After Yue Fei was killed, what was the ending of the two wives and five sons and two women?

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After Yue Fei was killed, what was the ending of the two wives and five sons and two women?

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Naturally, it was very miserable, but fortunately, Song Xiaosong rebelled against Yue Feiping. Some of his family could be preserved and even became an official in the court.

First, Yue Fei's two marriages, the first marriage is miserable, the second marriage is happy.

Yue Fei was born in 1103. When he was sixteen, he married Liu as his wife, his eldest son Yue Yun and second son Yue Lei.

Yue Fei joined the army for the first time when he was twenty years old. Later, due to his father's death and Song Jin's reasoning and other reasons, Yue Fei had to retire and join the army, reaching three times.

Until 1126, Song Gaozong Zhao Gou asked for peace because of regrets, and Jin Jun attacked the Song Dynasty and killed the military and civilians of the Song Dynasty. Yue Fei's mother was deeply righteous. The second to the army, to the front line to fight against the Golden State.

Yue Fei couldn't rest assured that his mother and wife and children left his wife Liu at home. Unexpectedly, Yue Fei never retired after the army this time, and did not return home again until he was framed by Qin Yue and others.

Since Yue Fei went to fight on the front line, Liu has begun to be disturbed. Although she is already the mother of two children, she does not know what happened. She even remarried twice, and the second time she was married to the Han Shizhong army. A small soldier in charge of the car.

Based on time, Liu's second remarriage was about the second Northern Expedition after Yue Fei served as the deputy to Xuanfu in Jingxi West Road in 1135.

Han Shizhong wrote to Yue Fei because he discovered Yue Fei's wife Liu's wife, so he wrote to Yue Fei and asked him to send someone to pick it up.

Yue Yue Xuanfu, Xuanfu (Yue Fei) had a wife who had a hair loss, and saw that he was married to the wife of a team, but he could get it.

After Yue Fei learned the news, his heart was mixed in his heart, silent, and did not reply to Han Shizhong. Han Shizhong played this matter to Song Gaozong Zhao Gou, and wanted Zhao Gou to be the master.

When Yue Fei learned the news, he was unwilling to pick up Liu's back, but when he thought of and his husband and wife, he sent Liu's five hundred money to Liu, and reported the matter to Zhao Gou.

On the day of the ice crossing the river, the wife of the minister served his mother. Poor people have given five hundred money to help them in shortcomings.

Since then, Liu and Yue Fei have been in the same time. Only the two sons she gave birth to the Yue family, and her later deeds could not be learned.

Although Yue Fei lost his wife, he was also lucky. He met a woman named Li Wa in the war, two years older than Yue Fei, and the two later became husband and wife.

Li Wa and Liu are the opposite people. She not only respects her parents and supports her children, but also has very courage. She often assists Yue Fei to arrange military affairs. It can be said that it is a virtuous help. She praised it very much that she was first named Mrs. Zhengde, and later changed her to Mrs. Qin. It can be seen that her status is still very high.

Li Wa gave birth to three sons, Yue Lin, Yue Zhen and Yue Ting, and a daughter Yue Yin Ping.

Second, Yue Fei's death.

In 1141, Yue Fei was the last Northern Expedition. He led his soldiers to defeat the general of Jin Guoyu in Zhuxian Town in Kaifeng. Wan Yanwu osteophyllus had to defeat the entire line. He fled to the Yellow River all the way north and was ready to cross the river to return to China.

Wan Yanmu realized a truth after the experience of defeat. It is impossible to defeat the Song Dynasty with the strength of the Kingdom of Kim. It can only be discussed and replaced. , Song Jin's negotiations can be achieved.

However, although Yue Fei won a great victory, Zhao Gou had been scared by the Golden people. He did not think that Yue Fei could eventually defeat the Golden State, so his attitude was always negotiated. Essence

Under the advocacy of Qin Yue, Zhao Gou quickly agreed and summoned Yue Fei back to Beijing. Although Yue Fei was unwilling, he finally decided to obey the court's order and returned to Beijing.

However, what Yue Fei didn't expect was that Beijing would be his burial place.

After Yue Fei returned, Qin Yue did not immediately start with him. Qin Yue first tried to buy Yue Fei's subordinates Wang Gui and Wang Jun, let them accuse Yue Fei, and then arrested Yue Fei; then, Qin Yue asked Zhang Jun to set up a public hall in private to confess to Yue Fei, but Yue Fei vowed not to confess.

Later, Song Jinhe reached the consequences, and the Southern Song Dynasty called the Gongnan Gong to the Kingdom of the Southern Song Dynasty, and all the land north of the Huaihe River was given to the Jin Kingdom.

In order to implement the negotiations and content, Qin Yue accelerated the footsteps of framed Yue Fei. He asked Wanzhu to weave the three guilty of Yue Fei. One is to be worthy of Zhang Xian's drawing; the other is to say madly to the emperor; the third is to rescue Huaixi Huaixi. When the soldiers do not enter and seize the victory and defeat.

Han Shizhong was very dissatisfied with this, so he asked Qin Yue theory, but Qin Yue said something unnecessary.

Although Fei Ziyun and Zhang Xianshu are unknown, there is no need to have it.

Soon after, Yue Fei was sentenced to death and died in the prison of Dali Temple.

After Yue Fei died, all his family property was searched, and his wife and children were also exiled to Guangnan, Fujian and other places.

Third, Yue Fei's wife and children end.

1. Wife Li Wa.

After Yue Fei died, Li Wa took a few to live in Lingnan and raised them alone, and his life was very difficult.

In 1162, Zhao Gao passed on to the descendants of Song Taizu, Zhao Yan, for Song Xiaosong. Zhao Yan was the main battle faction. Soon after he ascended the throne, he used Zhang Jun, the general of the main battle, and also rehabilitated Yue Feiping, changed his grave to the West Lake, and ordered Yue Fei's wife and children.

After living in Lingnan for more than two decades, Li Wa came to Jiujiang, Jiangxi, and was named Mrs. Chu. She died in 1175. Li Wa left a last word before her death, saying that she would be buried with Yue Fei's mother, Mrs. Yao, which shows how filial she is.

2. Yue Fei's eldest son Yue Yun.

Yue Yun was born in 1119 and went to Yue Feijun very early. He repeatedly made great achievements and was a famous young general.

Yue Yun's Wenwu Shuangquan was once Zhang Xian's hands. At the age of sixteen, he followed Yue Fei to the north to regain Dengzhou and Suizhou. Because every time Yue Yun fights, he is the first to fight, and he is often the first person to board the city head, so he also has the reputation of General Chang Sheng.

Later, Yue Yun became one of the main generals of Yue Fei's pro -army's backbone army, and became Yue Fei's left arm and right arm. At that time, he was only 17 or eight years old.

In Yue Fei's last Northern Expedition, the Yue Jiajun used the enemy and Yue Yun performed well. He killed countless enemies and captured 78 leaders of the Golden State.

In the battle of Yingchang, Yue Fei and Yue Yun's father and son led the army to defeat 100,000 gold soldiers. After the war, Wan Wushu was shocked, and said a very famous words:

Yue Shaobao rides 500,000 people in five hundred. Shaking the mountains, shaking the Yuejia army difficulty!

What Wan Yanwushu didn't know was that Yue Fei was just a commander, and the generals who played were Yue Yun. He rode back and forth in the enemy forces. He was injured several places and eventually won the victory.

After Yue Fei was arrested, Yue Yun and Zhang Xian were also arrested for being jealous of Qin Yue. Later, the two of them were beheaded in the downtown city of Lin'an.

3. Yue Fei's second son Yue Lei.

When Yue Fei was arrested, Yue Lei was only sixteen years old. He went to prison to take care of his seriously injured father. After Yue Fei died, he was distributed to Guangnan with his stepmother Li Wa, and later was exiled to Yunnan.

During his life in Yunnan, Yue Lei got married and had children, and had four sons and two daughters. After Yue Fei was rehabilitated, Yue Lei was able to return to Tanzhou to live.

In 1210, Yue Lei died at the age of 78.

4. Yue Fei's third son Yue Lin.

When Yue Fei died, Yue Lin was only twelve years old. When he returned to the Central Plains, he was 32 years old.

In 1163, Yue Lin was first named the right Cheng Lang, and then was named the Governor of Nangan Gan and Yu Yixing. Later, Yue Lin worked in many places. In 1178, he was summoned by Song Xiaosong. Song Xiaozong said to him:

The discipline of the Qing family, using the method of soldiers, Zhang and Han were not too late. The Qing family was wronged.

After listening to hearing, Yue Lin cried with emotion, and then Song Xiaosong handed over some relics left by Yue Fei to him.

In 1185, Yue Lin was appointed as a doctor, the servant of the Wen Ge, the minister of the military department, the Guangdong Economic State appeased, and was a good friend with Zhu Xi and others, and began to collect the poems left by Yue Fei. The preparation of these poems into a book to spread later generations.

However, Yue Lin was sick in his later years and had not yet completed the compilation of Yue Fei's legacy. He died in 1192.

5, Yue Fei's fourth son Yue Zhen.

When Yue Fei died, Yue Zhen was only seven years old. At that time, he was living in Jiujiang with his four -year -old brother Yue Ting. After hearing the news of his father Yue Fei, they fled with the help of relatives, changed their surname E, and finally came to live in Huangmei County.

After Yue Feiping's rebellion, Yue Zhen said his true identity, changed back to the original surname Yue and reunited with his family. , Jiang Dong's promotion and other positions, the later things are unknown.

6, Yue Fei's five sons Yue Ting.

After Yue Feiping's rebellion, Yue Ting changed back to his original surname and reunited with his family. He was named the doctor of Chaosan.

Yue Ting was originally called Yue Zhi. After Yue Feiping's rebellion, Song Xiaozong renamed him Yue Ting for him and gave him the daughter of the minister Zhang Xin. Yue Ting is the only person among Yue Fei's son who was named and married by the emperor. It can be seen that Yue Ting was liked by Song Xiaozong.

Seventh, Yue Fei's two daughters Yue Anniang and Yue Yin bottle.

Yue Anniang may be the daughter of Liu's early in the early stage. Her deeds have nothing recorded. They only know that she married a man named Gao Yan. Gao Yan was later named Chengxin Lang by Song Xiaosong.

Yue Yin bottle may not be the real name. Her real name may be Yue Xiao'e, which was born of Li Wa. The reason why Yue Xiao'e was called Yue Yin Ping was because she was wronged for her father after Yue Fei's death, but no one cared about her. She was in an indignant in her heart, so she died in a silver bottle and died at the age of thirteen.

According to the "Huangmei County Chronicle", during the Song Lizong period, the court sealed Yue Yue Yue Bing was a female in the first place, Qingyuan Miao Xing, and the fairy palace psychic showed the silver bottle lady. During the Yuan Dynasty, the court also built the statue of Yueyin Bottle for Yueyin Bottle in the West Lake Academy. The folk was called Niangzi Temple.

The descendants of Yue Fei.

Although Yue Fei died earlier, because his loyalty to the country has won a huge reputation for him, his descendants have been cared for by the ruler of all generations since the Song Dynasty. The descendants of Yue Fei, even Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the United States, Canada and other countries have the descendants of Yue Fei.

Among the descendants of Yue Fei, many celebrities have also been produced, such as Yue Fei's grandson and Yue Lin's son Yue Ke. He is a famous scholar and official in the Southern Song Dynasty; The land of millions of square kilometers is also settled in the chaos of the golden rivers, which has made great contributions to the formation of my country's current national territory. There is also a modern female pilot Yue Xicui. He is not only the first generation of female pilots in my country, but also in my country The first female pilot general.Therefore, at any time, there is nothing to bless the future generations than the patriotic heart.After eight or nine hundred years after Yue Fei died, many of his descendants emerged with many famous characters. They all used Yue Fei as an example. This is the biggest wealth of a family, which is more valuable than millions of wealth.