Chiang Kai -shek worshiped his brother and Mao Zedong to participate in the founding ceremony. Nine years later, the chairman: immediately arrested him

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Chiang Kai -shek worshiped his brother and Mao Zedong to participate in the founding ceremony. Nine years later, the chairman: immediately arrested him

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On October 1, 1949, on the building of Tiananmen City, Mao Zedong held a speech and solemnly announced to the world with Mandarin with Hunan Xiangtan: Mandarin:

"The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China was established today!"

In this celebration of the country, such a very special guest was invited to attend. Standing on the Tiananmen Square, he was Sun Yat -sen's strong general, one of the old Kuomintang veterans, and Chiang Kai -shek's worship brother Yang Hu.

Figure | Founding Ceremony

At the solemn founding ceremony, such a former veteran appeared, which actually showed the determination of the Communist Party to unswervingly follow the new democratic patriotic united front.

But in 1958 after 9 years, Chairman Mao suddenly ordered:

"Immediately arrest him!"

In the nine years in the middle, what kind of changes have happened to Yang Hu, so that he would fall into the altar?

As Chiang Kai -shek's worship brothers, why should the Communist Party actively fight for him?

1. Accept the Three People's Principles and follow the Sun Yat -sen Revolution

Like many soldiers involved in the revolution, Yang Hu's family was poor from a young age. His father was originally surnamed Hu, and later he was sold to the Yang family because of difficulties in life.

After adulthood, Yang Hu successively entered the Qing Army Marine Division Wu Yan (Biàn), Liangjiang Lecture Hall, and Nanyang Higher Police School, and gradually embarked on the road of army. But at that time, the rule of the Qing government had been corrupted and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

In the 27th year of Guangxu (1901), in order to consolidate its own rule, the Qing Dynasty began to implement the "New Deal" and make the final rescue of himself.

Militaryly introduced German arms and training methods. Under such a training method, soldiers came out as "new troops", and Yang Hu was also a member of the new army.

However, what the Qing government could not expect was that while the new army was accepted by the new military training method, some emerging ideas in modern times have also been introduced into the army and accepted by the new army, including the "Three People's Principles" proposed by Sun Yat -sen. Thought.

At that time, Yang Hu was influenced by the Three -civilian thought. He was bold and decided to follow Sun Yat -sen.

In October 1911, the Wuchang Uprising broke out, and the provinces in the south responded. The Qing Dynasty collapsed and the earth collapsed. Yang Hu resolutely put into a revolutionary battle.

Unfortunately, the revolutionary fruit was stolen by Yuan Shikai.

At the end of July, Yang Hu and Huang Xing launched an uprising in Nanjing City, determined to start from Nanjing to the north to conquer Yuan Shikai. Due to Yuan Shikai's heavy soldiers and insufficient preparation for the uprising, the revolutionaries such as Sun Yat -sen were forced to exile overseas again.

Picture | Yuan Shikai

In September, Yang Hu and Huang Xing fled to Japan together.

In Tokyo, Japan, Sun Yat -sen heard that Yang Hu was in his great achievements in the revolution, so he invited Chen Yingshi to invite Yang Hu to visit his house.

Chen Yingshi said:

"Mr. Sun Yat -sen has already heard your name of Yang Hu. He asked me to invite you to his house as a guest."

Yang Hu heard that Sun Yat -sen was also in Japan, and he wanted to see him. After finishing the costume, he was glad to go.

As everyone knows, Sun Yat -sen set up a banquet at home to pay for Yang Hu.

Yang Hu was moved, and since then he became Sun Yat -sen's confidant.

In 1915, Sun Yat -sen learned that Yuan Shikai was ready to accept the "21" of the bereavement and humiliation of the country to restore the emperor's system.

Although Yang Hu knew the power of the enemy and us, the hope of success was slim, but he still accepted Sun Yat -sen's request.

He personally organized more than 20 people's death teams from December 4 of the same year from Tokyo, Japan to land in Shanghai. Chiang Kai -shek participated in the battle together.

At that time, Yang Hu would not think of the comrades next to him in the future, and he would make him deep in the future.

Due to the urgency of the uprising, the Beiyang army was defeated by Yuan Shikai's army, and the insurgents were forced to abandon the ship retreat.

In 1916, after Yuan Shikai died of illness, Sun Yat -sen and other revolutionary party talents took the opportunity to return to China and continue to prepare the revolution.

Picture | Sun Yat -sen

Under the leadership of Sun Yat -sen, Yang Hu participated in the protection movement and the Northern Expedition with Sun Yat -sen.

Second, he worshiped his brothers with Chiang Kai -shek, but was counted by Jiang

In the revolutionary campaign led by Sun Yat -sen, Yang Hu has always been the first soldier. His relationship with Chiang Kai -shek was also established during this period. In many revolutionary activities, Chiang Kai -shek and Yang Hu often acted together. After the defeat, the two fled together, and since then they have forced life and death.

In 1925, Sun Yat -sen died in Beijing, and the leader of the Kuomintang was idle. There are a lot of people who have been in it, but only Chiang Kai -shek and Yang Hu who can really take charge of it. Yang Hu withdrew and supported Chiang Kai -shek to be elected. Yang Hu led his troops to return to the Guangzhou Interim Government of the Kuomintang at the time, and he was the alliance with Chiang Kai -shek's blood, and Jinlan.

In 1926, the Kuomintang and Communist Party cooperated to launch the Northern Expedition and conquered the three warlords of Sun Chuanfang, Wu Peifu, and Zhang Zuolin.

Yang Hu led his troops, and his army had repeatedly made great achievements.

In March 1927, the Northern Expeditionary army successfully occupied the Yangtze River portal, Shanghai, and the singing and dancing was rising for a while, but at this time, Chiang Kai -shek had the idea of ​​eating the fruit of victory alone.

He is going to rebellion revolution!

Yang Hu is a good brother of Chiang Kai -shek. Of course, he must actively assist Chiang Kai -shek to seize power.

In the early morning of April 12, Yang Hu's instructions with Chiang Kai -shek and Shanghai Jin Rong, Du Yuesheng and others made sudden attacks on the Communist Party's workers' pension team in Shanghai. person.

The entire Shanghai was in white horror. Under the joint planning of Chiang Kai -shek and Yang Hu, a total of more than 300 Communist Party was killed (including Chen Yannian, the eldest son of Chen Duxiu). More than 500 people were arrested. Chen Qun, director of the Military Law Division of the Shanghai Police Command of the Shanghai Police Command, sneered at the "raising tiger (Yang Hu) group (Chen Qun)". Yang Hu assisted in his success and was awarded to high schools such as Shanghai Police Commander (which is also known as the "Shanghai King") by Chiang Kai -shek.

Yang Hu has reached the peak of power. He wanted to go further, but unfortunately Chiang Kai -shek was not a fuel -saving lamp.

With the establishment of Chiang Kai -shek's interest group, Chiang Kai -shek felt that Yang Hu seemed to be a little "high -igible".

A campaign that weakened his power was about to be performed, only Yang Hu was in the drum.

In 1938, Chiang Kai -shek established a companion in Chongqing. Soon, Song Meiling was "messy" and bridged Yang Anguo, the son of Yang Hu's son, Yang Anguo. On the day of the big wedding, the guests were full of lobby, and the bride was gorgeous. However, Yang Anguo "escaped from the battle" and staged a farce of escape. Song Meiling sent people to look around, but did not find it. The wedding ended embarrassing.

Later, I learned that Yang Anguo had already been concentric with Zhu Peide's money.

Song Meiling was ugly in public and couldn't hang her face.

"Teach the son without square, can you govern the country?"

At the same time, blowing the pillow at the ears of Chiang Kai -shek day and night, and said:

"Don't reuse Yang Hu anymore."

Picture | Chiang Kai -shek

Chiang Kai -shek is not the kind of person who intervenes for the two brothers. He weaken the opportunity to weaken Yang Hu's military power and finally arrive.

So he arranged Yang Hu to the virtual duty of the Central Supervisory Committee.

The power of Mingsheng Darkness took away the military power in Yang Hu's hands, which caused great dissatisfaction with Yang Hu, and gradually showed a farther attitude towards Chiang Kai -shek himself.

Yang Hu has nothing to do in Chongqing and be a "apartment" in Fanzhuang. Soon, Yang Jie returned from the Soviet Union to see him in Chongqing.

The two were very happy. During this period, Yang Jie suggested that Yang Hu uses his influence to use his own patriotic people and local strengths in Chongqing to discuss the anti -Japanese war and patriotic democratic activities. During this period, through the introduction of Yang Jie and others, he frequently contacted Zhou Enlai, laying the foundation for his future Communist Party.

3. Contact with Zhou Enlai and other central high -level levels to assist Jinan liberation and other matters

During the negotiations of Chongqing in 1945, Yang Hu warned Dai Yan in person:

"Can't hurt Mao Zedong!"

In 1946, the Civil War of the KMT broke out. Shanghai is the scope of the Kuomintang, and the CCP's office in Shanghai will evacuate. The Zhou Enlai couple in charge of the office visited Yang Hu before leaving.

Yang Hu learned of the news that they were leaving, and specially held a banquet for them. During the period, Zhou Enlai said to Yang Hu:

"The civil war launched by Chiang Kai -shek is the unjust battle. He will definitely fail. Xiao Gong might as well switch to our party. If you have such an idea, you can keep a secret connection with our party in the future."

At the end of the banquet, Yang Hu personally sent the Zhou Enlai couple to the door and shook hands to say goodbye.

The Kuomintang agents happened to see this scene and told Chen Lifu the incident.

After the guests left, Chen Lifu asked Yang Hu:

"Xiao Gong, why are you associated with Zhou Enlai?"

Yang Hu replied calmly:

"Don't you know? Zhou Enlai's mansion is nearby. He and his wife came out for a walk. By the way, he visited me. It was not a big deal.

Chen Lifu was speechless.

Picture | Chen Lifu

At that time, Wu Kejian, who was in the "Zhaohe Middle School" event in Shanghai, covered it as a teacher, maintained a secret connection with Yang Hu, and did a lot of ideological work on Yang Hu.

Wu Huawen, commander of the 96th Army of the Kuomintang, turned out to be the old Department of the Northwest Army. He had been an official in the Yang Hu's army in his early years and admired Yang Hu.

Wu Huawen saw through the situation of the war, and he was unwilling to fight with the PLA. He was ready to uprising in the Jinan battlefield.

Wu Huawen heard that Yang Hu had a friendship with the Communist Party, so he tried to contact Yang Hu.

One day in July 1948, Yang Hu arranged Wu Huawen to meet with Wu Kejian at home.

In late July, in an international hotel in Shanghai, the two parties talked again.

Wu Kejian asked Wang Yimin to urge Wu Huawen to uprise soon.

"The Kuomintang's failure has become a foregone conclusion. I hope you can persuade Mr. Wu as soon as possible."

"Mr. Wu, there are not enough ammunition and other materials in the city, and we need to live a few days. We will act immediately when the supplies are in place."

Soon, Wu Huawen led more than 20,000 people at the Jinan Airport uprising, which accelerated the liberation of Jinan.

On November 8, the Huaihai Battle started. The former Northwest Army's old ministry He Jiyuan and Zhang Kexia led more than 23,000 people in the Jia Wang Uprising. The PLA immediately went south and completed the surround of the Huang Baitao Corps. Chiang Kai -shek was furious and ordered the intelligence agencies to strictly investigate the "investment communist" personnel.

A few days before this incident, the Kuomintang agents performed investigation tasks at Jiangwan Airport and found a small military aircraft flying from Xuzhou. After the plane landed, the person who came out of it was Yang Hu. The agents were surprised. When did Yang Hu leave Shanghai, why did he go to Xuzhou? Military personnel doubted him and immediately investigated him.

Chiang Kai -shek immediately sent someone to Yang Hu's mansion, allowing him to return to Nanjing quickly.

Yang Hu was not panicked, and said to the people sent by Chiang Kai -shek with an excuse with his daughter's marriage:

"Please transfer the chairman, I will attend my daughter's wedding tomorrow. After that, I immediately rush to Nanjing."

After the wedding banquet, Yang Huru went to Nanjing and saw Chiang Kai -shek.

Chiang Kai -shek opened the door and said:

"Xiaotian, what did you go to Xuzhou a few days ago? He Jiyuan and Zhang Kexia voted for the Communist Party, you know!"

"I went to Xuzhou and Liu Ye gathered."

"Now the situation is tight, do you just meet with Liu Xie?"

Picture | Yang Hu

Yang Hu immediately stood up from the chair and said excitedly:

"Chairman, if you suspect that the Communist Party wants me to go, then catch me now!"

Chiang Kai -shek did not catch his "Communist" handle, so he had to give up.

In fact, the real purpose of Yang Hu to Xuzhou is to understand the situation of the civil war, and at the same time test Liu Ye's plans for his future.

However, as soon as Yang Hu's front foot landed, the Huaihai Campaign started, and then the uprising of He Jiyuan and Zhang Kexia. This series of coincidences, with his recent abnormal moves, caused Chiang Kai -shek's doubts.

Since then, Yang Hu believes that he will reduce your contact with the Communist Party.

4. Go to Hong Kong with Du Yuesheng, but leave

In 1949, Yang Hu ushered in a turning point in his life. In April of that year, Liu Deng's army crossed the Yangtze River and completely destroyed the Yangtze River defense line that Chiang Kai -shek had worked hard. He ran towards Nanjing Presidential House like a bamboo. The rule of the Jiang family in the mainland is about to be announced.

At that time, the Shanghai City in Yang Hu was also stormy. Chiang Kai -shek stayed in Shanghai. While transporting assets to Taiwan, he repeatedly asked Yang Hu's invitation to retreat with him. But Yang Hu didn't want to go to Taiwan.

On the Communist Party, Wu Kejian asked Yang Hu to stay in Shanghai and wait for liberation. But Shanghai was obviously unable to stay. A few days ago, Chen Xi and Tang Enbo came to the "Xingzhong Society" and asked Yang Hu to immediately try to withdraw all the staff of the association to Taiwan. Immediately afterwards, Yang Hu's son -in -law and Shanghai Police Commander Zhou Lixing sent another 10 flight tickets, but was "declined" by Yang Hu.

Chiang Kai -shek heard that Yang Hu didn't plan to leave, so he was so angry that he was shot straight.

So, Chiang Kai -shek sent Du Yuesheng to Yanghu Mansion and asked on the side to ask:

"Xiao Gong, are you ready to go to Taiwan?"

Yang Hu sighed:

"It's difficult! I can't go for the time being!"

"If you don't go this time, I'm afraid there is no chance again. If Xiaogong you really don't want to go to Taiwan, you might as well go to Hong Kong first, and then find the way out."

"Also, let me go to Hong Kong with you!"

On April 27th, Du Yuesheng and Yang Hu took a ship to Hong Kong. When it was about to leave, Yang Hu took only a aunt to the pier.

Du Yuesheng was very wondering, Yang Hu told him:

"Wait for myself to settle, and other family members will leave Shanghai in the future."

Du Yuesheng stopped asking more.

Picture | Du Shengsheng

After the ship started, Du Yuesheng found that Yang Hu was missing.

After boarding the ship, Yang Hu had already escaped Du Yuesheng's bodyguard and returned to the pier by boat.

After hearing about it, Chiang Kai -shek became angry and ordered to assassinate Yang Hu.

Yang Hu hid in a vacant apartment for a long time.

After the liberation of Shanghai, Pan Hannian found Yang Hu and sent him a telegram:

"Xiao Gong, Shanghai is not safe for the time being. Enlai and I suggest that you move to Beijing for a while. Deng Yingchao wrote Zhou Enlai."

After Yang Hu arrived in Beijing, he was enthusiastically met by Chairman Mao and other central leaders.

On October 1st, as Yang Hu participated in the Kuomintang's enlightened person, he participated in the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China with Chairman Mao and witnessed the grand event of the founding ceremony.

Fifth, greedy power, and Chiang Kai -shek's strategy to rebel

After liberation, Chairman Mao still said:

"Cultivation is credit, and the fault is wrong. It is necessary to analyze the one in the first division of Yang Hu."

After the Yang Hu family moved to Beijing, the Communist Party implemented Yang Hu's policies regardless of former suspicion and broad -minded policies, and cared about his personal life. The house was Prince Gong of the Qing Dynasty. Not only that, the central government also sent secretary and guard to take care of his life, which was completely better than other Kuomintang generals.

If Yang Hu's elderly in the mainland will not cause right and wrong, maybe his reputation will improve in his later years.

However, he was not willing to be a false job, and repeatedly made a request to the central government as a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

"The contribution of Mr. Yang's contributions to the party and the nation during the War of Resistance Against Japan and the Liberation War, everyone has obviously obvious observation, but after all, you have participated in the anti -revolutionary and clear party activities. If you attend the CPPCC meeting ","

So he declined his request.

Yang Hu was furious, thinking that the central government deliberately left him, and he looked down on people. He made a sense of ambition to pay, repeatedly complaining, and venting his dissatisfaction with the central government to the relatives and friends around him. He often listened to the VOA and the anti -communist propaganda of the Kuomintang, and deliberately spread rumors in the society to slander the Communist Party's policies.

The Communist Party is just regarded as his "old problem" and "the thoughts have not completely changed". They often do not investigate and listen to it.

Later, the mainland policy was relaxed, and his eldest son Yang Anguo came to the mainland to visit him from Taiwan.

Yang Hu said to Yang Anguo:

"If you go back this time, you must tell Chiang Kai -shek's father and son that although I am in Cao Ying, I will go back sooner or later."

This news was brought to Chiang Kai -shek. Chiang Kai -shek grasped this mentality of Yang Hu, and immediately sent Yang Hu's aunt Tao Shengan with the background of the confidential bureau to return to the Mainland from Hong Kong to further implement Yang Hu. The mainland "successful, he must add officials to the juncture. Yang Hu learned that the desire for power in his heart was burning again, and once again embarked on an old road that violated the trend of history.

In 1958, Chiang Kai -shek's "counterattack" was very arrogant, and at the same time, he sent a large number of special agents to find internal response. At this time, Yang Hu took the line with Taiwan agents.

Picture | Yang Hu

A aunt of Yang Hu went to Hong Kong at the end of the war of liberation of the liberation of the liberation of Yang Hu.

soon. Taiwan sent a military agent to the mainland through Hong Kong, and the aunt's aunt's auntie set up line with him.

Yang Hu believes that the time has arrived, and he wrote a secret letter to Jiang Jingguo and the then Japanese Foreign Minister. With the help of Japan's military forces, the Taiwan authorities and Japan sent troops to Fujian and Northeast, and then pinched the mainland in the north and south. He was responsible for internal response. After the incident, Chiang Kai -shek had to deal with the general treatment of the general, regardless of the suspicion.

In this way, Yang Hu's behavior has grouped from individuals to a move of rebels. Chiang Kai -shek's father and son, who is still in the mainland, still believes in Yang Hu's proposal.

At that time, China and Japan did not navigate and could only transfer to Tokyo, Japan through Hong Kong.

Yang Hu Jing chose carefully, and selected a letter from an overseas Chinese woman who was about to go abroad to visit relatives from Tianjin. After letting her go to Hong Kong, she sent the letter to Yang Hu's private seal.

Fortunately, Yang Hu believes that the Communist Party should not pay too much attention as long as it is explored in the name of visiting relatives.

The overseas Chinese woman, during the inspection from the mainland to the Hong Kong customs, attracted the attention of the customs police officer because of her panic.

Through a strict investigation of the woman, the customs discovered the letter hidden on the collar, and Yang Hu's counter -revolutionary plan was exposed.

After Chairman Mao knew it, he was so angry that he ordered his face:

"Immediately arrest him!"

In the case of people's stolen people, the procuratorial organs filed a public prosecution, and the Beijing Senior People's Court was responsible for the judgment of the case. Nearly seventy -year -old Yang Hu was embarrassed to the court.

In the process of proof, Yang Hu was contented, and Yokou denied his crimes.

The court staff did not get used to him, and directly took out the letter of his entrusted Chinese overseas Chinese to send it to Japan, put it in front of him, and asked him to ask him:

"What do you explain this letter?"

Yang Hu replied:

"My old eyes are stunned, and the handwriting in the letter can't be seen clearly, let alone writing. Moreover, even if there is something in the letter, it is just relatives and friends, it doesn't matter."

Although Yang Hu was able to argue, in the face of iron -like facts, he closed his mouth.

In 1958, the Beijing Higher People's Court sentenced him to death. In the future, he considers that he has contributed in the War of Resistance Against Japan and the War of Liberation, and did not cause substantial damage to the country.

After the verdict was reported to Chairman Mao, the chairman said with emotion:

"Yang Hu is a person who is greedy and insufficient!"

In March 1966, Yang Hu died of illness at the Beijing Fuxing Hospital at the age of 79, ending his absurd life.