Lu Buwei worked hard for a lifetime.

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Lu Buwei worked hard for a lifetime.

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Lu Buwei looked at the 30 words on Qin Shihuang's letter, like a knife into his heart. Rather than putting it in Xishu, it is better to fall into the whole body. So he lifted the poison wine in front of him and drank it.

In 235 BC, the two generations of the Qin Kingdom were assisted, and Lu Buwei, who was more than a dozen in the political scene of the Qin Kingdom, used the consciousness and pride of a smart person to complete the legendary life.

Qin Shihuang, who was trained in the huge effort, became his urging Yan Luo. He worked hard for his life as a bubble and was broken in the wind.

The change of life is really unpredictable. Will Lu Buwei regret what he does before his death?

1. Strange goods can be available

In 265 BC, businessman Lu Buwei came to Handan, the capital of Zhao State.

He is a giant businessman of the wealthy party. He is also an ambitious person. He can no longer satisfy his desire to live in the business field. He yearn for greater power and higher status.

Lu Bowei saw Zhao Guo who was a hostage as a hostage. With the unique vision of the businessman, Lu Buwei saw a business opportunity of Wanli on the stranger.

Lu Buwei said: "Alien is like a strange goods, which can be hoarded and sold at a high price."

The father of the stranger is the prince of Qin Guo, An Guojun. Among the more than 20 sons of An Guojun, the steriler was not favored.

So King Qin Zhao sent him to Zhao Guo as a hostage.

The days under the fence were very difficult. The stranger was very unbelievable in Zhao Guo, and there was no money to be around, often stretched.

After inquiring about the life and situation of the stranger, Lu Buwei decided to make a bold investment.

He went to visit the stranger first. After putting it almost, Lu Buwei took out the money to add clothes to the stranger, and also provided him with the funds that made friends and expand connections.

A stranger encounters a person who is willing to spend money for him and is willing to accompany him to talk about life and ideals. Of course, he is a confidant, trusting him, and relying on him.

Lu Buwei does a long -term investment. He considers how to make the people's attention from An Guojun and become the prince, so as to become the monarch of the Qin Kingdom. In this way, he can realize himself in Qin State because he has a distress on the siege. Resistance.

The biological mother of a stranger is low and not favored. The first step of Lu Buwei was to find a mother -in -law for the stranger.

He looked at Mrs. Huayang, the concubine of An Guojun, and Mrs. Huayang had no son. It was a suitable candidate.

Lu Buwei spent money everywhere, and went through Mrs. Yang Quanjun and her sister through Mrs. Huayang's brother Yang Quanjun.

He said to Mrs. Huayang: "You are young and beautiful now, and you have been favored by An Guojun. But you have no children under your knees. In the future, you will not get the joy of the monarch. What should you do? The filial piety is the prince. After the new prince succeeds, you can still lose power and wealth. "

Then, he said good things for the stranger and moved Mrs. Huayang's heart.

Mrs. Huayang recognized Lu Buwei's suggestion. Before An Guojun, she recommended strangers, and cried that she had no son's pain. If you can stand up for a prince, you can also have a reliance.

Lu Buwei also bribed many people around An Guojun with money, and was very beautiful to the stranger around An Guojun.

Lu Buwei was not only willing to spend money on the stranger, but he was not even hesitant.

The stranger once ate at Lu Buwei's house and saw a beautiful dancing Ji Ji. He asked Lu Buwei to send him Ji Ji.

Lu Buwei was very reluctant at first, but when he thought, he had spent a large family property for the stranger, and it was not bad, so he dedicated the woman to a stranger.

This woman was Zhao Ji, and soon gave birth to her son Xun Zheng, which was the later Qin Shihuang.

He was looking forward to the disgusting person in Zhao Guo and was very eager to return to Qin State. However, although Mrs. Huayang and An Guojun repeatedly requested Zhao Guo to put the stranger back, they were rejected by King Zhao.

At this time, the war broke out between Qin Zhao.

King Zhao wanted to kill the stranger. Lu Buwei took out six hundred gold and gave it to the officials guarding the city.

After returning to China, he asked Mrs. Huayang to like it, officially recognized him as his son, and renamed him Zi Chu.

Driven by Mrs. Huayang, Zi Chu finally became Prince Qin.

After An Guojun's death, Zi Chu succeeded, namely King Qinzhuang Xiang. He rewarded the heroes, of course, the most powerful man was Lu Buwei.

King Qinzhuang Xiang appointed Lu Buwei as the prime minister and rewarded him with 100,000 households in Luoyang, Henan as food.

Lu Buwei's investment received huge benefits, but he was not satisfied. With power, Lu Buwei made great reforms and achieved great achievements in politics, economy, and military.

In order to live an eternal, he also recruited talents as his guest and wrote "Lu's Spring and Autumn".

King Qinzhuang died three years later. The 13 -year -old Yingzheng successively served as the king, claiming that Lu Buwei was "Zhong Father".

Because of the young age, Lu Buwei had a great power and climbed to the pinnacle of power.

2. The death of Lu Buwei

After King Qinzhuang's death, with the increase of power, Lu Buwei's courage also expanded.

As the queen mother, Zhao Ji was anxious to find a political alliance and support Zhengzheng together. Lu Buwei was naturally the best candidate.

For Lu Buwei, Zhao Ji was originally a woman he liked, not to mention that now he is the queen queen, with her old relationship with her emotional needs and political needs.

As a result, the two of them were closed, and they were private under the eyelids of Zheng Zheng.

After Xunzheng grew up, Queen Mother Zhao still did not know convergence, and she still "prostitution (chaos)." Lu Buwei was afraid that things were revealed. In order to pull out, he introduced Queen Mother Zhao.

He instructed Queen Mother Zhao to let her bribing the officials who presided over the palace torture, pretending to be a palace punishment, and pretending to be mixed into the palace.

The Empress Dowager Zhao really took care of it and mixed with the Ghost Ghost.

Later, Queen Mother Zhao was pregnant, for fear of others to know, so she had to find an excuse to move to the old capital of the Qin Dynasty to live in Yongcheng.

Since then, the emperor is far away, and the Empress Dowager Zhao has even been even more unscrupulous, and he has two sons for her.

I have obtained power and money by relying on physiological functions. He often said in private that he was "the stepfather of King Qin".

Someone told Zheng Zheng in secret. He was a fake eunuch, and he had a prostitution with Queen Mother Zhao. He also gave birth to two sons. Queen Mother Zhao once said that if King Qin died, her son could succeed.

Xunzheng had a little humiliation about the romantic affairs of the Empress Dowager Zhao. They even tried to seize his throne, it was unbearable.

Taking this opportunity, he ordered someone to investigate the matter, and Lu Buwei was also implicated.

He was very scared. He stole Qin Wangxi and the queen queen seal, and transferred to the army to attack Zheng Zheng.

Was divided by the five horses and destroyed the three tribe, and the two sons of Queen Mother Zhao were killed alive.

Considering that Lu Bowei once served the king of the King, he had a lot of contributions. In the years when he became the prime minister, he also worked hard for Qin Guo.

Zheng Zheng just eliminated Lu Buwei's position and asked him to leave the capital and live in Henan.

What made Xun Zheng did not expect that Lu Buwei left the capital, but also controlled the inside and outside the court.

The envoys of the vassal states are endless, and they come to visit Lu Buwei. Many courtiers often go to Luoyang to report work.

Zheng Zheng was very worried that Lu Buwei's money wealth could be enemy country. If he was rebellious and followers, he would be dangerous.

So he ordered someone to send a letter to Lu Buwei, who wrote in the letter: "Why is Jun in Qin? Qin Fengjun Henan, eat 100,000 households. ! ""

It means, what do you contribute to Qin State? Qin Guo gives you the land of Henan, 100,000 households. What do you think of Da Qin's Zhong Father? What does Da Qin have to do with you? Your whole family moves to Shu Di!

Thirty words in the district, but Lu Buwei, who has been in Fame and Fames for many years, was restless.

After thinking about it, Lu Buwei drank poisonous wine. However, although this letter was full of blame, he didn't mean to have his life. Why did Lu Buwei choose to commit suicide?

01] Lu Buwei invests wrong, and he died in exchange for self -esteem and his family peace

Lu Buwei knew that his power was too great, and he had high achievements.

He was very successful in investing in a stranger, but then he focused on the Empress Dowager Zhao because he was young, but because he was young, he was young.

In order to please the Empress Dowager Zhao, Lu Buwei did the scandal of the dirty palace and annoyed the Zheng Zheng. This investment is really wrong, and it is not cost -effective.

Xunzheng is not weak and bully, but is strong and overbearing. In his letter, he was resentful and blame.

At that time, Shu Di was an exile prisoner, and the conditions were very difficult. Lu Buwei was deprived of Funyi and left his hometown.

Rather than bringing the family miserably, it is better to break itself, and it will be clean.

And although Lu Buwei was in power, his family did not participate in political affairs. If Lu Buwei is dead, Xun Zheng is likely to open up the online side of the Lu family, and the family will avoid the suffering of exile.

He died dignified and the peace of changing his family.

02] Lu Buwei wants to have a history of fame, keeping famous festivals and status

Lu Buwei has money and someone. Even if you fall, you can come back to Dongshan.

However, investing in a stranger is a miracle that cannot be copied. The cycle is very long, and there may be a high probability that it will fail again. Even if Dongshan comes up, it cannot reach the height.

Lu Buwei is an ideal and ambitious person. What he wants is not to usurp. It is famous.

Therefore, he spent a lot of money and energy to host the writing "Lu's Spring and Autumn".

After this writing, Lu Buwei hung it on the gate of Xianyang and asked everyone to read it at will. He also said that if someone can change one word on it, you will reward thousands of money.

This shows how eager Lu Buwei wants to improve his cultural status and get recognition from the whole society!

"Buxianyang City Gate, hanging thousands of dollars on the top, extended vassal tourists who can increase the word to gain a thousand gold." ---- "Historical Records of Lu Buwei Biography"

Because of this, Lu Buwei cannot obey the monarch.

However, he was a threat to Zheng Zheng. The Zhengzheng Association has always been in his throat, and sooner or later he will take more severe means to punish him.

Rather than defeating his reputation, it is better to break yourself, leaving a good reputation in history.

03] The legendary Zheng Zheng is Lu Buwei's son

At that time, Zhao Ji was the pet of Lu Buwei.

After Lu Buwei gave Zhao Ji to the stranger, it was unknown whether it was still interconnected with Zhao Ji.

However, the two people are still friendly but not fake. After the death of a stranger, Lu Buwei and Zhao Ji were quickly mixed together and had a private through.

The rumors of Lu Buwei were rumored that he had never stopped.

After all, this kind of thing is not uncommon. One of the four sons of the Warring States Period, Chunshen Jun Huang Xie gave the pets of his pregnancy to King Chu.

Why can't Lu Buwei be used to make it?

Of course, whether Zheng Zheng was Lu Buwei's son, only Lu Buwei and Zhao Ji knew it.If Zheng Zheng is really Lu Buwei's son, then in order to prevent his father and son from killing each other, and to be able to sit in the mountains and mountains, it is not surprising that Lu Buwei is willing to die.

Perhaps Zhengzheng is the real investment of Lu Buwei. Since then, his blood flows flowing from generation to generation. This is really a big chess!

3. End language

Lu Buwei worked hard for his life and realized his ideals of life one by one.

He sat from a businessman to the position of the prime minister and pioneered the opposition.He also left a "Lu's Spring and Autumn", which has become a pivotal figure in history.

Although he was forced to die by himself, he could not live in the end.His life is also very complete.

Jinyi Yu Food is old, but the pursuit of ordinary people.And such a legend, he must be different, presumably he has no regrets, right?

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