After the reform of Peter Peter, what was Kangxi doing at the same time?

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After the reform of Peter Peter, what was Kangxi doing at the same time?

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Introduction: Both Peter I and Kangxi can be regarded as the emperors in the history of China and Russia. Both have had major achievements in politics, economy, culture, and military. However, the geopolitical environment of the two major empires of the Qing Dynasty and the pattern and crisis awareness of the two emperors determined the fate of the Romanov and the Qing Dynasty for nearly 200 years. Peter I saw the huge gap between Tsarist Russia and Europe to transform the social system, and Kangxi could only repair the name of Kang Qian's prosperous world at the end of the life cycle of the feudal system. In the end, the Qing Dynasty was still the difference between the social development system. Become a victim of the slaughter of the powers. The gap between the Qing and Russia and the increasing gap is increasing. The root cause is the pattern and actions of the two monarchs.

The Russian territory was rapidly expanding when Peter I was reforming. Tsarist Russia not only established a new capital in the new Okiku, but also laid the foundation for Tsarist Russia to become a modern power. At this time, Kangxi also achieved the record of in addition to Ao Bai, Ping San Francisco, Taiwan, and annihilating Goldan, and defeated Tsarist Russia to terminate the opponent's eclipse and crickets in the Northeast in the Battle of Jacques. Although both monarchs can be regarded as the emperor, the awareness of the two dates embarked on different paths. In order to reform and maintain a new system in all aspects, Peter I even personally monitored his prince; Kangxi hesitated to be burnt by Kowloon's capture, and the court corruption had appeared in the late Kangxi period.

Starting from the two emperors, the territory of the two countries has grown rapidly; while Peter Emperor was in Europe, Kangxi also died with Junggar after the domestic rebellion was settled in the east.

Both Kangxi and Peter the Great are outstanding monarchs in the history of the two countries, and they have grown in national territory. The Emperor Peter seized a large territory along the coast of the Caspian Sea, and won the dream of the Nishi River's estuary land that was dreamed of after defeating the powerful Sweden. The new capital St. Petersburg has been established on the new land, and the Tsarist Navy and the Baltic Fleet have been established. According to Marx, the reform of Peter the Great uses brutal uniforms of the barbaric of the original Tsarist Russia, so that Tsarist Russia's various systems are more effective and efficient.

At this time, Kangxi was not idle, and it was once in a state of wolf wolf: San Francisco rebellion in the southwest, Zheng Jing, who was in the southeast of Taiwan, was struggling with coastal finance and taxes, and Goldan in the northwest took the opportunity to constantly eat all Mongolian ministries and northeast of the northeast. Russia continues to colonize along Heilongjiang south. At that time, the Zheng Jing of Taiwan and the north of these enemies belonged to the disease of ringworm, while the rebellious San Francisco and Guldan in the northwest were suffering. Kangxi had to come one by one again, and then took the national power to calm down the San Francisco before recovering Taiwan's peaceful Dingdate. If it wasn't for the fear of Goldan and Tsarist Russia, Kangxi may not be so easy to make a huge concession in the "Nibuchia Treaty" after the victory of Yaksa. It turns out that the Junggar Khanate was indeed an enemy of the Qing Dynasty. It took 70 years after the three generations of emperors took 70 years before they finally settled the Junggar Khanate. In other words, Kangxi was not idle when Peter the Great was in Europe, and he began to die with Junggar after Pingzhi San Francisco, Taiwan and Tsarist Russia.

The reform of Peter I is far more determined than Kangxi. The reform of the military, economy, and serf production has laid the opportunity of the rise of Tsarist Russia; for the continuous strength of Russia, Peter I even personally supervised the eldest son of the emperor who did not consistent with his own opinions.

Peter I of Economic, Military Reform and serf forming formation of the opposite opposite comparison: economic and military reforms are simply for the strength of Tsarist Russia, because only the economy and military power can better expand to the outside world. Whether it is the extension of the estuary or the expansion of the territory, it is the persistent national policy of Tsarist Russia. Peter I's thorough reform has laid the power of Tsarist Russia in the next 200 years. Therefore, the title of European gendarmerie or European road press also stems from the reform of Peter I. Therefore, Peter I has become one of the few major emperors in Russian history. This reform of Peter I seemed to be comprehensive (the reform of Western Europe as a blueprint), but the serf system founded by Peter I still exposed his true nature of his reputation. That is to say, Peter I's reform is more like the reform of Zhao Wuling's Hu Wei and Emperor Xiaowen, that is, the purpose is for the power of the country; but at the same time, a large number of feudal residues have been retained. Lost the labor force that is urgently needed.

Peter I was a cold monarch, and he also hoped that his heirs would be a follower who could fight. But the eldest son did not like this, and even intended to escape from the sphere of influence of Tsarist Russia, and the furious Peter I personally supervised his eldest son. From this point of view, Peter is far more resolute than Kangxi, and Kangxi's Kangxi's Kuan Ren has caused Kowloon to win.

The pattern of Kangxi determines that even Kang Qian's prosperous age is only the end of the end of the feudal system, and the so -called Kangxi's so -called Kuan Ren is an important reason for the state treasury deficit and corruption of the court.

Of course, Tsarist Russia's core territory is in Europe, and Tsarist Russia has always claimed that it is a European country. Therefore, Peter I has more keenly discovered the power of the marine strategy of Western European countries under the marine strategy of the Western European country, so he actively exuded the idea of ​​active learning and reform to Peter who was going out to Haikou. At the appropriate time, a proactive reform was carried out, and Tsarist Russia laid the genes of the powers. The Qing Dynasty did not passively carry out the so -called foreign affairs movement until more than a hundred years, and Tsarist Russia and Daqing have embarked on two different ways. In fact, the Qing Dynasty did not have the opportunity to feel the threat of heat weapons during the war with Junggar many times; the Qing Dynasty could completely carry out military and economic reforms under the premise of retaining the feudal system, but there was no three generations of Kanggan emperors. As a result, Peter personally went to study shipbuilding and navigation, returned to China to develop education technology, and established Western -style navy and other reform measures. Compared with the two hundred years in advance of the Qing Dynasty, Tsarist Russia has made Tsarist Russia a modern power on the premise of retaining a large number of feudal remnants. And Kangxi was intoxicated by the merits of removing worship, Ping San Francisco, accepting Taiwan, and Ping Ding Guldan, and military equipment was enough; it lost valuable opportunities for development and iteration. Kangxi's governing Kuan Ren made the treasury a huge loss. Officials borrowed money from the state treasury to make profits. In order to maintain the strength of Tsarist Russia, Peter I did not know how many people were sent to the broken side. For the forgiveness of the princes, the Kowloon's victory has gone to the worse. If it wasn't for Yongzheng's new politics that had criminal offensive, I am afraid that Qianlong's top ten martial arts would have been born in the country. The prosperity of Kanggan was the last so -called prosperous age of the feudal dynasty. It was full of danger, just like a touch of the sun. Tsarist Russia took the initiative to send himself into the ranks. The conservatives of Kangxi and the later emperors made the Qing dynasty fall into decline.

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