In 1979, the junior high school would ask for dinner at a farmer's house, attracting everyone's doubts, Lieutenant General: She is my daughter

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In 1979, the junior high school would ask for dinner at a farmer's house, attracting everyone's doubts, Lieutenant General: She is my daughter

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Picture | General Liao Hansheng

In 1949, a peasant woman was escorted by several soldiers to Xining, Qinghai. When she saw Liao Hansheng, the director of the Qinghai Provincial Military and Political Committee, the tears of the peasant woman were like a pearl that broke the line and could not stop falling.

Liao Hansheng looked at the person in the front of him with red eyes. After a long time, he only asked: "Green (gèn) Gen, how can you be okay for so many years?"

The peasant woman didn't speak, but nodded in tears. After watching each other for a long time, the two said a few more words, and the peasant woman hurriedly bid farewell to Liao Hansheng's departure. Looking at the farmer's back, Liao Hansheng's tears blurred their eyes again. My thoughts did not consciously return to the past ...

When Liao Hansheng was less than ten years old, his father, Liao Lanxiang, asked He Long to take a leave and wanted to go home to engage in the younger son. After learning about this, He Long frowned and asked: "Is it Han Sheng?"

"It's a dear for Han Sheng's brother."

"Then I will also be a match for Han Sheng!" He Long said in the trend.

"That's natural."

Liao Hansheng, who was under ten years old, had only had a relationship with He Long, but left a very deep impression on He Long ...

Not long ago, He Long led the village of Liao Lanxiang, who passed by the team with the revolution. At that time, the warlords were chaotic, the soldiers' family, and the people snatched the people everywhere. On weekdays, the people wore a military uniform and hurriedly avoided it.

This time they not only did not avoid it, but surrounded them, just because the team was under the banner, and the pace was neatly pace.

Liao Hansheng and the children in the village followed the adults to the fields on the side of the road to see. Just as everyone could see the gods, a dense "word Hu" soldier walked towards them with a smile. After seeing it, most of them ran away from a distance. Only Liao Hansheng did not run. He still stood there and watched the soldier who came to him.

This also made the soldier very interested in Liao Hansheng. He walked to Liao Hansheng and said, "Who are you the sister -in -law?

Figure | Marshal He Long

"I am from the Liao family." Liao Hansheng said calmly.

Listening to Liao Hansheng said, the soldier froze slightly, and asked, "Which one is your father?"

"My father is Liao Lanxiang."

After hearing the soldier, the soldier nodded with a smile, reached out and patted Liao Hansheng's shoulder, and said, "Okay! Okay! ..."

Subsequently, the soldiers looked up at the children in front of them before they caught up with the team. At this time, Liao Hansheng did not know that the Marshal He Long in the west of Xiangxi was standing in front of him.

After returning to the headquarters to see Liao Lanxiang, He Long said with a smile: "Your son is good, and he has guts. When I passed by your village, I met him. What is his name?"

"My son is Liao Hansheng."

"Liao Hansheng, Liao Hansheng ..." He Long read the name with a low voice, and nodded involuntarily. It was this encounter that made Liao Hansheng's name and guts. Later, He Long personally talked about matchmaking for Liao Hansheng.

However, what Liao Lanxiang did not expect was that He Long's relative for Liao Hansheng was Xiao Geng, the daughter of his second sister He Wu. In response, Liao Lanxiang was very satisfied. In this way, under the arrangement of He Long and Liao Lanxiang, Liao Hansheng, who was under ten years old, Liao Hansheng, I set a depending on my brother.

When the two discussed their relatives, Liao Lanxiang sent the guards to receive Liao Hansheng to Sangzhi County. He Long's elder sister He Minying saw that Liao Hansheng was clever, and people were generous, very courageous, and read private schools. They loved him very much. In this matter, the family affairs of the He family and the Liao family officially settled, and it was from this day that Liao Hansheng has formed an inextricable bond with the He family.

In 1921, when Liao Hansheng was ten years old, his father Liao Lanxiang died in the army. Liao Lanxiang's death was a great disaster for the Liao family, because this family was supported by Liao Lanxiang. As soon as he died, he left and left. Liao mother pulled three children in difficulties, and her life was very difficult.

At this time, He Long generously reached out to help the Liao family. In the second year of Liao Lanxiang's death, He Long also sent Liao Hansheng to the county senior primary school in the county.

In the county senior primary school, Liao Hansheng studied hard. There, he learned a lot of new knowledge. At that time, Sangzhi County was under the jurisdiction of He Long. Under their influence, Liao Hansheng initially came into contact with some progressive ideas.

In 1925, He Long invested and arranged for Liao Hansheng and other three children to go to the fifth grade in the secondary school of the Second Normal School of Changde Province.

Figure | Marshal He Long

Here, Liao Hansheng worked hard, because he knew that the opportunity to learn is not easy, and he also knew that He Long cultivated their good intentions.

After studying for a year and a half, because the tuition fees could not be paid, Liao Hansheng and others returned to Sangzhi County to study again.

In the spring of 1927, due to the influence of the Northern Expedition, under the leadership of the Communist Party, the farmers 'movement was surging in Hunan, Hubei, and Jiangxi, especially the farmers' movement in Hunan. Under the leadership of Chairman Mao and others, it was even more vigorous. This year, Liao Hansheng returned to Sangzhi County, his hometown from the school.

After returning home after graduation, Liao Hansheng actively devoted himself to the ranks of the peasant movement. At this time, the "April Two" counter -revolutionary coup broke out. Facing the persecution of Chiang Kai -shek, He Long left the Kuomintang, resolutely joined the ranks of the Communist Party, and participated in the Nanchang Uprising. As the revolutionary situation turned sharply, the bloody storm also blown in Xiangxi. Since Liao Hansheng reads the support of He Long, the reactionary armed forces stared at Liao Hansheng, who was closely related to He Long, and planned to arrest him. After Han Sheng learned of this, he immediately left his hometown and went to the team led by He Long.

In early 1929, He Long led the Red Four Army to establish the Soviet regime in Hefeng and Sangzhi County. At the same time, Liao Hansheng also participated in the work of the Farmers Association and Soviet.

In the revolutionary struggle, Liao Hansheng performed very heroically and witty. Even in the "white horror", he never had the idea of ​​giving up the revolution. On the contrary, he always rushed at the forefront when he encountered difficulties.

Liao Hansheng's performance, He Long looked in his eyes and remembered it in his heart, but in order to further cultivate and exercise Liao Hansheng, He Long thought of his sister He Minying's high prestige among the local people. So he asked Liao Hansheng to learn with his sister and stay in the guerrilla.

Liao Hansheng knew that He Long wanted to cultivate his own hard work. In this regard, he said nothing and expressed his obedience. In this way, Liao Hansheng came to work in the guerrilla team of He Minying. Geng is also in the guerrilla team.

According to local customs, young men and women are engaged in the marriage that they cannot meet when they are not married, but because Liao Hansheng and Xiao Gen, they have to fight against the enemy together in the same team. Therefore, the two of them had to marry in advance.

Picture | Liao Hansheng

Before the marriage, the enemy sent a company to "settlement". Facing the advanced weapons and equipment, the number of people was far exceeding the guerrillas. In the daytime guerrillas, they stayed in the cave at night.

After a long time, Xiao Geng was pregnant. She followed her big belly and followed the team around. During the period of following the team, Xiao Genen gave birth to a pair of children for Liao Hansheng.

As a husband and wife, although they did not spend the previous month, they did not have you, and there were no fashion and romance, but as Liao Hansheng and Xiao Geng got along for a long time in the guerrilla team, the relationship between the two of them was very deep.

Later, because it was very inconvenient to bring a child to guerrillas, Liao Hansheng and Xiao Geng's husband and wife thought before they thought, and decided to send their children back to their hometown, but Xiao Gengen was relieved to two young children. So with the consent of Liao Hansheng, Xiao Geng and the two children were picked up by Liao Mu back to Sangzhi County to go.

After his wife and children left, Liao Hansheng's concerns were much less. At that time, the enemy continued to attack the guerrillas, but in order to protect the Red Army's place to rely on and retreat, Liao Hansheng's guerrillas began to fight while engaging in production. Always move in Simen Yanshan District in Hunan and Hubei. Although they live in the life of Food Fruit, Drinking Mountain Spring, and Suwan Cave, they have never thought of giving up.

In early 1933, He Long led the Red Army to the side of Hunan and Hubei. At this time, He Min Yingcai led the soldiers in the guerrillas such as Liao Hansheng and walked out of the mountains to meet with He Long.

At that time, the Red Army team was preparing to attack Sangzhi County, and Liao Hansheng took this opportunity to return home with his mother and wife and children.

However, shortly after the Red Army captured Sangzhi County, he was counterattacked by the enemy. Due to the large number of enemies, He Long had to retreat. Coincidentally, Liao Hansheng came to the Red Army team and did not wait for Liao Hansheng to speak. I ordered: "Now mulberry is dangerous, go back to Hefeng first, the speed must be fast."

Figure | Marshal He Long

When I heard this, Liao Hansheng quickly ran home and took his wife, children, and mother to Hefeng. Under the instructions of He Long, He Minying and Liao Hansheng led the guerrillas to launch the masses and established the Red Guards. Liao Hansheng lived in the people's house, and his life was quite beautiful.

But such a stable days did not last too long, and tragedy still happened. Due to the traitor's betrayal, the enemy led more than 100 people to attack the guerrillas.

After the sound of gunfire, Liao Hansheng woke up from his dream, and he didn't have time to scream his wife and children who were lying on his side. He shouted "Quickly Run" and rushed out with a gun, covering the people in the house to retreat.

However, because the enemy is prepared, it has already occupied a favorable terrain. The situation is very unfavorable to the guerrillas, but the guerrillas still fight for the enemy. Although the guerrillas repelled the enemy, the loss was extremely heavy. He Long's two sisters He Minying and Sister He Wu fell into a pool of blood. The enemy also took away Liao Hansheng's wife Xiao Genen and two -year -old son.

Looking at the tragic scene in front of him, Liao Hansheng buried the body of the martyrs with tears with tears. Then Liao Hansheng brought the remaining guerrillas to the main red army led by He Long.

Liao Hansheng was very sad to report to He Long's tragedy in Changwan Village in Dongchangwan. After hearing it, He Long was silent for a long time before asking, "My elder sister is sacrificed, what do you plan to do?" Can you do it? "

Figure | Marshal He Long

Liao Hansheng said without thinking, "Do it, take revenge for them!"

"Okay! There is a kind of one, you go back to find someone, make a gun, build the guerrillas again, and work with the bad guys to the end." He Long patted his shoulder when he heard Liao Hansheng's words.

In this way, Liao Hansheng and others gathered the red guards in various villages and continued to fight stubbornly with the enemy. During that time, although Liao Hansheng missed the situation of his wife and son, he had already prepared for his family to sacrifice the revolution.

In the spring of 1934, when the Red Army moved from Sangzhi. When passing through the Zizi Bay, Liao Hansheng heard that his mother had spent money to take the wife Xiao Genong and his son. At that moment, it was difficult to restrain, so he proposed to He Long to go home to see.

"Okay, go back and see Gen Gen. The team will set off tomorrow and come back earlier." He Long nodded and agreed.

Soon, Liao Hansheng hurried home at the moment when he saw his mother, Xiao Gen, and his daughter and son, Liao Hansheng's eyes were red. That night, the family ate a reunion meal. Liao Hansheng hurriedly bid farewell to his family and rushed back to the military.

When Liao Hansheng followed the Red Army to conquer the North War, he often missed his family, but because of the enemy's siege of the Red Army, Liao Hansheng did not go back to a brief reunion with his family since he left.

In November 1935, when the Red Second and Sixth Army was about to start the Long March from Sang Zhi, Liao Hansheng learned from the mouth of others: In the life of hiding in Tibet in the east, his son died unfortunately. Now only his wife, daughter and mother are dependent on each other.

After learning about this, Liao Hansheng wanted to go home to see it, but at that time, Liao Hansheng was already a teacher's political commissar. His words and deeds will affect the emotions of the team's finger, so he has been tolerate his grief and did not go home.

Before the Red Army team was about to set off, Xiao Geng got the news and immediately rushed to the station to send off for her husband. During the separation, there were too many reluctances in the hearts of Liao Hansheng and Xiao Gen. However, no one would expect that since then, the couple's couple's fate has also broken.

One year later, Liao Hansheng arrived in northern Shaanxi. He remembered his wife and children very much, and began to ask people to ask the whereabouts of their mother and daughter, but the news of the sporadic stars obtained was that Xiao Gen Gen had been killed by the enemy by the enemy Although this news made Liao Hansheng very sad, he was unwilling to believe it was true.

Until the summer of 1942, after He Long came to Yan'an, Liao Hansheng came to visit him. At this moment, Xiao Qingyun (Xiao Gengen's brother) was given to He Long as a guards and told Liao Hansheng: "My sister was killed by the enemy."

Hearing this sentence, Liao Hansheng suddenly stunned. This is the "most accurate" news about his wife's whereabouts in his wife's whereabouts for so many years.

Gradually, Liao Hansheng accepted the news that his wife Xiao Genen had "sacrificed". Later, under the introduction of He Long and Xue Ming, Liao Hansheng and the then Secretary -General of the Central Military Commission Yang Shangkun's sister Bai Lin married. Living with a happy and sweet life.

Picture | General Liao Hansheng and his wife Bailin

But what made people unexpected was that Xiao Genong did not die. During Liao Hansheng's participation in the Long March, Xiao Genen was detained by the enemy. He Long's prestige did not do anything, and in the end, the enemy secretly sold Xiao Gen in the foreign country to marry a foreign country.

In 1949, after the liberation of the country, Xiao Geng learned from an accidental opportunity to learn about the news of "being a big official" in Sichuan. After hearing the news, Xiao Gengen cried very much. So she wrote a letter to He Long.

After receiving the letter from the niece, Xiao Gen, He Long was very excited. He immediately instructed the staff around him to say: "Hurry up with her, I want to see her."

After speaking, He Long immediately called Liao Hansheng in Qinghai and told him the good news that when Liao Hansheng learned that Xiao Gen is still alive, he was sad and happy.

Soon, Xiao Geng came to He Long's side. After seeing the niece who had not seen him for many years, He Long was very happy. After learning that the niece's experience, He Long sighed.

At this moment, Xiao Genong said, "Hey, what about Han Sheng? I want to see him."

For this request made by Xiao Gen, He Long made arrangements. A few days later, He Long sent his own guards to escort Xiao Gen to Qinghai and met with Liao Hansheng, the director of the Qinghai Military and Political Committee.

After a lapse of 15 years, the two met in Xining, Qinghai. I haven't seen each other for many years. There should be a lot of things I want to say, but at the moment of the meeting, it is difficult to speak by gathered in my heart. In the end, it only turned into a few words of words.

Faced with the Liao Hansheng family, Xiao Geng's pain was unable to experience ordinary people, but at the moment of seeing Liao Hansheng, her mood was also excited. Before leaving, Xiao Gengen held Liao Hansheng's hand and said, " When I see you, I can rest assured, don't miss me ... "

Picture | General Liao Hansheng

After speaking, Xiao Genong left his head without returning, and returned to his hometown silently until the mid -1960s, Xiao Geng died.

When Liao Hansheng heard the news, his tears couldn't stop falling down, and he was engraved with his guilt of Xiao Geng.

Throughout the life of Xiao Geng, after marrying Liao Hansheng, she has always followed her husband to live a lively life. Later, in order to take care of her children better, she chose to stay in her hometown. After arrest, she never betrayed the revolution. Although she married another person later, it was not her choice. Although there were many couples like Liao Hansheng and Xiao Geng, Liao Hansheng remembered all of them. He always feels ashamed of Xiao Gen. In June 1979, Liao Hansheng used his vacation to return to his hometown. Accompanied by his wife Bai Lin, Liao Hansheng came to the tomb of his ex -wife Xiao Gen, and in front of the tomb, after Liao Hansheng's presence of wreath, he stood silently and said gently. : "Gen, I'm sorry for you."

After leaving from the cemetery, Liao Hansheng went to visit Liao Chunlian, who had not seen her many years. For her eldest daughter, Liao Hansheng was also guilty. She moved around with the guerrillas from birth, lived in no place, hungry, and sat with her mother. After passing, he rarely enjoyed his father's love. Thinking of these, Liao Hansheng was guilty.

When Liao Hansheng came to his daughter Liao Chunlian's house and proposed to eat, the comrades accompanied by were confusing. They all persuaded Liao Hansheng to eat in the county or commune, but Liao Hansheng shook his head and said, "She is my daughter."

When they heard this, everyone was surprised, and they learned that Liao Chunlian was the heavy niece of Marshal He Long and the daughter of General Liao Hansheng.

Just when everyone was surprised by this, Liao Chunlian brought out the prepared food and pointed to his father to introduce Liao Hansheng: "This is my father!"

Liao Hansheng laughed and repeatedly said, "Oh, this is my dad, this is my dad."

Picture | General Liao Hansheng returns home

But this sentence was full of sourness. Because her daughter was not with her for a long time, she refused to call her "dad". She watched her daughter silently and did not introduce herself.

On November 27, 1984, Liao Hansheng returned to his hometown for the second time. This time, after watching Xiao Gen in the cemetery, he came to his daughter's house for dinner again. This time, Liao Chunlian shouted, "Dad!"

Just two words, Liao Hansheng smiled and opened. During eating, the smile on Liao Hansheng's face could not be hidden. He kept holding vegetables for her daughter and let her eat more.

Before leaving, Liao Hansheng tightly grabbed his daughter's hand and instructed: "Daughter, must be at ease in rural areas, do not reach out to the country, do not bother the government, do not bother the county leaders."

Hearing Dad Liao Hansheng's instructions, Liao Chunlian nodded and said, "Dad, you have to take care of your body!"

Soon after Liao Hansheng returned to Beijing, the Sangzhi County People's Government decided to arrange Liao Chunlian into the county seat. The news was quickly passed to Liao Hansheng's ear. He immediately believed that his hometown government stopped the matter: ".... .. Let her be in the countryside! "

For his daughter, General Liao Hansheng had guilt, but he never seek any interests for his daughter. In this regard, General Liao Hansheng said to the staff around him more than once, "We all followed the boss He, and we must give me He. The boss competes for glory, and the oil of the Gonggong family will never be allowed in life ... "

Picture | General Liao Hansheng

Since then, a marshal's heavy niece and the general daughter of the general have been farmers in Dashan for a lifetime. For many years, she has never made any unreasonable requirements to the government, nor did she complain. The family waited in a quiet countryside With the same ordinary life as the people of all old districts, it is happy ...