Chairman Mao was missing one vote. It was the generalist who did not vote. He later made a rebellion and was sentenced to death.

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Chairman Mao was missing one vote. It was the generalist who did not vote. He later made a rebellion and was sentenced to death.

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In September 1949, the New China was established, but there were still sporadic fires in the local area, and the mainland China had not yet liberated the whole territory. The authority of the National People's Congress has played an important historical role in this great historical period.

The meeting was held in Beijing from September 21st to September 30th, 1949.

A total of 662 representatives (including alternate representatives) of the Communist Party of China and various democratic parties, people's organizations, and non -party democrats participated.

Wang Zhongfang, the deputy director of the Secretariat of the Preparatory Association of the Political Consultative Conference in 1949, recalled some unforgettable fragments held by the first plenary session of the CPPCC as a personal experience.

He remembers very clearly that the plenary meeting was held in Huairentang, Zhongnanhai, and there was a signing place at the entrance. He was the head of the secretary office, and he mainly greets the representatives to sign in with the staff.

He said, "This is the most exciting moment I have experienced."

His impression was very clear. On September 21, the CCP delegation led by Chairman Mao, Liu Shaoqi, Premier Zhou, Mr. Zhou, Mr. Zhu Lao, Lin Boqu, etc. came particularly early.

Chairman Mao first wrote his name in a brush on the sign -in book. "He smiled, and he was in a happy mood. His name was more solemn and smooth. After signing, he also smiled with the staff before entering the venue."

Mrs. Sun Yat -sen, who has the reputation of the "National Mother", was accompanied by Luo Shuzhang and Mrs. Zou Tao Fen, Shen Jixi, and stepped brisk, solemn and kind, excited and not exposed.

Shen Junru, Shi Liang, Zhang Naiqi, Sha Qianli, etc. in the "Seven Gentlemen" came to the wind.

Lu Xun's younger brother Zhou Jianren and Mao Dun, Ba Jin, Ding Ling, Bingxin, Cao Yu and other cultural people appeared at the same time.

Speaking of Zhou Jianren, Wang Zhongfang added special supplements: "His face shape, especially the beard on his lips, is very similar to his brother."

Subsequently, a strange representative came to make Wang Zhongfang secretly.

There are two places in Nahan: First, this person is born, and he seems to be intentionally hiding his identity, wearing a dark suit, a pair of dark glasses, and pulling the brim wearing on his head. Very low; second, he was accompanied by Li Kennon, without signing in, without leaving names, and in straight.

Later, Wang Zhongfang knew to ask others that this person was originally a well -known Yang Hu of the Kuomintang's original Shanghai Police Commander.

This Yang Hu, during the white terror period, he had commanded many Communist Party members. But he is the Anhui fellow in Li Keong. When Li Kenon worked in the Department of Specialty of the Shanghai Underground Party, he used his fellow relations to fight for him and established a secret contact with him. He has provided information on the Communist Party, especially in the battle of liberating Shanghai. Essence

Wang Zhongfang was very emotional about Yang Hu's invited representative of the CPPCC. He said: "The Communist Party of China is really broad -minded.

The ten -day meeting was very smooth.

The meeting passed the "Common Program of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference" with a temporary constitution; the "Organization Law of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference" and the "Organization Law of the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China" were formulated; The Republic; Dingguo is in Peiping, and Peiping is renamed Beijing; the annual year of the People's Republic of China is used in the world; the national flag of the People's Republic of China is the five -star red flag;

Among them, Chairman Mao's speech at the meeting made everyone feel extremely excited.

Chairman Mao said: "Chinese affairs must be claimed by the Chinese themselves, and they must be handled by themselves. It is not allowed to interfere with any imperialist country." "The Chinese people will see that the destiny of China will be managed by the people's own hands. In, China will rise like the sun in the East, and use its own glorious flames to shine the earth, quickly clean up the muddy water left by the government, cure the wounds of war, and build a new and strong people's Republic. "

Chairman Mao's speech won endless applause, and everyone shouted with Chairman Mao: Long live the People's Republic of China! Long live democratic joint government! Long live the National People's Congress!

On the last day of the meeting, on September 30, 1949, the Central People's Government Committee and Chairman and Vice Chairman were elected.

Wang Zhongfang recalled: Who is the first chairman of the Central People's Government, and everyone has already identified that only Chairman Mao can enjoy this highest honor. We printed votes according to the list of candidates pre -selected by the representative, and sent them to each representative, and the representatives seriously voted a solemn vote. Several representatives were selected as supervisors to strictly supervise the entire process of elections. After the voting, the meeting was briefly resting. Our staff members issued the small venue next to the venue at the conference venue. Then re -countd the votes, and the result was still one less voting. Everyone thinks that this is likely to be a voter negligible for a while and forget to draw tickets. It can be used as a waste ticket to make Chairman Mao be elected. However, Chairman Mao said that the representatives had the right to choose me and had the right to not choose me. There was a shortage of votes without a vote. It didn't matter. The meeting also elected Mr. Zhu Lao, Liu Shaoqi, Song Qingling, Li Jishen, Zhang Lan, and Gao Gang as the vice chairman of the Central People's Government. At the same time, 56 members of the Central People's Government were elected; the first National Committee of the CPPCC composed of 180 people was elected.

When the host announced in public that Chairman Mao was elected as the chairman of the Central People's Government, the audience had established unanimous and warmly cheered for a few minutes.

Chairman Mao was missing one vote in this election. Who did not vote for this vote?

For a long time, it became a suspension.

A few years later, Wang Dongxing, then deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Security, inadvertently talked about the matter with Yang Hu who participated in the first plenary session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Yang Hu patted his head and said, "I didn't vote for this ticket!"

Yang Hu said that on the last day of the meeting, because of physical discomfort, he left the game without waiting for the voting election.

I see!

Yang Hu was a member of the former member of Sun Yat -sen.

In September 1917, Sun Yat -sen established the Military Government of the Republic of China in Guangzhou. He himself served as Marshal and appointed Yang Hu as the base camp to join the army.

On June 16, 1922, Chen Jiongming, the governor of Guangdong and the commander -in -chief of the Guangdong Army, bombarded Guanyin Mountain, where Sun Yat -sen's Presidential Palace was located, intending to set up Sun Yat -sen to death.

Yang Hu Shi was the captain of the presidential palace and the chief guards. He calmed down and moved from the arsenal to two hundred submachine guns and 800 boxes of bullets. , Four box bullets, tissue breakout.

Yang Hu performed quite heroically. He held a double gun, a horse first, the charge was at the forefront, and he fought to kill a blood road, boarded the Yongfeng ship, and protected Mr. Sun Yat -sen from the danger.

On July 9, Sun Yat -sen wrote a command: "All Marine Corps, defenders, and fortress cover teams are directly instructed by Yang Hu to join the army."

This shows that Sun Yat -sen's reliance on Yang Hu.

If Yang Hu has continued to lead Sun Yat -sen for ten or eight years, he should become a hero.

From left: Yang Hu, Chen Lifu, Juzheng, Wu Tiecheng, Xiao Jishan, Pan Gongzhan

However, after Sun Yat -sen's death, he and Chiang Kai -shek got together, and played with incense to change the posts and worship the set of rivers and lakes.

In 1927, Chiang Kai -shek launched the "April Two" counter -revolutionary coup, and Yang Hu was appointed by Chiang Kai -shek as the commander -in -chief of Shanghai Police. In front of him, he worked hard for Chiang Kai -shek, handled the butcher knife, and used the name of the "Qing Party" to kill the Communists and the revolutionary people.

According to incomplete statistics, more than 300 Communists and progressive workers who were killed by Yang Hu were arrested, and more than 5,000 people were arrested and more than 5,000. Of the 300 people who were killed, some were shot on the street, some were beheaded, and some were bundled and packed in sacks and threw them in the Huangpu River. people. It can be said that Yang Hu's hands are covered with blood from the Communists and the revolutionary masses.

With the support of Chiang Kai -shek, Yang Hu became the emperor of Shanghai and was forced to seduce. He surrendered Jin Rong and Du Yuesheng and became the general leader of the Shanghai gang.

Chiang Kai -shek quickly aware that in 1931, he only sent him a false post of "the Fourth Central Supervisory Member of the Chinese Kuomintang".

Yang Hu was therefore strongly dissatisfied with Chiang Kai -shek.

After the Battle of Songhu, Shanghai fell, and Yang Hu was planned by Du Yuesheng, and he was put into Hong Kong to go to Hong Kong. Later, he switched to Wuhan from Hong Kong, and then dived from Qian to Chongqing.

In Chongqing, Yang Hu was fortunate to meet Premier Zhou who worked at the Eighth Route Army's office in Chongqing.

When Premier Zhou saw that he was ashamed when he talked about the Shanghai April Two Anti -Revolution coup, he wanted to fight for him and use it to persuade him to use "people are not sages, no one can".

The suspicion of Yang Hu and Chiang Kai -shek has been born, and it is difficult to eliminate. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, he decided to change the string more.

After the victory of the Anti -Japanese War, Yang Hu returned to Shanghai and organized the establishment of the "Xingzhong Society" to plan to carry out the patriotic democracy movement in Shanghai. In accordance with Premier Zhou's instructions, he secretly kept in touch with Wu Kejian, head of the underground party of the Chinese Communist Party of China.

In 1947, Zhang Bojun, head of the Central League Central Committee, was wanted by Chiang Kai -shek. Yang Hu actively helped Zhang Bojun escape from Shanghai to Hong Kong, so that he would not be difficult.

In 1948, Yang Hu followed Premier Zhou's instructions and successfully persuaded and rebelled against Jinan Wu Huawen's uprising of more than 20,000 people uprising. At the same time, he persuaded General Sun Liangcheng to respond to the uprising.

Since then, Yang Hu has also persuaded Shanghai Police Commander Tang Enbo, Yu Langu, Commander of Jiangsu Weiyi, and Liu Yu, commander of Xuzhou; instructed his eldest son and deputy commander of Jiangyin Fortress Yang Anguo to evacuate the turret without fighting. After the liberation of Nanjing in April 1949, the Chinese People's Liberation Army began to approach Shanghai.

At that time, Zhang Lan, chairman of the China Democratic Alliance, and Vice Chairman Luo Longji were hospitalized in the Shanghai Hongqiao Sanatorium for illness. On the eve of the Kuomintang army, they planned to dying the two of them in Shanghai.

Yang Hu ordered his old ministry Yan Jinwen (Deputy Deputy Team of the Third Brigade Team of the Evaluation Office of the Shanghai Police Command) managed to rescue.

In the end, Zhang Lan and Luo Longji escaped from the tiger's mouth.

On the eve of Shanghai's liberation, Yang Hu also rejected Chiang Kai -shek's order to retreat to Taiwan. The audience's arrangement of the person in charge of the Shanghai Underground Party transferred to Beijing.

When Yang Hu arrived in Beijing, President Zhu and Premier Zhou personally went to the station to greet them.

On the night when Yang Hu stayed at the Beijing Hotel, Chairman Mao personally visited the hotel and warmly invited him to participate in the final opening ceremony as an uprising general.

On October 1, 1949, Yang Hu, and the leaders of the party and state leaders such as Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou, and other leaders on the Tiananmen Guanli Calle, witnessed the entire process of the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China.

Based on Yang Hu's major performance of the Kuomintang army uprising and rescue of the famous patriots, the party and the state asked him to serve as a consultant of the Central People's Government's Government Affairs Council, and arranged him to live in the palace of Prince Gong of Donghuang City. Subsidies for 300 yuan for living expenses, with secretary, defender and special car for him to use, giving him very good treatment.

Yang Hu reads a palace built when he was a Shanghai Turpur.

This palace has actually been deserted.

The party and the government also treated his real estate specially. The government government office's affairs administration bureau took out 700 million yuan to acquire it as state -owned.

It can be said that the party and the government have been reluctant to Yang Hu.

However, Yang Hu's work is proud and difficult to fill in. He believes that the preferential treatment given by the party and the country is still too low. He has repeatedly proposed to Premier Zhou as a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

When his wishes were not satisfied, he became dissatisfied with the people's government and moved his thoughts.

He said to the eldest son Yang Anguo who came back to the mainland from Taiwan to visit his eldest son: You return to Taiwan to tell Jiang's father and son, and say that I am in Cao Yingxin in Han ...

Since then, Yang Hu's frequent secrets with Taiwan agents have intended to rebel.

He wrote to Chiang Kai -shek and Grade A war criminals, the original Japanese Foreign Minister, who had been released outside, and proposed that Japan and Taiwan raised their troops from two or south directions to pinch New China.

Yang Hu's move, it was ridiculous to shake the big tree and mantis to block the big car.

Both his two -letter letter was seized by my border inspection station.

The conspiracy of Yang Hutu's rebellion has been revealed. After approval by the Beijing Senior People's Court, the task force arrested Yang Hu.

A ridiculous scene appeared.

When the project leader Wang Zhi led the public security personnel to reach Yang Hu's residence to perform the task, Yang Hu also made a deep and unpredictable expression. He picked up a phone call that had no dial -up and pretended to cook with Premier Zhou. Said: "Prime Minister, I am Yang Hu ...".

Wang Zhi and others turned to him, watching his "single -mouth comic performance" quietly, and when he performed poor words, he said in a flash: "General Yang, please end your performance. The phone line has been cut off by me. Please go with us. "

In September 1958, the Beijing Senior People's Court opened the trial of the case, and Yang Hu's performance continued.

In the court, the judge presented him to him, and Yang Hu tried to push out an expression of nothing. He said seriously: "My old eyes are stunned and can't see the handwriting. It doesn't matter. "

However, the incident of Tu Tu's rebellion has been written in white and black words.

The Beijing Senior People's Court sentenced Yang Hu to the death penalty for two years according to the facts of Yang Hu's criminal facts and attitudes.

However, given that Yang Hu's year is high and sick, starting from humanitarianism, the court allows Yang Hu to execute outside the prison.

In March 1966, Yang Hu died of illness at the Beijing Fuxing Hospital at the age of 79.

Finally, the first session of the first National People's Congress was held in September 1954. In this voting election, the total number of votes was 1210 votes.