The 10 most powerful conspirators in the Three Kingdoms, Sima Yi ranked only 5th, the first one was admired by Wanshi.

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The 10 most powerful conspirators in the Three Kingdoms, Sima Yi ranked only 5th, the first one was admired by Wanshi.

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10. Chen Gong

Chen Gong had acquaintance with Cao Cao, but he couldn't see Cao Cao's style of doing things "would rather teach me to the world". After leaving Cao Cao, he went to Lu Bu. With the assistance of Chen Gong, Lu Bu defeated Cao Cao and defeated Liu Bei. Chen Gong helped Lu Bu win Luzhou and Xuzhou.

When Cao Cao attacked him, Chen Gong asked Lu Bu to take his troops to the city and stationed in the city to form a complementary situation in both sides. But Lu Bu refused to obey Chen Gong's suggestion, but suspected Chen Gong. In the end, Lu Bu was defeated by Cao Cao. He ordered the Baimen Tower. Chen Gongning died and was killed by Cao Cao. "Baimen is in the dead day, who is willing to be like a public Taiwan."

9. Fa Zheng

Fa Zheng, the lady of Zhuge Liang in the later period of Shu Han, was praised by Chen Shouzan as the "Guo Jia" of Shu Han in "The Three Kingdoms". Fa Zheng is known for his good use of his magical conspiracy, and has won Liu Bei. One of Fa Zheng's most powerful strategy was to attack Hanzhong and kill General Cao Wei, Xia Houyuan.

When Liu Bei attacked Hanzhong, Fa Zheng used the "Sound East to Hit the West" to divide the Shu army into ten teams and attack Wei Jun around Hanzhong. Wei Jun did not know where the Shu army was. Xia Houyuan sent more than half of the soldiers and horses to support Zhang Ye, and his big camp was empty. Fa Zheng seized the opportunity and ordered Huang Zhong to take a decisive attack. Xia Houyuan was beheaded, causing Cao Weijun to be chaotic and was defeated by the Shu army.

8. Pang Tong

"Phoenix" Pang Tong was named with "Wolong" Zhuge Liang. After Pang Tong was out of his official, Lu Su once recommended him to Sun Quan. When Sun Quan saw Pang Tong, he felt that this person was too ugly and did not use Pang Tong. After Liu Bei occupied Xuzhou, Pang Tong voted for Liu Bei. After several setbacks, Liu Bei discovered Pang Tong's talent and began to reuse Pang Tong.

Pang Tong's biggest contribution is to help Liu Bei seize Xishu. Regarding strategic issues, Pang Tong presented Liu Bei's three strategies to the upper, middle, and lower, and Liu Bei took the plan and killed the famous general Yang Huai and Gao Pei in Shu. Liu Bei asked Zhuge Liang to bring Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun to the Jiangzhou and Jiangyang. Seeing that when he was about to remove Xishu, Pang Tong was shot in the stream of the city and died unfortunately.

7. 荀

Xun You, Cao Cao's "conspiracy Lord", Ji's nephew. During his lifetime, he wrote twelve plans, but unfortunately he lost. Xun You was praised as "the power of power and no policy". He was careful and considered considerable. Cao Cao obeyed the strategy of Xun You and defeated Zhang Xiu and Lu Bu, laid the foundation for the later hegemony.

When Yuan Shao attacked Cao Cao, he sent general Yan Liang to surround the white horse. When Cao Cao rescued the white horse, Xun You thought that he could not go directly to Yan Liang. You should pretend to attack the rear of Yuan Shao, and Yuan Shao will definitely send troops to support it, so as not to take care of the white horse. After Cao Cao obeyed the suggestion of Xun You, after led Yuan Shao's main force, he ordered Guan Yu to lead the light cavalry to raid the white horse and slaughtered Yan Liang.

6. Lu Su

Lu Su, the famous conspirator of Soochow during the Three Kingdoms period, he and Zhou Yu were friends. In the second year of Jian'an, Lu Su rushed to Sun Quan and proposed to Sun Quan the strategic plan to occupy Jiangdong and hegemony the world, so he was appreciated by Sun Quan. During the Battle of the Chibi, most of the Wenchen generals of the Soochow advocated surrender, and Lu Su and Zhou Yu lined up and insisted on fighting with Cao Cao.

After Zhou Yu's death, Sun Quan appointed Lu Su for Zhou Yu and led Wu Jun. Although Lu Su did not have a conspiracy in his life, he was very strategic and insisted on the strategic policy of "Lian Liu Kang Cao". After Zhou Yu's death, Lu Su became an important figure in maintaining the Soochow and Xishu Alliance. If Lu Su did not die, Sun Quan would not kill Guan Yu.

5. Sima Yi

Affected by some current film and television works, many people think that Sima Yi is the first conspirator of the Three Kingdoms. In fact, it is not the case at all. Sima Yi is definitely a first -class conspirator, but in addition to his forbearing for most of his life, he died of Cao Cao and Cao Yu, and eventually used his family forces to capture Wei.

During the northern expedition of Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi had five times the strength of Zhuge Liang in his hands, ten times more than Zhuge Liang's grain and grass, but was always pressed by Zhuge Liang. He could only defend passively and dare not take the initiative. Ma Yan lost the street pavilion that was the credit of Cao Zhen and Zhang Ye, which had nothing to do with Sima Yi.

4. Guo Jia

Guo Jia, the word Fengxiao, has recently been held by some people to the altar. Guo Jia was resourceful when he was young, and he had rely on Yuan Shao in the early days. But Guo Jia saw that Yuan Shao was incompetent and could not be a big deal. Later, Guo Jiazun relied on Cao Cao. Before the battle of Guandu, Yuan Shao sent a letter to humiliate Cao Cao. Guo Jia proposed the famous ten -win and ten defeats, which greatly encouraged Cao Cao's fighting spirit.

When Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were in the decisive battle of Guandu, Sun Ce had the intention of attacking Xu Chang, but Guo Jia believed that Sun Ce's personality was too hard. Soon after Sun Ce was killed by the assassin. Guo Jia is so indulgent, but unfortunately he died early. After Cao Cao's defeat, he cried: "If you are filial piety, you will not be alone!"

3. Jia Yi

Jia Yi is known as the "poison", and this person is very deeply attentive and is very good at trying to figure out the thoughts of others. Jia Yanli, Dong Zhuo, Zhang Xiu, Cao Cao, and Cao Yu, because Jia Yi helped Cao Yu during the process of Cao Cao Li, so he was reused by Cao Yu. Jia Yi was finally named Cao Wei Da Sima. At the age of seventy -seven, he died of illness and was a generation of wizard.

One of the most classic strategies of Jia Yi is Lima Chao and Han Sui. Cao Cao's Guan Guanzhong spent time, and he ate some losses in the early stage. At this time, Jia Yi presented a plan and sent a letter to Han Sui a significant change. After Ma Chao knew, he suspected that Han Sui collided with Cao Cao. In this strategy, Jia Yan did not use the lobbyist, nor did he use gold and silver treasures. With only one piece of paper, he easily crushed the trust between Ma and South Korea for decades.

2. 荀 荀

How important it is to Cao Cao, just like how important Zhuge Liang is for Liu Bei. Without, Cao Cao could not unify the north smoothly. He was born in a famous door and was known as "Wang Zuo's talent" when he was young. He once worked under Yuan Shao. After seeing Yuan Shao's difficult to become a big device, he resolutely cast a Cao Cao who had nothing.在 在 在 behind Cao Wei for a long time, rarely visit the battlefield in person. With someone like Xun, Cao Cao, who is in the back of the town, has no worries. Her Majesty Cao Cao had a lot of conspirators, but Cao Cao regarded him as a teacher and respect him. Cao Cao's almost all important decisions in his life have more or less wisdom. "The son of the emperor to order the prince" is the idea of ​​彧.

1. Zhuge Liang

Many people do n’t understand history. When I accidentally saw a few words of context, they believed that the Romance of the Three Kingdoms excessively beautified Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang was actually an incompetent generation. This is simply nonsense. First of all, a hardware. Zhuge Liang was one of the ten philosophy of the martial arts temples of the Tang and Song dynasties. He could sit on the same way with Bai Qi and Han Xin. This point is comparable to any Three Kingdoms conspirators and generals.

First look at Zhuge Liang's strategic attention and internal affairs. Zhuge Liang knew the world without being a fairy. The "Longzhong pair" circulating in the ages was that Liu Bei, who had nothing at the time, was simply the night. But in the next two decades, Zhuge Liang helped Liu Bei realize this dream. After Liu Bei Yiling's defeat, Shu Han was damaged, Zhuge Liang supported the great cause of Shu Han alone, bowed his heart, and died. In five years, Zhuge Liang packed the mess left by Liu Bei, and pulled out a Shu army that could harden Cao Wei.

Looking at Zhuge Liang's military capabilities again, every time Zhuge Liang was expected, Cao Wei was coming to the enemy. Cao Rui piled up 200,000 soldiers in Hanzhong, and each time he sent first -class generals such as Cao Zhen, Zhang Ye, and Sima Yi to face Zhuge Liang. Cao Wei has five times the strength of Zhuge Liang, ten times more than Zhuge Liang's grain and population, but every time, Zhuge Liang was scared and couldn't dare to fight easily. Especially after Sima Yi took care of the soldiers in the later period, except for the grain and grass, he dragged Zhuge Liang, and Sima Yi did not win Zhuge Liang positively.

Zhuge Liang's "Teacher" was placed in the textbook to let future generations learn; in the Wuhou Temple in Chengdu, Zhuge Liang was worshiped by the incense of future generations. Why did Zhuge Liang have been admired by the Chinese people? Because of his wisdom, because of his loyalty, because of his bowing. Three times are bothering the world's plan, and the old ministers of the two dynasties. When the teacher did not die, he died first, making the hero tears.