The concubine of the Qing Dynasty needed to walk, and it could be divided into half of it.

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The concubine of the Qing Dynasty needed to walk, and it could be divided into half of it.

2022-06-24 06:13:05 17 ℃

Although the Qing Dynasty was from us, a recent feudal dynasty, but for us who lived in peaceful times, the degree of understanding was only a half -knowledge. In addition to the historical textbooks and in the costume drama, you can only understand some, so most people have a blurred impression of the Qing Dynasty. The only clear may be, the Qing Dynasty is popular -money sage tail.

Therefore, there are many people who are confused about some of the behavior habits of the Qing Dynasty in the costume drama. I do n’t know why it is done. For example, when the concubine walks when walking, or after the concubine is spoiled by the emperor, many people will help the next day.

In fact, the reason for this matter is very simple and complicated, and it has a lot to do with people's hearts.

The concubines in the palace have always been an emperor's attachment. If you want to improve his status, the only way out is to please the emperor.

So they lived in love for their lives -they were poor people in the feudal era.

If you fall out of favor, or make the emperor angry, it means that the rest of his life is lonely. Because there is no harem, people imagine the beauty,

The status of fell out of favor is extremely low. Even eunuchs and palace maids can insult, there are many examples in history.

Therefore, after the concubine walks is supported, or after the concubine is spoiled by the emperor, it is supported by the emperor.

The factors intentionally.

When the Qing soldiers had not yet stayed in the Central Plains that year

, Manchu men and women can hunt on horseback, and the folk customs are sturdy, so Manchu women are not weak, but the folk style always changes with the environment.

After the Qing Dynasty won the world

The entire group is rich, and life is excellent, especially the Manchu concubine living in the harem.

And after the Qing Dynasty ruled in the Central Plains

In contact and learned more Chinese culture. The Manchu royal family has changed slowly. Men's men prefer to be fragile women, and even the emperor is no exception.

Therefore, the concubine of the Qing Dynasty, in order to vote for it, is very clever


When it is revealed, it will reveal your weakness, so you will

Get more pity for the emperor.

The sleeping system of the Qing Dynasty is different from the calendar dynasties

The emperor wants


When you do n’t need to above, the eunuchs cleaned the clean concubine,


Bring to the emperor. After the emperor finished dinner, whose brand was turned over, and the eunuch sent anyone to the emperor's room, and then the eunuch stayed at the door.

Until the time to sleep, the eunuch was responsible for reminding the emperor and responsible for the concubine.


Go back, and then ask the emperor if you need to leave the name. If you do n’t leave the name, you do n’t leave the seed, and you can leave the dragon species, indicating that the concubine must be spoiled.

The specifications of the concubine are naturally different, and the treatment is improved. Naturally, you need to show it out to prove your own


Therefore, when the emperor was spoiled, when he walked on the road the next day, he not only had more followers, but also needed help to walk.

Over time evolving, this one is already a hidden rule, in general, it is a means of fighting.

In addition to these situations, there is another reason

, Resulting in the support of the concubine. because

The size of the court is huge

The road inside the palace is complicated

There are many thresholds, which is very unfavorable to walk, but in addition to the people with extremely respectful status, they can take the steps of being lifted. Others can only walk, so when the concubine walks, sometimes one person needs to help.

Coupled with the concubine's clothing, it is not convenient for walking and sitting. For example, the size of the Manchu characteristics, the winged hairstyle, flower pot shoes.

Flower pot shoes appeared in the Qing Dynasty. The principle is similar to today's high -heeled shoes, but the two cannot be compared to because flower pot shoes are too bloated and very inconvenient on walking. Each time you lift your feet, you can only be careful. Walking, otherwise it is easy to fall.

Although Manchu's winged hairstyle can be worn, wearing many accessories, but in the past, he was heavy but not true (referred to as vases). Everyone can imagine that there is a feeling of heavy heads and feet.

In general, the concubine needs to be supported by people. There are only three reasons. The first is to fight for the favor, the second is to reflect status, and the third is the demand. It can be divided into half intentionally, and half of it is true.