Folk story: The son of a wealthy businessman waves like a dung, the villagers scold him to defeat him, but the Taoist priests are applauding it again and again.

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Folk story: The son of a wealthy businessman waves like a dung, the villagers scold him to defeat him, but the Taoist priests are applauding it again and again.

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During the Qing Dynasty, there was a family named Chen in Suzhou. The Chen family had been in business for generations. Master Chen, the owner, is a ruthless "iron cock". He often squeezes and exploits farmers under his hands. Regardless of the harvest, as long as the rent is not paid, the rental land will be retracted without emotion, which also makes the villagers miserable.

Although the Chen family is rich, who is not enough, Master Chen originally had three brothers, and this huge family business was also played by the brothers together. However, there was an unexpected situation. The three brothers died of illness one after another, and they did not even leave any sons, and their wives and concubines chose to remarry after getting the money.

Fortunately, when Master Chen was 30 years old, he finally had a son, calling for Chen Chang. Master Chen loved it very much and had always had high hopes.

At the beginning, Master Chen intends to let his son study well. After all, at that time, the officials of taxi and peasants were the biggest. Chen Chang was very obedient at the beginning, but at the age of seven, he did not know where to get a "Yin and Yang Wuji theory". Since then, he has been addicted to Taoism, starts to refine the immortal, talk nonsense throughout the day, and make the family. Whenever smoke.

Master Chen paid many times. Seeing that he had no effect, he no longer cared about him. After all, the money at home was enough for him to spend ten lives. But at the age of seventeen, Chen Yang passed here, hit Chen Changzai, and said that he was very talented and wanted to accept him as an apprentice.

Chen Chang was very happy, and agreed to him with his father. And Mr. Yin and Yang wanted to take him away, and went to practice hard in the field. And this is ten years.

After ten years of hard work, Chen Chang's face had a trace of maturity and stability, and he was naive. At this time, Master Chen was nearly sixty, and his old man was shown. When he saw his son finally returned, he relieved and decided to pass the position of the family owner to him.

What he didn't expect was that Chen Chang didn't learn anything in the past ten years, but he was proficient in eating, drinking, gambling. After taking over the position of his family, he ran to the largest restaurant in the local area and played for three days. He urged, I'm afraid he didn't want to go home for ten and a half months.

As the so -called, the prodigal son waved money like dung, and the family cherishes dung like gold. Chen Chang is in the business, gambles all day to drink flowers, and even sell houses to sell land. Master Chen looked at the foundation he had worked for many years. He was defeated a little, and he wanted to cry without tears.

Without the constraints of his father, Chen Chang splurked even more unscrupulously. When the villagers met, they scolded Chen Chang in the loser, and some people clapped their hands. After all, Master Chen squeezed the people for so many years and did so many conscience. This should be retribution.

On the evening of this evening, Chen Chang followed a few friends to drink in the restaurant. During the period, several people talked about the recent reviews of Chen Changzai, but most of them were prodigals, no ability and other words. At this time, Chen Chang was drinking too much. He didn't care about it, and said with a smile, "What their ordinary people understand, and the money of these money is a misfortune. I spend money, not a bad thing, it is a good thing! "

Everyone was stunned after listening, and then laughed, apparently did not believe that he was a prodigal son.

Unexpectedly, in the future, a cloud of traveling by the Taoist priest passed here. When I was resting in the tavern, I heard a few people talking about Chen Chang's affairs. The Taoist priest felt interesting and went up to listen. Coincidentally, just when Chen Chang was going to the tavern with people, the Taoist priest took the initiative to visit. The two were very happy, and even had a feeling of knowing a thousand cups of confidants. The Taoist priests also supported his prodigal behavior and applauded again and again.

When the Taoist priest was about to leave, some good things asked him why Chen Chang was a good thing, but the Taoist shook his head and mysteriously said: "The sky cannot be leaked!"


Soon, Chen Chang, who lost all his family business, sold his house at home, and moved his illness to a remote small house in the countryside. The villagers faced these two "bankruptcy" Chen family, and they were pretty good. After all, Chen Chang gave them all the land.

As everyone laughed at Chen Changzai's stupidity, a group of "Grand Theft" suddenly appeared in the Suzhou area. Said to be a gangster, in fact, the gangsters who have satisfied their selfish desires with their slogans. Many rich people who have been miserable were miserable. A family was directly slaughtered.

As for the Chen family, due to bankruptcy, it naturally escaped this disaster. At this moment, the talents responded. No wonder Chen Chang would say that those money at home at home was all scourge. He knew what would happen in the future.

At the same time, Chen Changzai's father died of illness. After finishing cooking for his father, he set up a sign at his door and declared that he had become Mr. Yin and Yang. How did he calculate? No one knows, and he never admits it.