In 1949, Chen Yi went to the noodle restaurant for dinner and saw an old farmer who was furious: call your boss

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In 1949, Chen Yi went to the noodle restaurant for dinner and saw an old farmer who was furious: call your boss

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Premier Zhou has commented on Chen Yi: "The Loyal Warrior of the People." Chen Yi is an excellent proletarian revolutionary in my country and one of the founding marshals in China. He has dedicated his life to the motherland, and he has loved the country's love before his family. In the development of my country's revolutionary cause, it is inseparable from the blood of the revolutionary martyrs like Chen Yi.

However, it is a frank, public -private person, when he went to a small noodle restaurant to eat in 1949, and saw an old farmer who scolded the shop loudly, and even asked them to find the owner of the noodle shop.

What happened, let Chen Yi shout to a shop, what is the unknown hidden feeling in the middle?

A bowl of special Yangchun noodles

In 1949, the New China was finally established with the efforts of many Chinese peoples. Chen Yi was appointed as the first mayor of Shanghai. This was a matter of stress and responsibility for Chen Yi.

Shortly after the founding of New China, the smoke of the war has gradually dissipated. People are most eager to live a good life, and Chen Yi also knows this. Therefore, Chen Yi did not put himself on the towering mayor. Chen Yi even thought that he was no different from the ordinary people, so Chen Yi often dressed in plain clothes and told his family that he could not engage in special.

One day when Chen Yi took the guards to inspect the people's conditions, the aroma floating from a small noodle restaurant on the road attracted the two. The two were just a little hungry, so they sat down to order two bowls of Yangchun noodles. But it is precisely because of the sudden interest that inadvertently revealed the true face of this noodle shop of "watching people".

Special secret number

After Chen Yi and the guards just entered the store and took two bowls of Yangchun noodles, he noticed that the shop shouted "Ten" at the back of the kitchen, which made Chen Yi unknown. Ask a clear reason, but there were many people in the store at the time, and worried that it would disturb the store to do business, which was not there.

After a while, the two bowls of hot Yangchun noodles were on the table, and at this time, a simple -dressed old farmer was also in the store. The old farmer also ordered a bowl of Yangchun noodles like Chen Yi. At this time, the attitude of the shop was completely different, and he even showed an ignorance. After a while, he slowly shouted "Eleven".

The difference between this "secret code" made Chen Yi even more puzzled. When Chen Yisuo couldn't find the answer for a long time, the noodles in the bowl of Chen Yi were unknowingly the bottom, but the face of the old farmer was late Late in the future.

It wasn't until the two of them had eaten all the noodles that the noodles of the old farmer were slowly brought up, and the bowl of Yangchun noodles in this bowl was not as hot as a little bit, and even the ingredients were poor. A stark contrast was formed.

At this time, Chen Yi probably understood the ins and outs of it. He could no longer hold the anger in his heart and patted the table in anger to ask why the shop was treated so differently.

At first, the shop was very indifferent to Chen Yi's anger, and even a "have nothing to do with you" on his face, which made Chen Yi full of anger. Chen Yi finally showed his identity as a mayor in Shanghai. A scary looks like a person.

As a result, Chen Yi believed that he was entangled with a job with a working shop, which was undoubtedly a waste of time. He asked the shop to call out the owner of this shop and directly questioning what was going on in the boss.

"Eleven" and "Ten"

The owner of the noodle shop learned that it was the mayor of Shanghai, Chen Yi, and immediately walked out of the back hall with a smile. When Chen Yi saw the owner of the noodle shop, he did not make other descriptions, and directly asked the boss to explain the difference between "eleven" and "ten".

The noodle shop owner who was directly questioned by Chen Yi seemed to be revealed to a layer of shame. The boss explained red ears: "If you enter the store, a dignified person with a dignified and facial person, the shop will shout Tao Ten ', Ten is the disassembly strokes of' dry '. If it is an old farmer or ordinary citizen who enters the store, the shop will shout' eleven '.

After the old explanation of the shop, he lowered his head embarrassingly. The truth of the matter has finally emerged, but the anger in Chen Yi has never faded away. He said to the boss: "Do business, do not do business with conscience, the Chinese people are equal!"

After Chen Yi finished speaking, he punished the owner of the opposite shop, and even returned to the office. He ordered someone to check whether there were such things. If there were other shops, it was the same. Eliminate this time.

But even if it is eliminated for a while, it can't prevent the appearance of those snobbish villains. Seeing people's dishes, there are still many in the current society. There are always people in life, judging whether a person is rich through the appearance of others, so as to decide what kind of face you should use to look at them.


The Buddha said: "All beings are equal." People have never been divided into three or six or nine, and society is constantly improving. While the social development is getting better and better, we should also prevent people divide people from three, six, and nine the behavior of.

A person's good or bad can never be judged from the appearance of clothing, but should be felt from the heart. People live in this world with their own efforts. It is not to say that the more money earns, the more noble a person is. It can only be reflected in the behavior of a person's behavior.