Folk story: Old dragon king wicked first sued, Guanyin Guanyin cleverly spoken and peaceful

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Folk story: Old dragon king wicked first sued, Guanyin Guanyin cleverly spoken and peaceful

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Former situation: It is said that the East China Dragon King Ao Guang was burned by Lu Dongbin and Tieguai Li. He ran to the South China Sea to take refuge with his family members. As soon as the brother of the South China Sea Dragon was bullying, he planned to go out for his brother ... : Brother, do you mean that my two nephews were killed by Lu Dongbin? They have occupied the Dragon Palace now? Ao Guang nodded. Ao Yan smiled coldly: Haha Ge seems to help me, we only need to pour all the seawater in all directions to the East China Sea. Eight Immortals will die.

Ao Guang nodded and said that a letter was immediately sent to the West Sea and Beihai Union to prepare to drowns the Eight Immortals. After the West Sea and Beihai Dragon King looked at the letter, Ran Ran was angry and vowed to fight with Baxian blood to the end. According to the Dragon King's side preparing to flood the East China Dragon Palace for the time being, it was said that the eight immortals were a little tired after some fierce battles, and fell asleep in the crystal palace. Tieguai Li and Lu Dongbin fell on the dragon bed. Only Zhang Guolong couldn't sleep on the ground. Four times, Zhang Guo Lao heard the sound of soldiers and horses. Quickly wake up the immortals, everyone gets up, and the dragon soldiers are attacking. Everyone must prepare early. Lu Dongbin said it was impossible, you always worry about it. Zhong Hanli said: Otherwise, this Dragon Palace is now like a large pot. We are at the bottom of the pot. If the Dragon King uses water from all sides to attack us, we will die. Everyone reacted as soon as everyone heard this, and quickly got up and prepared to evacuate. Lu Dongbin said that I went out to explore the road first, and the words had just fallen. The tide head in all directions came to the dragon palace like a dyke. Lu Dongbin cried secretly. Bazhen heard that the sea water came in, and quickly sacrificed the magic weapon, but the sea was too fierce, and the fire sprayed out of Lu Dongbin and Tie Tingli's gourd at once was extinguished. Instantly the sea water reached the waist, and the eight immortal life was in danger. However, there was no trace of water around Cao Guozhen, because Cao Guozhen had a magic weapon that his belt with water beads on it. At this time, Cao Guozhen unbuttoned his belt and split his belt into eight copies to everyone. Everyone was holding a belt and lined up in the water. Sure enough, a road was separated in the water, and the Eight Immortals finally came out of the sea.

The Dragon King finally grabbed his own dragon palace, and smiled and opened the wine mat with you for helping you. But the Eight Immortals who went ashore were not so blessed, one by one was drowned by the water. The immortals discussed that they would not give up, and decided to go to Taishan, move Taishan to the East China Sea, and fill in the East China Sea. So the eight immortals urged the mana together and moved Taishan over. The four dragon kings were celebrating drinking and making fun in the Dragon Palace! Suddenly listened to the shrimp soldiers to report, saying that Baxian moved Taishan over. At the beginning, the four didn't believe it. When they came to the sea, a good guy, a mountain came on the mountain. The dragon kings ran away, but fortunately they hid in time, otherwise they would be pressed into the Dragon Palace. The Donghai Dragon King stunned his chest: Crying me, this eight immortals killed my child, occupied my Dragon Palace, and moved the mountains to reclamation. I will go to the Jade Emperor to sue! The Jade Emperor looked at the paper, and was angry and sent the pioneer General Li to catch Baxian. General Li had ordered to go to the East China Sea, but he didn't find someone. He only saw that the East China Sea had been filled by Mount Tai. General Li saw what the Dragon King said! Start investigating the direction of Baxian, and finally locked Longhua Mountain. At Longhua Mountain, the immortals were gathered. General Li didn't ask what happened to get people, and he would not listen to him who explained the matter with him. Lu Dongbin said angrily: What are the generals of the heavenly court, regardless of the blue and red soap, and the original committee. The two sides said their own reason. General Li was a general who had been patient. He said that I was ordered to catch you to justice. I couldn't tell me right or wrong. I told Jade Emperor. Thinking of the killing of the knife, the immortals were not ambiguous when they saw it, so the door of Longhua Mountain was messy. Tian Bingtian will add four dragon kings and eight immortals to open here. The two sides played difficulties. At this time, a sound of Xiangle sounded in the sky, and it turned out that Taishang Laojun and Guanyin Bodhisattva came. The incident alarmed the Buddha of Xitian. Guanyin called the two sides to the original committee who asked about the incident. The two sides said each reason and argued. Guanyin asked Tai Shang Laojun how to deal with it at this time. Lao Laojun listened to Guanyin as the master, and the Guanyin Bodhisattva dumped the dust: In fact, it was not difficult to decide at this time, but it was only the Jade Emperor's purpose. So the two sides were suspended for the time being, waiting for the emperor's will. The two came to the heavenly court, and the Guanyin Bodhisattva informed the jade emperor. When the Jade Emperor listened, he also felt that the previous decision was not fair.