The military agent exposed because of a bag of cigarettes.

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The military agent exposed because of a bag of cigarettes.

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In Yan'an in 1938, the autumn wind was around, and the leaves were small.

Ye Zilong, who heard the sound, touched his pocket, and found that he had no cigarettes on his body. The secretary Shen Hui on the side of the side quickly took out a pack of cigarettes and gave it to Mao Zedong.

Mao Zedong took the cigarette, ignited, took a sip, and then talked to Shen Hui.

After a while, Shen Hui just left his front foot, and Mao Zedong immediately shouted Ye Zilong, pointing at Shen Hui in the yard, and told: "This person has a problem, immediately transfer!"

Ye Zilong felt a little inexplicable, but he still transferred Shen Hui away from Mao Zedong. No one expected that Shen Hui, the secretary of this "high education, high consciousness", was really a special agent of the military head Dai Yan. His real name Shen Zhiyue!

In order to lurk to Mao Zedong, Dai Yan and Shen Zhiyue have been carefully planned for many years. They did not figure out that they had died.

Later, Mao Zedong explained to the staff: "Because he knows me too much!"

What does the chairman mean?

Picture | "Military Special Agents" Shen Zhiyue

1. Born "spy wizard"

"Spy Wizard" Shen Zhiyue was born in a solid home in Xilu Village, Xianju County, Zhejiang Province.

In 1932, Shen Zhiyue and Dai Yan met and quickly joined the Kuomintang military agency and became a military agent. Since then, a latent career that wanders on the edge of the dark.

At that time, the students of the same age went to the streets to hold the anti -Japanese parade. The first task received by Shen Zhiyue was the pseudonym Li Guodong and moved to the society as a young man.

After some disguise, Shen Zhiyue joined the parade with his classmates, and shouted the slogan "Patriotic Salvation". Unlike others, Shen Zhiyue wanted to achieve a career through the road of "saving the country".

People like Shen Zhiyue have not experienced the frustration of life since childhood, nor have it been actively contacting the Workers and Peasants Alliance, so it is difficult for him to understand the "heart of saving the country" of the Communists, and naturally there is no ambition to revolutionary.

Students 'strikes, workers' strikes, and businessmen have greatly disrupted social order, causing great distress to the Kuomintang authorities. In order to quickly suppress the parade, the Kuomintang arrested a large number of students and workers participating in the parade.

At that time, Shen Zhiyue was a "small leader" of the student group. It was also very active in the student movement, and naturally became the primary target of the local government.

Other student representatives would rather die in prison and fight against reactionary enemies to the end. Only Shen Zhiyue's mysterious secrets found the head of the prison, saying that they were doing things for the "Kuomintang official" and let the other party go out.

Although Shen Zhiyue belongs to the military uniform, this kind of intelligence agency is very hidden. Outsiders do not know what he said is true or false. In the purpose of "it is better to kill or let go", the authorities still decided to execute Shen Zhiyue.

At the beginning of the difficulties, Dai Yan stood out in time and sent someone to save Shen Zhiyue in secret.

Picture | "King of Special Service" Dai Yan

In fact, Dai Yan appreciated Shen Zhiyue very much and talked with him many times. He hoped that the other party could become his left arm and right arm. At first, Shen Zhiyue was unwilling, but when he learned that Dai Yan's true identity, he nodded immediately.

Since then, Shen Zhiyue has become a trump card of Dai Dai. He has been secretly led by Dai Yan's single -line. He continues to participate in the workers' movement as a student, approaching the CCP intelligence organization, and attempts to mix the Communist Party team.

In order to improve Shen Zhiyue's "business level", Dai Yan sent him to his own Zhejiang Police Academy to study. Shen Zhiyue was very good at camouflage. In order to win the trust of the Communists, he specially studied Marxism -Leninist works and studied Russian and English. It is good with skills, and it is a talent for civil and military.

In the years in Shanghai, Shen Zhiyue and Dai Yan have been treacherous. They have attracted many outstanding Communist Party members and progressive youths, which has a huge impact on the development and growth of our party.

2. Successfully entered Yan'an, and on the pinnacle of life

In April 1938, Professor Xiao Zhiping's delegation came to Yan'an, a revolutionary sacred place. The students walked on this barren yellow land wearing exquisite clothing and seemed to be out of place. The delegation not only visited many schools and troops in Yan'an, but also received cordial interviews with CCP leaders such as Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai.

Shen Zhiyue's name Shen Hui, lurking in the delegation ...

Figure | Shen Zhiyue

Professor Xiao Zhiping appreciated Shen Hui very much and introduced him to Chairman Mao: "This is my assistant. He learned Russian and English and has insights on Marxism -Leninism!"

Mao Zedong nodded at Shen Hui satisfied. The Red Army team was extremely lacking in this young people with a high level of cultural level and high thoughts.

Seeing Mao Zedong very happy, Shen Hui immediately stepped forward and said excitedly: "I like Yan'an's revolutionary atmosphere. If I can stay, I want to do my best for communism!"

Hearing this, Mao Zedong and Xiao Zhiping looked at each other and nodded tacitly.

Although Yan'an is not a bustling metropolis, it has become a revolutionary sacred place for countless patriotic youths to yearn for it. Young people who are aspiring to the great ambitions want to come to Yan'an and contribute to the revolutionary cause.

Young people who are recommended by Mao Sui like Shen Hui were very common at the time, but not no one could stay in Yan'an to work. Only in the political trial, many people couldn't get through. Speaking of political trials, Shen Hui was extremely proud. Dai Yan had already arranged everything. Whether it was a life resume or education, he had been seamlessly arranged, and even specially found someone to make a fake certificate.

Thirty days of visit time passed, Xiao Zhiping and a pedestrian were preparing to leave Yan'an. Shen Zhiyue stated that he would stay in Yan'an to participate in the revolution. Zhou Xingli, director of the Border District Defense Office, launched a strict investigation and conversation with him.

In the ruddy earth kiln cave in Yan'an, there was two tables and two chairs, and Zhou Xing and Shen Zhiyue were sitting face to face. The dim candlelight was obviously extinguished. After Zhou Xing sat in the candlelight, he said in a gentle tone: "Don't be nervous, do a self -introduction!"

Shen Zhiyue swallowed a sip of water and rubbed his hands nervously, saying, "My name is Shen Hui, a native of Xixian County, Henan. After the outbreak of the Anti -Japanese War, he went south to Sichuan.

After the first political trial conversation, Zhou Xing deliberately asked the Chongqing Communist Party to investigate the situation of Shen Hui at Central University. At that time, Dai Yan had spent a lot of preparations at Central University. May be seen.

After getting a positive answer, Wang Fan, deputy director of the Security Department, gave Shen Hui a second political trial.

Attentive Wang Fan noticed that although Shen Hui claimed that he was from Henan, he took Jiangsu and Zhejiang accents. Shen Zhiyue explained that he had lived in Shanghai for a while, so his accent was affected.

In fact, Shen Zhiyue will speak the authentic Henan dialect. He deliberately sold a flaw to the Communist Party. If a person is too perfect and there is no doubt, it is easy to cause doubt.

Wang Fan investigated Shen Zhiyue's resume and found that he did have been at Shanghai Fudan University. He also participated in the students and workers in Shanghai and Hangzhou, and was even arrested by the Kuomintang.

Based on the above points, Shen Zhiyue's suspicion was basically excluded, passed the review smoothly, stayed in Yan'an, and later entered the Anti -Japanese Military and Political University.

Figure | Old site of the Anti -Japanese Military and Political University

During the lurking of the Anti -Da Da, Shen Zhiyue pretended to be a young man with a low -key learning, and only for the revolutionary progressive youth. He worked hard and helped others. Whether it was a student or a teacher, he liked the enthusiastic and cheerful Shen Zhiyue.

In particular, Kang Sheng, director of the Social Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, appreciated Shen Zhiyue very much. He not only praised him many times in public, but also promoted Shen Zhiyue in front of Luo Ruiqing, calling on everyone to change his prejudice against the progressive youth of the Kuomintang District, unity and helping them.

I have to admit that Shen Zhiyue is really camouflage, so that in many cases, he believes that he is a young and anti -Japanese progressive young man who is active patriotic. With this mentality, Shen Zhiyue is almost impeccable.

At that time, the Communist Party had a "screening" method specifically targeted at military agents, called the "sudden attack".

In other words, when the instructor lectures, it will be cold and pointed at the back row, "Look, look, see, that is the Kuomintang agent!"

In this sudden situation, people's subconscious behavior is difficult to disguise. Every time someone shows a frightened color, it will be written down by the staff hidden in the students. Sudden attacks have never been changed.

One year later, Kang Sheng promoted Shen Zhiyue as the captain of the district, and entered the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to serve as a sending and receiving department.

Shen Zhiyue sneaked into Yan'an, in fact, he had a very difficult task -assassinated Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhang Wentian and other important leaders of the Communist Party of China.

However, the Chinese Communist Party was very cautious. Shen Zhiyue had no chance to do it, and she almost exposed. In desperation, she could only cut off the upper and down contact, and became a "irregular bomb" ambush in Yan'an.

On this day, Shen Zhiyue washed beside the well outside the cave as usual as usual. After packing everything, Shen Zhiyue splashed the water under the old elm tree in the yard, and suddenly a familiar mark came into view.

Shen Zhiyue, who has always been calm and stable, suddenly became nervous, because this mark was a special signal agreed by the military system. If there were not special circumstances, he would never contact him in such a dangerous way.

Shen Zhiyue stared at the four weeks calmly, stretched out a lazy waist, and walked back to the cave calmly. Until the evening, when the crowd on the playground was turbulent, she sat next to the roots of the elm tree and took away it. The small note stuffed in the tree cave.

Open the note and write in secret words: "At noon tomorrow, see Dufu Temple in Ganquan County."

After reading, Shen Zhiyue threw the note into the kerosene lamp, and watched the note turning into a ashes. He thought again and again. Shen Zhiyue decided not to go to the appointment.

Unexpectedly, Shen Zhiyue's caution saved his life.

Soon after, a monk was arrested in the ancient temple under the Park Mountain of Yan'an, the security of the Shaanxi -Gansu -Ningxin District. This monk often has close contact with a little boss of the local grocery store.

Once interrogated, both of them were agents. The monk had lurked in Yan'an for two years and collected many information. Another special agent who disguised as a grocery shop boss confidently confessed that a special agent had a lurking in the military system. Yan'an, the goal is to assassinate the CCP's highest leader.

Hearing this sentence, Zhou Xing frowned. He couldn't judge whether this was true or false. Once the situation was true, Mao Zedong, Zhang Wentian and other CCP leaders were naked to the enemy's muzzle. Zhou Xing did not have a little clue. After returning, Zhou Xingli strengthened the safety and security of the leaders of the Communist Party of China. He also set up a guard class for Mao Zedong, which was responsible for Ye Zilong. On the other side, he launched a carpet search for all suspicious personnel in Yan'an to find the trace of agents. I did not expect that a year has passed, and there is still no clue.

This special agent lurking in Yan'an has become a secretary of the machine at this time. With more opportunities to get close to Mao Zedong, every time he sees Mao Zedong, Shen Zhiyue's heart is jumping, but he always keeps the clouds on the surface. Light, he is like a cheetah hidden in the night, always staring at the prey, waiting for the opportunity to start action!

Unfortunately, Shen Zhiyue couldn't wait for this opportunity, because Mao Zedong was about to know his "camouflage"!

Picture | Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong's love to smoke is a well -known thing, especially at work, always habitually take out smoke to smoke.

On this day, Mao Zedong's cigarettes were just finished. He was busy working and quickly greeted Ye Zilong to get smoke. As a result, Ye Zilong touched his pocket and there was no cigarette. Mao Zedong glanced at Shen Zhiyue's fingers subconsciously, lit the cigarettes without moving, and talked with Shen Zhiyue.

Shen Zhiyue's excited mood talked with Mao Zedong. After a while, he happily walked out of the cave and thought he had won the favor of Mao Zedong.

As soon as Shen Zhiyue left his feet, Mao Zedong immediately called Ye Zilong and instructed: "This person has a problem, immediately transfer!"

After hearing this, Ye Zilong felt somehow, but looking at Mao Zedong's affirmative expression, he didn't say much. He went out to adjust Shen Zhiyue away from Mao Zedong.

After coming to work in the Third Division of the New Fourth Army, Shen Zhiyue assisted Zhang Yunyi to collect the Red Army of the three provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi. On the one hand, Shen Zhiyue helped the Communist Party to work.

On January 5, 1941, Ye Ting and Xiang Ying led the New Fourth Army to go north. As a result, they were surrounded and attacked by the Kuomintang Army halfway. Ye Ting was detained, Xiang Ying was killed, and the new four army was canceled.

Everyone can see that the Kuomintang Army was ambushed here early, and was waiting for the New Fourth Army to arrest, but who leaked information?

Many scholars in Taiwan believe that Shen Zhiyue provided the information of the New Fourth Army to Dai Dai, so that the Kuomintang Army can set up ambush in advance. If it is true, then Shen Zhiyue is the opponent of the CCP's crime. It not only harms a large number of members of the Communist Party of China, but also sells Xiang Ying and Ye Ting!

Later, Shen Zhiyue wrote a secret letter to Dai Yan, proudly that he had received the trust and appreciation of Mao Zedong and the CCP. The Communist Party needed a lot of knowledge youths.

Picture | Dai Yan

Dai Yan adopted Shen Zhiyue's suggestion. In September 1939, the military "special training class" was formally established. Dai Yan recruited a large number of young people. After receiving training, these young people returned to their hometown and then applied for the Anti -Japanese Military and Political University from their hometown. Can enter Yan'an more easily.

At that time, Shen Zhiyue became the most proud of the "Communist Party" of Dai Dai. He often taught what he saw in the CCP to the students, and also blowing his experience in Yan'an. For a time, Shen Zhiyue became the Kuomintang agent. The most beautiful person in the circle!

The ambitions of Dai Yan and Shen Zhiyue expanded more and more, and sent a large number of spies to enter Yan'an. As a result, a student accidentally exposed, Shen Zhiyue was also implicated. He quickly returned to Chongqing when he smelled the wind.

A large number of agents lurking in Yan'an at that time were exposed due to the "special training class cases". Only Shen Zhiyue retired from the whole body. He also became the only spy in the military system that successfully sneaked into Yan'an and retired.

After Shen Zhiyue returned to Chongqing, he became the "great hero" of the Kuomintang. Chiang Kai -shek immediately appointed him as the first section chief of the Military Bureau. Since then, Shen Zhiyue has opened his own political career!

Picture | Photo of Chiang Kai -shek and Shen Zhiyue

Third, win the trust of Jiang Jingguo and become the old Kuomintang veteran

From 1933, Dai Yan was arranged to enter the underground organization activities of the Chinese Communist Party of China and returned to Chongqing in 1941. Shen Zhiyue was active in the CCP system for 9 years.

In 1949, the Kuomintang army defeated Zhoushan. On the plane to Taiwan, Chiang Kai -shek was worried and frowned. After he was worried that after he left, the Communist Party would take his ancestral grave and remembers his heart, but there was no way to arrange people to take care of people Essence

Shen Zhiyue, who is very good at inspecting words, noticed the minds of Jiang's father and son. The trustee made the latest photos of Chiang Kai -shek's hometown Fenghua Xikou. In the photo, you can see that Jiang Jiazu's grave and the former residence are safe and sound. It has also become the most reliable person for Jiang's father and son.

At that time, the agent system in Taiwan was mainly in the hands of Jiang Jingguo. He urgently needed a trusted chief agent. Shen Zhiyue, who had been lurking in Yan'an for many years, became the first candidate for Jiang Jingguo.

In May 1950, Jiang Jingguo and Shen Zhiyue began to establish a stone brand training course for special training agents. In the relative work of the day and night, the relationship between the two became more and more intimate. "Horse. Before 1963, Shen Zhiyue arranged a large number of agents to enter Hong Kong, Macau and other places every year to attack and intelligence activities on the mainland. It didn't take long for him to become Jiang Jingguo's most valued left and right arm.

In 1979, Shen Zhiyue retired. Jiang Jingguo reluctant to leave himself. He made a consultant room for Shen Zhiyue next door next door in his office. Until Jiang Jingguo died, Shen Zhiyue was a veteran of the Kuomintang authorities!

Picture | Jiang Jingguo and Shen Zhiyue photo

In 1993, Shen Zhiyue's cancer cells spread to the lungs. In order to live, he decided to return to Beijing to visit famous doctors.

After learning that Shen Zhiyue came to Beijing to see a doctor, Zhang Aiping adhered to the idea of ​​"crossing the brothers of the robbery, meeting with each other with a smile", and met Shen Zhiyue with Deng Xiaoping. Yang Shangkun also hoped to learn about the current situation of Taiwan through Shen Zhiyue.

Unexpectedly, Shen Zhiyue died in Taipei the next year at the age of 82.

Fourth, leave two puzzles after death

After Shen Zhiyue left, he left two puzzles and gave it to future generations to answer.

The first one is the comments written by the former Minister of Defense Zhang Aiping at the funeral of Shen Zhiyue: "The wisdom and bravery are full, and the country has a square;

This sentence is very intriguing. Among the many historical materials, Shen Zhiyue appeared as a military agent, but Zhang Aiping's sentence was obviously telling the world that Shen Zhiyue was actually a double -sided spy. identity of.

Later, Zeng Yongxian, the direct subordinate of Shen Zhiyue, publicly stated that Shen Zhiyue was also an intelligence personnel sent by the Chinese Communist Party to the Kuomintang. Zhang Aiping said that the "one thing and two masters" was acknowledging the identity of Shen Zhiyue's dual spies.

This incident is not small. Whether Shen Zhiyue is a simple "military agent" or "double -sided spy", involving too many historical figures and events, and still requires a lot of historical data research.

In addition, Shen Zhiyue left a second puzzle after his death, how did Mao Zedong discover Shen Zhiyue's "agent identity" in that year?

At that time, Shen Zhiyue just gave Mao Zedong a pack of cigarettes. He didn't say much. Why did Mao Zedong determine that there was a problem with Shen Zhiyue?

In fact, this problem is not complicated. Mao Zedong said to the staff: "Because he knows me too much ..."

At that time, Shen Zhiyue took out a pack of cigarettes, which happened to be Mao Zedong's favorite type, but the frugal Chairman Mao's normal life was only occasionally smoked, and he was reluctant to smoke this good smoke at all.

As soon as Shen Zhiyue was transferred to Chairman Mao, he knew Chairman Mao's preferences. When he was smoking, Chairman Mao paid attention to Shen Zhiyue's fingers. At first glance, those hands were not smoked at all. Traces, a person who rarely smokes, why can you pull out the favorite cigarette cigarette at once?

Maybe someone will ask questions, isn't the hobbies of subordinates studying their bosses? Indeed, this phenomenon is very common today, but in that revolutionary era, a young man who advertised himself for the revolution was desperate to figure out Mao Zedong's preference?

I have to admit that Shen Zhiyue is really hidden. If it wasn't for Mao Zedong's carefulness, the evil plan of the military uniform would probably succeed.

Picture | Mao Zedong (front)

Shen Zhiyue did not think about it, and he and Dai Yan planned for many years of assassination plan, which would be exposed because of a pack of cigarettes!

In fact, this is not to blame Shen Zhiyue. Mao Zedong's carefulness is far beyond ordinary people. No matter how careful Shen Zhiyue is, the person with a ghost fetus will show your feet sooner or later. This is a historical choice and the inevitable ending of all reactionaries!