After being killed in Bigan, a remaining stain was left. The King of Wu appreciated his surname, and now it has developed into the southern tribe.

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After being killed in Bigan, a remaining stain was left. The King of Wu appreciated his surname, and now it has developed into the southern tribe.

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Many loyal ministers have emerged in history. They are not afraid of life and death. For the people in the world, they dare to compete with the emperor. Yu Qian of the Ming Dynasty and Wen Tianxiang in the Southern Song Dynasty are all famous and energetic loyal ministers. It should be the stem of the Shang Dynasty.

I believe that everyone has heard that Bigan was brutally killed because of the blunt King Shang Yang. In "Sealing God Bang", the fox demon Ji Ji was killed because of the fox family. Therefore, Ji Ji pretended to be a sudden illness, telling Shang Wang Wang that there was only Qiqiao's exquisite heart. Only by being able to save her (but then you know it?).

When the king heard it, I really believed it stupidly, but where did these seven clever and exquisite hearts looking for? Xun Ji said weakly: "The king, only the upright minister has the exquisite existence." The king thought, does the more than the same thing in line with this image? Hurry up to the palace.

Jiang Ziya had previously expected that Ji Ji would have this play, so that he would drink Fu Shui, but he could not die after being dug out of his heart, and told him that if someone sells people on the road, Question: "If people have no intention?" If the vegetable dealer replied that he could live without intention, then he could survive than dry.

Bi Gan kept in mind Jiang Ziya, and came to the palace. Sure enough, the King of Kings asked him to take his heart, and he was completely disappointed with the king of the king. He then gave him a stern. And the power of Fu Shui, struggling to get out of the palace, and when she encountered a female vegetable vendor selling short cabbage on the road, she asked her anxiously than dry? Unexpectedly, the female vegetable vendor was puzzled and replied, "How can people live without the heart?" After hearing it, he yelled, fell to the ground and died, and a generation of good ministers fell.

In the real history, of course, Bigan is not so dead. This story does not rule out the suspicion of the Zhou Dynasty's intention to discredit the king of Shang, but people did die from the hands of the king, because the king of Shang Yang was very happy and insisted on insisting Leading the army to conquer the west, the people were suffering from the labor, and they were loyal to them. As a result, in 1047 BC, they were killed by the irritable Shang Yang.

Immediately afterwards, the King of Kings sent someone to kill the family members of Bigan. Bi Gan's wife and wife Chen had pregnant. She hurriedly escaped into Changlin Mountain and gave birth to her son spring.

Later, the King of Kings finally paid the price for his brutality. He failed in the decisive battle with the Zhou Dynasty, and then King Shang Yang died in the Xinglixing Building. , I sent someone to find Bigan's belly, and finally found the Chen and his son spring in Changlin Mountain.

Because Quan had no surname, King Zhou Wu groaned for a while and saw that he was found in Changlin Mountain, so he gave him the surname "Lin" and sealed Lin Quan in Buling (now Anping County, Hebei). origin. In "Ci Hai", it is also recorded, "The last name, the history of the history of the Yin Bi Family Forest, because of the Lin as the Lin. "

After the long development of Lin's surnames, in 2016, the population of the Chinese surname Lin had reached 14.16 million people. With the highest density of Fuzhou, Putian, southern Fujian and other places, it became a well -deserved nationality in the south.