedy faced the accountability of Castro and the Soviet Union. For the first time in history, the U.S. government lowered her head in history and replaced the prisoners of war with more than 60 million Cuban peso, recovering a little face.

Castro had just came to power at the time. What did he do and let the United States intend to overturn him?

How is the pig bay landing incident planned? What impact does the failure of this landing on the Cold War?

1. The United States let Cuba a colony, Castro was angry and "revolution to the end"

In January 1959, Castro and Chervara entered Havana in a bus, overthrowing the dictator Battister's regime.

This Cuban revolution led by Castro is a special revolution. Although Castro has fought for several years in the mountainous area of ​​Cuba, it did not build a great achievement and did not shake the root of the Patista regime.

It was just that the government of the Batista was too corrupt and made Cuba angry, and the people and the army were dissatisfied with him.

Since 1958, the Revolutionary Army has been liberated in some areas south of Cuba.

Batista wanted to suppress the rebellion, but the United States did not support him. Eisenhower implemented a weapon embargo on Cuba. Batista felt that the general trend had gone. On January 1, 1959, he fled to abroad with hundreds of millions of dollars. Essence

After the Cuban Revolution was successful, the United States was still in the watching stage. After all, the average age of revolutionary army leaders such as Castro, such as the revolution, was only 20 years old! This is the age of a group of college students abroad, but they get a country.

The United States feels that these young people are a bit floating, and it is difficult to reassure.

However, because of the media's publicity, Castro, Guevara and others were very popular in the United States. On January 8, he announced that the Cuban government was established and immediately visited the United States.

In the United States, Castro was welcomed and then received from Vice President Nixon.

It is obvious that in the context at that time, Cuba, as the back garden of the United States, Castro was a leader, and the United States could not nod.

Castro claimed to be "a country where democracy and freedom in Cuba" at the time, but the United States told him that Cuba still had to work closely with the United States in economically and military.

Nixon means: "Cuba has always been the territory of the United States, and you still remain unchanged after you came to power."

Castro was a revolutionary of the leftist thought, who was herself with national liberation, and at the time he had tended to communism.

He knew that the United States controlled Cuba's economic life pulse. If the United States did not let go, it would be like Batista itself when he came to power.

It is difficult for Castro to accept this position, and his revolutionary military comrades will not accept it as a puppet.

So after returning to China, he began to start the economic revolution. He consecrated Cuba's manor economy, confiscated all the large estate land, including his home, and distributed it to civilians.

As for the United States' hotels, ports, airports, and railways in Cuba all confiscated, they are collected by state -owned.

The move completely smashed the US rice bowl in Cuba, and then the United States announced sanctions in Cuba, stopped importing Cuba sucrose first, and then Eisenhower stopped all the trade between the United States.

Cuba, who lost the United States, was about to break the food. Castro immediately found the Soviet Union and fought with Khrushchev. The two countries signed a series of trade agreements.

Seeing that Castro actually inserted a red flag under the eyelids of the United States, which made the U.S. government sleepy.

Second, CIA carefully planned, "Cuba Travel" attacks Zhuwan

When Castro was close to the Soviet Union in 1960, the United States had thought about how to step down.

At that time, the CIA presided over the subversion of regime in the Americas. Because of the pressure of international morality and the Soviet Union, the United States was not easy to directly send regular troops to participate in the war. CIA decided to train Cuban refugees in Florida to perform subversion tasks.

Most of these refugees are the vested interests of the former dictatorship, as well as Cuba's capitalists or some people who have been excluded by the new regime.

After the Cuban Revolution, these Cuban people flee to Florida, but they still yearn for Cuba and want to return to their homeland.

The United States carefully selected more than 2,000 young men among these refugees, and then trained to shoot, cross, and skydone it to create a army named "Cuba Travel", codenamed 2506. In 1960, Eisenhower allocated 1,000 funds 1,000 Wanmeng has spent this army and supports CIA operations.

In 1961, Kennedy came to power. The young president needed a decent victory to decorate his performance. At this time, CIA found the door and flickered Kennedy.

CIA said that the Cuban regime was weak, and the army was also the public. As long as the "Cuban travel" was dispatched, the Castro regime was scattered.

Kennedy believed in CIA, approved the plan, and landed in the "Pig Bay" in the south of Cuba. It is far from the densely populated areas, and the terrain is flat, suitable for landing operations.

The "Cuban Travel" is equipped with the US military -style weapons, including aircraft and landing ships, but the US military pentagrams on these weapons have been wiped out and painted the logo of Cuba.

On April 14, 1961, Kennedy ordered the battle began, and the "Cuban Travel" went to Nicaragua in Central America for standing.

The Air Force of the Cuban Travel bombed the military airport in Cuba and eliminated some Cuban fighter jets. The excited "Cuban Travel" said with the exaggerated rhetoric of Latin Americans that he "destroyed" the Air Force of Cuba, and Cuba has no planes that can fight.

After getting this news, CIA ordered the "Cuban Travel" to take the landing ship on the evening of April 16, arrived in Cuba "Pig Bay" in the early morning of April 17, and then landed under the air force cover.

This unit includes 4 infantry battalions and 1 airborne camp. The infantry battalion takes 5 landing crafts, and the airborne camps take 7 transport aircraft.

The "Cuban Brigade" came to the beach aggressively. At midnight, the Cuban coast was silent, but when the first wave of landing forces went ashore, the "Pig Bay" shore to shore to the dense machine gun firepower immediately.

In fact, the Castro troops had long been information that the "Cuban Brigade" had to attack in the "Pig Bay".

The original plan of "Zhuwan landing" is ideal. After landing the troops ashore, the beach head position is established, let the transport ship unload the ammunition, and then cooperate with the paratrooper to attack the depths of Cuba.

After landing, the "Cuban Brigade" will occupy an airport, and then let the "Cuban Exile Government" supported by the United States go to Cuba to send a "help" information from the local area.

In this way, the United States can send troops to involve the "Cuban Civil War" on the grounds of "helping Cuba's election government" and kill the Castro government.

At first glance, this plan is seamless, and the "Cuba Travel" is no longer good, and it is possible to occupy a piece of land on the coast.

But Florida has the eyeliner of Castro in the local area. The training of "Cuba Travel" has long been under the surveillance of Castro. Any wind blows his eyes.

On April 16, the "Cuban Brigade" was dispatched, and Castro took his brother Raul and Car Guevara to the south to supervise the war.

On the first day of the war, the Castro army sank all the landing crafts and supply ships of the "Cuban Travel". The Cuban Air Force drove the only plane to bombard the beach.

"Cuban Travel" was severe and wounded. In addition to a few people on the beach head, most people hid in the rain forest when they went ashore.

In the end, the Cuban militia launched a big search. In just three days, all the Cuban brigades were arrested, ending the "Pig Bay incident".

Third, Cuba introduced the Soviet missile base, the United States and the Soviet Union almost broke out of the nuclear war

On April 19, seeing that the Grand Turce of Zhuwan had gone, Kennedy stopped the Zhuwan operation and called the CIA's person in charge of scolding.

After the CIA investigating the failure of the battle, the result was greatly vomiting.

The reason why "Zhuwan landing" was leaked because some "Cuban" cadres drank more bragging in the bar, saying that they were going to liberate Cuba, and revealed the login time.

What is even more speechless is that the CIAs who sent Cuba to Cuba are also liar. These people did not contact the Cuban mountain area with the guerrillas at all. In the Cuban city, they took the US CIA funds to sing and drink prostitutes.

After returning to the United States, the spies compiled a lie to deceive the CA, saying that Cuba was chaotic, and the guerrillas in the mountains were crowded. The people complained that the Americans came.

The true situation is just the opposite. After the reform of Castro's land reform, the Cuban people are very supportive of it. The group in Cuba has never been seen before, and there is no unstable factors at all.

These scammers cheated CIA first, CIA cheated Kennedy, and finally led to this farce.

The Cuban government arrested more than 1,000 "Cuban Travels" captives in the "Pig Bay". Castro held a public trial conference in Havana and broadcast live broadcast throughout the process. Passion.

At the same time, the Soviet Union also responded. Khrushchev told Kennedy through the ambassador to the United States that the United States was naked aggression and apologized in front of the people of the world.

Kennedy was helpless and had to apologize publicly on TV and took off the responsibility.

But after the apology, he withdrew all the senior executives of the CIA and canceled the large amount of funds of CIA. Since then, Kennedy and CIA have forged avenge.

Some conspiracy themers believe that the people who assassinate Kennedy later are CIA.

At this time, because more than 1,000 captives were in the hands of Castro, the United States could not sit at the sight.

In order to highlight the demeanor, Kennedy spent 60 million ancient Patossozer, purchased a number of medicines and living materials to Cuba, and replaced more than 1,000 captives. This "compensation" is also the only war compensation in American history. As a result, Kennedy was ridiculed by the American media, saying that he was the softest president in American history.

After the 1961 Pig Bay incident, Castro fell wholeheartedly to the Soviet Union and thoroughly followed the road of socialism.

In order to protect his safety, Cuba applied for the Soviet Union to guard in the local army and build a missile base. This move directly led to the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, triggering confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union, and almost caused a nuclear war.

And those Cubans who exiled in Florida also completely lost their hope of rejuvenation and began to accept the reality of their Americans.

In the following 20 years, Cuba would send domestic prisoners to Florida every year. As of the end of the 20th century, Florida had 1 million ancient Pakistan.

These Cuban people do not have a good way to survive in the local area, either engaged in low -income work, or violated crimes, such as population trading and drug transactions, which has led to one of Florida in the end of the last century.

Since the 1980s, Florida has even become a bridgehead for South America to transport drugs to the United States. The local gangsters are extremely rampant. Therefore, the United States has spent tens of billions of dollars in law and anti -drug expenses.

In recent years, Americans have also reflected that if the "pig bay landing" is not engaged in the "pig bay landing", will Cuba not fall to the Soviet Union, and the United States is not having to bear the burden on this mistake for decades?


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