There are two fishing vessels in the Gao Division to fish for fish, 10,000 acres of land planting soybeans. I transferred to business due to overseas

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There are two fishing vessels in the Gao Division to fish for fish, 10,000 acres of land planting soybeans. I transferred to business due to overseas

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——Is memory that never fades (18)

Author: Shi Yan

In April 1960, Xiong Chao, the director of the Political Department of the Qiqi Division, led the troops to participate in the excavation of the Shenpan Canal, completed the task in one month, and then returned to the army for normal training. Perform the headquarters of the headquarters, and take the exercise for 1-2 days according to the desperation.

From 1960 to 1962, due to the consequences of the Great Leap Forward and natural disasters, life was difficult, and the food of the troops decreased, but it was much better than the place. There are two fish boats in the division, which can often be distributed to the troops. Teachers can also divide them. Grain cooking method is incremental. I arrived at the 19th regiment. At that time, I ate very full, but it was easy to be hungry when I went up the mountain. But much stronger than the place. Grain is still guaranteed and can maintain combat effectiveness. At that time, we were duty troops.

Once we opened the Division Standing Committee, Director Liu, the engineer, helped work in the countryside and came to the Standing Committee. The group. Our teacher has a farm in Keshan County, Pulongjiang Province to produce soybeans. Each person can also subsidize some soybean oil every year. My child has no milk, and the teacher's instrument reconnaissance nutritious sheep, and drink goat milk. In 1962, the political commissar of Chen Xunbang was transferred. Xiao Liangqing, a high gun 62, took over as the political commissar. Xiong Chao served as the deputy political commissar and Sun Kang served as the director of the Political Department.

Seven Thousands Conference

In 1962, the 7,000 -member meeting was held in Beijing. After returning, he conveyed to the Standing Committee of the teacher. The conversation was very specific. In the future, the cadres of the division went to the Shenyang Military Region to communicate and learn documents. During the transmission, the military region improved the food. It mainly summarizes the experience and lessons of the Great Leap Forward, the Three Red Flags of the People's Commune, and adjusted the eight -character policy of the national economy. After the adjustment, the economy has improved.

The Standing Committee of the Division held several meetings in accordance with the requirements of the Military Commission and the Military Region to conduct a slight issue of the cadres with a little social relationship issues. Some good cadres are the troops, and after the war of resistance to the United States, such as Feng Chuanzhong, the head of the combat department, the head of the reconnaissance section, the training stock commander of the 20th regiment, Wang Yue, and other cadres of other regiments have handled the job. During the study, the Standing Committee members felt too unfortunate. In 1962, my rank was promoted from the middle school to the colonel, and the political commissar of Chen Xunbang was promoted from Colonel to a college.

The Qiqi Division has its own fishing boat, and the two have one broken. Can't go out to fish or repair. When Xiao Liangqing was the Red Army, he was familiar with Guo Shushen, the first secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of the University of Travel, and asked Guo Shushen to help solve a fish boat, continue to fish, and add some fish to the troops.

In 1960, I saw the second uncle after seeing the second uncle in Beijing. But he died at the end of 1960. My cousin Shi Xiu brought me a robe and mosquito net that he left to me when he died. I passed Beijing and talked about buying a mosquito net and a leather tube.

In the summer of 1963, I went to Xuanhua Artillery Academy to study. When I left the 7th Division, I made a identification, and I did Top . Let me go to the academy when I go to the artillery college. When I went to Jiujiang when I went to the artillery courtyard, my sister Xiu Yu also returned to Jiujiang after knowing it. When he left Jiujiang, Xiuyu took his mother and me to take a boat to Wuhan, lived in the Wuhan Military Region Guest House, and visited the Yangtze River Bridge. After separation, I went to Xuanhua by the train through the train. Xiu Yu took my mother to the University of Changsha National Defense Technology.

After reporting to the Xuanhua Artillery Academy, the compilation class was conducted. More than 30 comrades of the artillery divisions and I were compiled as a class, and they established a party branch to elected me as the secretary of the branch. Since my rank and position are the highest in the class, I am allocating to live in a room, and the other comrades live in a room. The head teacher is an on -the -job cadre. After a period of preparation, the class started in early September. Study life is very formal, with tactics, shooting courses, and time affairs policy courses.

I am very familiar with the cadres of the college. The strikes are deputy dean, Liao Zhengwu, and Mu Zhaoran as deputy minister in the training department, Wang Min and Zhao Jinsuo of the former Shenyang Artillery Division Office (former Chief of the Shenyang Artillery Political Organization Section), Yuan Wang Qidong, deputy battalion of the 3rd Battalion of the 2nd Regiment, and Zhao Qingfeng, the former head of the 26th regiment, all worked at the artillery courtyard, as well as Huang Zhipeng and so on.

(Shi Yan in Dalian in 1965)

On Sunday, Wang Min invited me to dinner. Zhao Qingfeng and Li Yuqing also invited me to go to their house for dinner. After the official class, there are shooting classes, and it is also regular in the shooting of the barrel shooting. In particular, the tactical courses are very good. The great decisive battle of the three major battles is very systematic and complete. The instructor was fully prepared, and Jiangxi's five anti -encirclement and suppression also spoke very complete. These have learned a lot for me and improved in tactical theory. Current affairs policy courses are also very good, and many are things we don't know. Tactical classes often go to the wild to talk about it, and I have seen tornado.

In short, I was interested in learning at that time and learned a lot of new knowledge. But unfortunately, in October, I got rheumatoid disease, and I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night in the middle of the night. It hurts every night and can't sleep. I learned pretty good study, and gave me a five -good student award.

At the end of 1963, I returned to Dalian for the winter vacation and continued to try to treat it. In the spring of 1964, I went to Tanggangzi Mineral Physical Therapy Hospital for 86 days for 86 days. It was a little better, but I did n’t break the roots. When I returned to Dalian, I did n’t go to the artillery hospital to study. Because I haven't had a class for three months, I can't take the course. After returning to the seventh division, the chief of staff was the work of Bao Ao. I asked me to do the work of the deputy teacher. In 1965, I went to Dandong Wulong Back 85 Sanios for three months for three months. This time, I was cured, the roots were broken, the waist did not hurt, and it was not painful. In retrospect, I am very interested in studying at Xuanhua Artillery Academy. I have a good relationship with the college and classmates.

During this period, I managed the logistics and went to Keshan Farm twice with the logistics minister Gao Xiushi (once a year). According to Gao Xiushi's suggestion, the scattered land of Keshan Farm has been replaced with the entire land with the entire land, and it has become a large piece of land with more than 10,000 acres. The tractor is very convenient to cultivate, and it receives a lot of soybeans every year, oiling and subsidizing troops and cadres. During the troops, Xiong and I went with the troops to camp and went to the team to squat.

(Shi Yan in Dalian in 2015)

At the end of 1965, Wu Zijie, commander of the artillery of the Shenyang Military Region, talked to me to determine that I was transferred to work in a local work because of the issue of social relations (my five uncle in the United States). I accepted the arrangement of the organization and felt that I was rich and strong, and I could do it for a while. I was 45 years old. (Full text)