Soviet Union: Excessive hard work is immoral

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Soviet Union: Excessive hard work is immoral

2022-06-23 18:27:00 10 ℃

The Soviet Union was a very interesting stage. I said it was a stage at that time, not a country. He was so powerful and suddenly failed. Essence

His history has no cultural inheritance. He has always been a strong man -style country, and does not use historical records of the culture of each age. The kind of dazzling kind is not like us in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Datoism. However, a country that had no culture suddenly came into a change. It was still admirable to engage in the "Datong test" in the world.

Because this stage was too short, then Russia was unwilling or even allowed to mention this past. Many humanistic ideals were flooded. Now the global right to speak has fallen into the hands of Western Capital Group.

In fact, this history is worth studying, especially for the underlying people, let people know a group of human idealism, so I just give a simple example. At that time It is immoral.

Don't just look at the literal meaning, look at the historical background. This slogan was to crack down on the United States at that time. As soon as this trick came out, the United States trembled. At that stage in 1920, American workers worked very long. On average, each worker had to work for 14 to 16 hours, or even some even some. For more than 18 hours.

The capitalist has made a delicate design. He can declare that you do it for 8 hours by default, but you only do 8 hours, only 1 US dollars a day, and you are not eating enough. Most people choose to do it for 12 hours. It's right. Later, a dramatic scene appeared: Some workers took the initiative to ask, can I do it for 14 hours? This can be more money.

Then more people find the boss, I can do it for 16 hours, and I can do it for 18 hours. At this time, the capitalists woke up in the bed. How could there be so many stupid workers? Take the initiative to come to work to go to work.

However, the Soviet Union subsequently gave the United States a fierce blow. In the country, it has been shortened by labor time. By 1928, the seven -hour work system was implemented in the country, and it was not forgotten to use a large length of text to ridicule the U.S. employment system and refined into a sentence. That is: "Capitalism production has extended working days, so it not only deprives human normal morality and material development and activity conditions, which leads to the deterioration of human labor, but also leads to premature failure and death of this labor force itself."

The Soviet Union implemented a seven -hour work system at that time, the purpose was to improve the quality of the workers, and it was necessary to treat people as people. Increasing the spare time is used to further improve the time of self -learning of workers, improve the cultural level of workers, and let them think about it. As a qualified owner, to participate in production labor.

His trick inspired the awakening of Western workers.

At that time, the Western Social Industry Revolution was in full swing, the economy developed rapidly under the reform of industrialization, and the rapid development of the economy brought great richness of material, but all of this actually had no relationship with the workers who created material.

The people who have the capital in their hands are almost enthusiastic to chase high profits, high returns. In order to obtain high profits, the easiest way is to be cruel to squeeze the remaining value of the bottom -level labor in my hand. Therefore, in the Western society at the time, The life of the underlying workers is miserable.

The various hard -core operations of the Soviet Union awakened American workers. They felt that they were fooled and they came out to fight, but their strength was still tantamount to the salary of water compared with capitalists, protesting for more than ten years, under the suppression of capital.

It was not until the 1970s that the United States had finally implemented the eight -hour work system in the end of this one -time movement, and the Soviet Union began to implement it in the 1920s. However, young people do not know now, because Westerners said that the earliest eight hours was their European and American countries, not the Soviet Union.

Because the Soviet Union died, no one spoke for him anymore.

Ordinary people in Europe and the United States should thank the Soviet Union for their talents, but their descendants have long forgotten that they have such a help of such a country. Under the control of Western media, they describe such a country as demon.

Since then, after a unique American family, the rights and interests of workers have begun to decline. Today, there are no maternity leave in the world in the world. Women have to go to work after giving birth to children. If you do not go to work, you will pay for salary according to the absence. There is also a medical system in the United States, which is simply the hell of the poor. You can buy services with money. This is the basic operating criterion in the United States.

Excessive hard work is immoral. I think this sentence has two meanings. For capitalists, it is immoral to make workers work in a long time because people are not machines. For employees, you can't work too hard. You must combine it and rest, you can work to work, and the rest time can be used to learn and improve your personal ability.

The right to formulate the rules of human development is eventually in the hands of rich people. They are better at united and have the dream of rich people.

The Soviet Union once wanted to break this rule and make the right to formulate the rules into the working people. Although it failed in the end, it was good that we couldn't erase their thoughts, so that more people knew that the idealism of idealism once flashed once.

His failure is still related to cultural genes, and ordinary people have not received such education. Suddenly the tribal and slavery countries have to become a Datong society. Many people are not ready, and the operation system is not well supported. In the endWesterners were widen.Although he was destroyed, we had to seek truth from facts to witness this history, and we could not splash dirty water on others.Learning, not even punctuation. The full article is full of lies, and it is a poison that kills without a knife.

Under the leadership of the Soviet Union, countless compressed workers around the world have passed the protests and even the blood of countless heroes as a sacrifice.unethical.

However, people who enjoyed the benefits he won had long forgotten this stage, and even felt that he was still ugly.

Ming people don't say secretly,

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