Case: The male teacher stabbed the female student 32 knives on the spot, just because the students refused the teacher to ask for love

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Case: The male teacher stabbed the female student 32 knives on the spot, just because the students refused the teacher to ask for love

2022-06-23 18:27:27 10 ℃

"Teacher, so he is also confused by preaching." As a teacher, teaching and educating people is their own post, especially university teachers, and should also guide students to help students go smoothly to society.

However, some teachers are not only a qualified teacher, but not even a qualified person.

On January 1, 2015, the New Year's Day is the day when the family reunion is happy, but the police receive an alarm. A couple crying about her daughter Zhang Yuchen (a pseudonym, the names in the text are a pseudonym in the text). Essence

After the police received the report, they immediately organized police forces to rush to the scene of the incident.

I saw a girl lying on the bed in the large hotel room, and the knife was lying in a pool of blood, and there was a total of 32 knife wounds on Zhang Yuchen.

The bloody and cruel scene at the scene, what resentment is, let people get this poisonous hand to this flower girl.

According to the on -site investigation, the police found a sharp knife covered with blood, and immediately sent it to the inspection department for inspection.

After testing, this is exactly the murderer's murder of Zhang Yochen, and has extracted the fingerprint on the weapon.

After the test comparison, the police found the master of fingerprints. This person was called Gao Huan. He was a professor at Zhang Yuchen University and a professor of Zhang Yuchen.

Through the surveillance video, the police found that on the night of the 31st, Gao Huan walked into the room with the drunk Zhang Yuchen, and fled after half an hour.

At this point, the police completely locked Gao Huan as the murderer who killed Zhang Yuchen, and then pursued Gao Huan.

Through the monitoring of the traffic intersections, Gao Huan found that Gao Huan went to the train station and was going to take the train back to his hometown in Anhui.

The police immediately contacted the railway station and built Gao Huan who had not yet left at the railway station. After the police arrived, they arrested him.

After being arrested, Gao Huan confessed to his crimes, admitted that he had killed Zhang Yuchen's fact, and explained the beginning and end of the incident.

Zhang Yuchen is a freshman of the freshman, and Gao Huan is a teacher of their professional.

Since the beginning of school, Zhang Yuchen has been known as the school flower of the school. She looks sweet and dignified, and has become the goddess of countless students.

Starting from the first professional class, Gao Huan noticed the girl. He was deeply attracted by the girl, and even went to the school forum to search for all information about her.

In the forum, he made a remarks that like Zhang Yuchen, almost crazy. As a teacher's Gao Huan, he should teach and educate people, but he used the convenience of his position to seek personal gain for himself.

After a get out of class, Gao Huan found Zhang Yuchen to say something to find her, so he took her to his office. He showed Zhang Yuchen that he liked her and promised that as long as Zhang Yuchen was with him, there would division.

Although the conditions were so seductive, Zhang Yuchen refused him, indicating that he did not like Gao Huan.

However, his rejection did not let Gao Huan stop it, but instead became more and more intense. He often harassed him in class. Zhang Yuchen, who was unbearable, had to find Gao Huan and said that if she would harass her later, she would call the police.

Seeing Zhang Yuchen so decisive, Gao Huan decided to choose another way to pursue Zhang Yuchen. He first said that he was sorry for his previous behavior. He just liked Zhang Yuchen too much.

Gao Huan promised that no matter whether Zhang Yuchen was with him at the end of the period, it would not affect her achievements. His words were sincere and sincere, and finally won Zhang Yuchen's forgiveness.

However, when Zhang Yuchen thought the teacher's entanglement against her was finally over, he was actually weaving a larger network.

In order to win the heart of Zhang Yuchen, Gao Huan often took the initiative to help her solve the problem of schoolwork, and brought meticulous care to Zhang Yuchen.

Gao Huan often bought a small gift for her, and created an illusion that he was abandoned by his wife and raised his daughter alone.

Over time, Zhang Yuchen, who often communicated with Gao Huan, gradually relaxed him.

After the end of the semester, Zhang Yuchen took the initiative to invite Gao Huan for dinner in order to thank Gao Huan.

Who expected Gao Huan to drunk Zhang Yuchen and took Zhang Yuchen to the hotel to do something that could not be described.

However, at the critical moment, Zhang Yuchen, who was already drunk, suddenly woke up, and realized what Gao Huan was doing quickly.

Gao Huan saw that Zhang Yuchen woke up and did not panic, but told her that she really liked her, hoping that she would not struggle.

He took out the tool he carried, stabbed Zhang Yuchen's body, and stabbed 32 knives to vent his resentment, so that Zhang Yuchen died on the spot.

Gao Huan, who was aware of his murder, immediately fled the scene panicked, and did not even take the crime tool, so he hurried home to clean up and prepared to escape to his hometown Anhui.

In the end, Gao Huan was sentenced to death by the court for intentional homicide and deprived of political rights for life.

Because of the crazy love, Gao Huan killed Zhang Yuchen, but "the unable to get the commotion forever", Gao Huan was too deep or loved by Zhang Yuchen, I am afraid that he only knew himself.