In 44 years, Ye Fei went to the dental clinic to see a doctor, and asked who was hanging on the wall casually, but caught the Japanese agent

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In 44 years, Ye Fei went to the dental clinic to see a doctor, and asked who was hanging on the wall casually, but caught the Japanese agent

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If history does not have the heroic aspirations of "just solving the sand field for the country, why do you need to wrap the corpse to return the corpse", there is no tenacity of "yellow sand and golden armor, not breaking the Loulan and the end", what is the country? Where is the home? The warrior armor was worn, and his aspirations were immortal.

Entering the process of modern China, twists and turns, bleeding and sacrifices ... But, our ancestors were indomitable and bravely, casting magnificent mountains and rivers with revolutionary blood. Fujian is a well -known revolutionary district. In the Revolutionary Overseas Chinese Revolutionary History Memorial in Quanzhou, Fujian, there is such a "special" person. He is Ye Fei, the founding of the country with dual nationality.

Entering the legendary life of General Overseas Chinese, Ye Fei, at the age of 20, he founded the eastern Soviet regime of Fujian. At the age of 24, he led more than 1,000 Fujian athletes to the front line of the Anti -Japanese War. At the age of 35, 100,000 troops liberated Fujian. Ye Fei is bold and dare to do. Not only is heroic and good fighting, but also the investigation ability is also very strong: you can see the enemy identity with only a piece of paper.

On the road of revolution

Ye Fei -Originally named Ye Qiheng. Born in the Philippines in 1914, his father, Ye Yanwei, was from Fujian, and his mother Ming Jialulo was a Philippine.

Ye Yanwei arrived in the Philippines around 1900 and worked in Coconut Garden. Ming Jialuluo was the daughter of the owner of the coconut garden. Ye Yanwei had a wife in his hometown named Xie Bin Niang, but there was no child.

In order to continue the incense, the two agreed to send their two largest sons back to their hometown in China after they got married. Ye Fei was his second son. At the age of five, Ye Fei returned to Nan'an, Fujian according to his father's request.

Xie Bin Niang and the folks are very good to him, teach him to write Chinese characters and speak Chinese. The folks often tell Ye Fei's story of Zheng Chenggong, a hero of Nan'an. Zheng Chenggong was born overseas like Ye Fei. After returning to China, he led troops to expel Dutch invaders and recovered Taiwan. Ye Fei, a young age, remembered this hero.

Ye Fei met Ye Yancai, a taught teacher in elementary school. Ye Jicai was advanced and dared to need to be tight. He often publicized the anti -imperialist anti -feudal democratic revolutionary thoughts to students.

Ye Feicong Ying is good at learning. Ye Yancai not only taught his knowledge, but also guided his thoughts, planting the seeds of revolution in his heart. With the help of Ye Yecai's help, Ye Fei went to Xiamen Middle School. He learned advanced ideas, read advanced reading, and made like -minded revolutionary friends, and gradually embarked on the road of revolution.

Ye Fei is influenced by revolutionary thoughts. He believes that only the road to belief in communism and Marxism -Leninism can change this country. During the school, Ye Fei joined the Chinese Communist Youth League, transferred to the Communist Party of China in 1932, and went to Fujian East to participate in the establishment of the Mindong Soviet area and guerrilla armed forces in the same year.

Extraordinary revolutionary years

In July 1932, Ye Fei organized guerrillas in the East of Fujian. The situation of the eastern Fujian was complicated and exceptionally, but the revolutionary comrades were very small. He took the initiative to actively do a good relationship with the masses and learned the dialects of the eastern Mindong. The masses slowly trusted him and called him "leaf" kindly. With the foundation of the masses, guerrillas are mainly anti -passenger.

In 1933, Ye Fei brought local farmers to launch Huo Tong riots and defeat the local groups. Many years later, the people heard that "Xiaoye" crossed the river in Suzhongtu and took materials to visit. Northern Jiangsu supported 8,000 ships.

In 1944, Ye Fei learned that the Japanese special agent sneaked into the New Fourth Army. At this time, the war was, and Ye Fei had to guard against. Through the investigation, a dental clinic was found in the resident. Ye Fei sent people to check many times without finding abnormalities.

Ye Fei still couldn't rest assured, and disguised it to go to the clinic to see a doctor. Ye Fei said with the doctor. He observed the surrounding environment and found that there was a pair of dusty calligraphy and paintings hanging on the wall, which was incompatible with the ash room.

Ye Fei asked who the old doctor's paintings, and the old doctor answered Ye Tianshi, a Ming Dynasty medical scientist. Ye Fei was shocked, and the people in the painting were obviously a medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty. Ye Fei was surprised that this person had a problem and did not fight the snake. After returning to the army, he immediately sent someone to arrest the doctor. After interrogation, it was really a special agent sent by the Japanese.

During the war of liberation, when the 74th Division was destroyed, Ye Fei led the troops interspersed and cut off the connection between the 74th division and the teammate's 25th division.

The difficulty of its task is equivalent to the Yan Liang out of the millions of troops and let Guan Yu take the first level; the battle of crossing the river, Ye Fei's troops are preparing to cross the river in the Soviet Union. The second provocation, Ye Fei fled, fled by the British warships. Imperialism has completely become history on our artillery ship diplomacy on this day.

Unfortunately, life must go through

Ye Fei fought many wins in his life, but also left unprepared regrets. Chiang Kai -shek defeated Taiwan after the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan and kept Fujian Jinmen. Golden Gate can be used as a springboard for counterattacking the mainland, and retreat can be used as a line of defense to resist the PLA's offense.

On October 24, 1949, Ye Fei, as the commander -in -chief, started the battle of Kinmen. The enemy and we were dispropting and uncomfortable. Nearly 9,000 people were killed in the battle of Kinmen. The battle of Kinmen was a major regret for General Ye Fei.

The biggest regret in life is the owed to loved ones. When Ye Fei struggled for the revolutionary cause in China, the flesh and blood far from the Philippines fell into the deep water. Sister Emma once wrote a letter to her brother for help. Ye Fei hoped that they would come to China, but because of the tense relationship between China and the Philippines, the Philippine family could not come to China.

Ye Fei later contacted her sister many times and did not receive a reply. After the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Africa, Ye Fei was able to reunite with his loved ones. But the sea and the world are impermanent. His mother died in 1966, and her sister is now white. In just decades, they missed Too much time. General Ye Fei was the principal of Huaqiao University in his later years, and he was committed to attracting overseas Chinese homeland to build the motherland. He has served as a naval commander and developed the naval power. He has been holding the issue of Taiwan, unfortunately, his wishes have not yet been realized. On April 18, 1999, General Ye Fei left the world ...


General Ye Fei was home to the country. He was born and died on the battlefield of Gunlin and Bullet. It treats death as homeless; for the liberation of the nation, he uses his own blood and life to open up a new historical chapter of the motherland; patriotism and love for the country, and the motherland.

General Ye Fei always firmly strengthened the ideals and beliefs of communism, and was loyal to the party and loyal to the people throughout his life. On General Ye Fei, we saw the hero's glory and the fragility of the hero. General Ye Fei's life is a lifelong life for the liberation and construction of the motherland for the liberation and construction of the motherland, and a life of self -sacrifice.

At the age of most people, he has been moving forward with weight, never retreat, and more brave fighting. A generation has the mission of a generation, and a generation has the responsibility of a generation. Do not escape the responsibility, belief, and fulfill the mission of history with a heart.