Liu Bang's counterattack Xiang Yu's turning point: If it wasn't for these two opportunities, Liu Bang had no life in his life

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Liu Bang's counterattack Xiang Yu's turning point: If it wasn't for these two opportunities, Liu Bang had no life in his life

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The first turning point of Liu Bang's fate started from Xiang Liang Zhan. Before Xiang Liang died, Xiang Liang was not only the chief leader of Chu, but also the biggest power of Chu. The key is that when Xiang Liang made his debut, he started from the fire and allies. The fierce assistant, so many military and political leaders in Chu, such as Yingbu, Luchen, and General Pu, have been suppressed, and Liu Bang is naturally no exception! Although it was said that at that time, Xiang Liang could not bring the power of the Chu department to himself; however, Xiang Liang continued to work in this direction; so when Xiang Liang was alive, many military and political University of Chu State's National Military and Political University was alive. The guys are suppressed by Xiang Liang, and it is difficult to have the opportunity to expand their strength. For similar reasons, after Xiang Liang's death, the Chu Guoyan began to unite to suppress Xiang Liang Yi. They tried to try not to let Xiang Yu inherit Xiang Liang's military and political heritage.

As a result, Xiang Liang's military and political heritage was finally divided into three copies: Xiang Liang's power of the army was inherited to inherit Xiang Yu; The power of Chu State's chief big man made King Chu Huai inherit. After the distribution of power this time, although Xiang Yu also controlled Xiang's army, he lost the power and status of other Chu big bosses, and even lost his qualifications as the chief leader of the Chu department. For example, the original Xiang Liang was equivalent to Chu's prime minister, commander -in -chief and the first army commander, but after Xiang Liang died, because of the joint suppression of the Chu State, Xiang Yu only inherited the first army commander’s. As for the duties of the Prime Minister, he was taken back by King Chu Huai; the post of commander was occupied by Song Yi. In contrast, most of the other big brothers have obtained a certain degree of power expansion. For example, Liu Bang was sealed by King Chu Huai and Wu'an Hou, and Liu Bang also officially entered the ranks of provincial military brothers from a city division -level brother. In this sense, after the death of Xiang Liang, the heritage left by Xiang Liang was almost scored. Regarding this result, in addition to Xiang Liang ’s unhappy, other departments should feel very happy, because their strength has increased a lot! Because of this opportunity, Liu Bang also successfully entered the ranks of the provincial military brothers!

The second turning point of Liu Bang's fate starts from the Western Expedition General. Shortly after Xiang Liang's death, Zhang Han led Qin Jun to Zhao Guo, and surrounded Zhao Jun in the giant deer. In this context, Chu Kingdom naturally needed to go north to rescue Zhao Guo, otherwise, when Zhao Guo was being quilt, After the annihilation, the next offensive target of the Qin Army may be that he would be able to hit the Chu Kingdom. For similar reasons, King Chu Huai asked Song Yi to take everyone to rescue Zhao Guo; at the same time, Chu Guo also came up with a relatively large strategic idea at the time, that is, while rescue Zhao Guo in the north, Send another army to find opportunities to attack Qin. Theoretically, led the army alone to attack the country of Qin is a very good job, because this not only means that you can be alone, not to be subject to the control of other big brothers; So in theory, everyone will rush to perform this task. The problem is that from the situation at the time, a lone army attacked the country of Qin, and almost waited for the dream. Because in the past year. Zhou Wen led hundreds of thousands of troops. Although he entered the Hangu Guan, he was beaten by the Qin Army to destroy the smoke; Wu Guang led a more than 100,000 troops to surround the military town near Hangu Pass, but Qin Jun was beaten by the Qin Army. Later, Qin Guojun walked out of Hangu Pass. Chen, Wang, and King Qi all died of fate, and Xiang Liang died offending. Faced with this situation, a person thinks that he can calm a solitary army to calm the country of the Qin Kingdom. Is it a little whimsical? More importantly, the person who performs this task must be a big man -level figure; otherwise, he is not qualified to lead such a huge military task. The problem is that at that time, Zhao Guo was the most important and urgent military task in the north, and it was very difficult and very dangerous. Therefore, the main military force of the Chu State must be used to rescue Zhao Guo in the north. In this context, led the army to attack the natives of Qin Kingdom must hand over most of the military power in their hands, and then lead a small number of troops to perform this task. A degree; more importantly, how many people are willing to hand over most of their military power? Therefore, the history books recorded that only Xiang Yu and Liu Bang expressed their willingness to perform the mission of the Western Expedition.

Xiang Yu hopes to go to the Western Expedition. The main reason is that they are unwilling to be restrained by Song Yi. After all, when Xiang Liang is alive, they are chief gangsters of Chu State. Everyone has to listen to their commanders. But now, Xiang Yu must not only be subject to Song Yi ’s leadership and restraint, but also sit up with many big guys. Xiang Yu is naturally uncomfortable, so he must be more able to go out alone. The problem was that at that time, Xiang Yu's troops had nearly 67,000 people, and they were all elite troops. They handed over such a huge army and then executed an unknown Western Expedition. I am afraid that the younger brothers are unwilling, so Xiang Yu finally gave up. As for Liu Bang, because he had a total of 20,000 people at the time, and most of them were guerrillas of Satamore, so they were not so heartbroken, so Liu Bang finally received the task of the Western Expedition, but the price was very high. Liu Bang was in Most of the 20,000 troops were handed over to the commander of the army (Song Yi) who rescued Zhao in the north. He only brought 3,000 people to the Western Expedition. In a sense, the Western Expedition is indeed not a good thing. Because Liu and Bang were on the way to the West Expedition, it was a step at a time. When Liu Bang had been receiving the Western Expedition mission for 5 months, the battle of the giant deer had ended for more than a month. People, and they are also guerrillas of retainers. More importantly, Liu Bang at the time was still around Pengcheng (Xuzhou, Jiangsu)! In other words, Liu Bang's so -called Western March commander has not yet officially led the army! He has at least 1,800 kilometers away from Xianyang! On the other hand, Xiang Yu at the time not only won the victory of the giant deer, but also became the commander of the 400,000 troops. More importantly, Xiang Yu's army is near Junul (Xingtai, Hebei). He is more than 720 kilometers away from Xianyang. In this context, if people do not know the later history, who will believe that Liu Bang will have the opportunity to take the lead in entering Xianyang and become a heavyweight player compared with Xiang Yu? Because, look at everything in front of you. Liu Bang and Xiang Yu were hundreds of thousands of miles. Everything is obvious. Xiang Yu's success seems to be only one step away; what about Liu Bang? It seems to just start. However, a month after the end of the giant deer, the miracle suddenly started.

Before the Battle of Julu, because the Qin Jun was in a aggressive strategic offensive, people did not seem to be high in overthrowing the Qin Empire. With two or three thousand younger brothers, I have been unable to open the situation, so I can only step by. However, after the end of the Battle of the Julu, the news of the main demise of the Qin Army has basically spread all over the country. In this context, the wave of anti -Qin is naturally surging again, and those who are living for the Qin Empire to the Qin Empire are. It is inevitable to start thinking. Because the demise of the Qin Kingdom is already a matter of nailing on the board. At this time, it does not make sense to continue to play for Qin State. It is really meaningless. It is better to quickly invest in the uprising army and divide Qin Guo assets together! Because of similar reasons, Liu Bang can finally move westward, and wherever he goes, many people have heard the wind and set up sincerity, so Liu Bang not only killed Henan Nanyang quickly, but also recruited 50,000 to 60,000 troops along the way! Of course, if only here, Liu Bang still couldn't take the lead in entering Xianyang. Because Xiang Yu is shorter than Xianyang, and Xiang Yu has 400,000 troops, which can easily drive straight into Xianyang. Who dares to stop the whole world? Even in terms of time, in order to save time, Xiang Yu only needs to send 30,000 cavalry first, or he can drive straight into Xianyang. With Xiang Yu's strength and prestige at the time, who dares to block Xiang Yu? In this sense, after the battle of the giant deer, Xiang Yu led the leader of the princes to drive directly into the Hangu Guan. The process before and after should have no reason for more than one month. The problem is that Xiang Yu arrived in Xianyang more than 10 months!