In 1976, a female director of CCTV attended the memorial service of Premier Zhou, colleagues: Unexpectedly, the Prime Minister's nephew

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In 1976, a female director of CCTV attended the memorial service of Premier Zhou, colleagues: Unexpectedly, the Prime Minister's nephew

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On January 8, 1976, Zhou Enlai died of illness in Beijing. On January 15, Premier Zhou's memorial service was held in the Great Hall of the People. On the same day, a female director CCTV was invited to attend the ceremony. Afterwards, some people passed the matter into the ears of the radio leader. After some inquiries, the female director finally told the truth: "I am Premier Zhou's nephew."

At this time, colleagues who had worked with her for many years were surprised, and said, "Unexpectedly."

So who is this female director? What is her relationship with Zhou Enlai? And all this must start with his husband Zhouer.

Zhou Erjun and his brother went to Uncle Zhou Enlai

During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Zhou Erjun and his brother Zhou Erqi had been living around his mother. By the end of the summer of 1946, because of the financial difficulties in the family, the two children could not pay tuition. Therefore, Zhouerjun's mother decided to let them go to Qibo and Qima.

Zhou Enlai ranked seventh among his brothers' rankings, so the juniors called him "Seven Bo", called Deng Yingchao "Seven Mom".

Before leaving, Zhou Er learned from his mother's mouth that his uncle Zhou Enlai and his father Zhou Enzhen were deeply affectionate. In the early years, Zhou Enlai crossed Japan and went to Europe to work hard. After returning to China, he brought a pair of landscape paintings and microscopy of the Eiffel Tower to Zhou Enyu.

After the outbreak of the "July 7 Incident", Zhou Enzhen followed Zhou En to work in the Chongqing Office of the Eighth Route Army. In the years of warfire, the brothers worked hard for the revolutionary cause.

One day in 1946, Zhou Erjun's mother inquired that Zhou Enlai was in Shanghai, and she sent two children to find relatives. I don't know how long, the brothers found the CCP delegation in Shanghai on Shanghai Sinan Road. After entering, Zhou Enlai's secretary Chen Jiakang asked the identity of the brothers. Then said, "Vice Chairman Zhou always reads you!"

Picture | Chen Jiakang

Soon, Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao ran downstairs to welcome. When I saw Zhou Erjun and Zhou Ergi wearing dilapidated clothes, Zhou Enlai felt uncomfortable, and Deng Yingchao held the two children in his arms and said, "Good boy, you are suffering."

In the few days in Shanghai, Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao often visited Zhou Erjun and Zhou Erqi, and asked them to warm up. On this day, Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao came to visit the brothers. Zhou Er looked at the dress of Qibo and Qima, and couldn't help sighing: "Qibo is handsome in a suit, and Qima looks good in skirts."

Zhou Enlai said with a smile: "This kind of dress is mainly to reduce the attention of the Kuomintang agents, and it is the need for work. In fact, in Yan'an, we all wear soil clothes. Revolution is hard and prepare to sacrifice at any time. This is in The green and green Shanghai cannot be appreciated. "

When it comes to Yan'an, Zhou Erjun said: "Seven Bo, Qima, and my brother and I want to go to Yan'an and the revolution!"

Zhou Enlai looked at the two brothers, and said seriously and kindly: "Originally I wanted to send you to Yan'an. But now the situation is tense, the Kuomintang negotiations have no sincerity, and many comrades of the CCP delegation may be forced to retreat urgently. . You still stay and read. "

After listening to Zhou Erjun and Zhou Er, he nodded solemnly.

During the farewell, Zhou Enlai reminded the brothers to be careful of the agent. Deng Yingchao left some living expenses and clothes for the brothers. This difference, when the two sides met again, Zhouer Jun had one more person around.

Zhou Erjun's fiancee saw the Prime Minister for the first time

After finishing high school in Shanghai, Zhouer participated in the PLA in the summer of 1949 and became a student of Erye Military and Political University. In the same year, he followed Liu Dengjun into the southwest of the Great. During the journey, he was transferred to the Erno Logistics Department.

With the increase of age, Zhouer has reached the age of making friends. In November 1953, he pursued the troop's literary and art soldiers Deng in the army.

Deng Zaijun was born in Chongqing. In early September 1950, she hid her family, chased the road through Li Desheng, and later became a propaganda female soldier. Shortly after the Korean War broke out, the troops were ordered to participate in the anti -US aid of the DPRK. Deng was left in the country because of his age, and he was assigned to the Qinqinwen Workers in the Southwest Military Region as a literary soldier.

At that time, she and Zhouer were a troops. During the propaganda team and the literary group, the male soldiers lived together and lived together, so they felt good at each other.

Picture | The group photo of Deng Zaijun and Zhouerjun

When establishing a love relationship, Deng Zaijun deliberately asked the director "Zhou Erjun's origin?"

The response from the director to her was "guaranteed no problem."

Deng Zengjun later recalled: "How simple thoughts were at that time, and the organization guaranteed that there was no problem, then asked."

In this way, two people walked together. In December of the same year, Zhouer was approved to join the Communist Party of China. When he told Qibo and Qima about this good news, he soon received a reply from Qima.

The part of the letter is as follows:

Comrade Er Jun:

Hang CITIC has received it, knowing that you have joined the Communist Party, to excitement! In the future, you must strengthen the exercise of party spirit, overcome the ideas of non -proletariat, and continue to struggle for the eight standards of party members. Do not live up to the title of glorious Communist Party member, and strive to turn into formal party members as scheduled.

You must pay attention to the close contact with the masses, care about the masses, and learn from the masses, so that you can better serve the people. You know that you should not be arrogant or not, but you must continue to practice from ideological actions.

Hurry grass, I wish progress and health!

Deng Yingchao

After receiving Deng Yingchao's reply, Zhouer was very happy. Three years later, he wrote to Qibo and Qima that he had a fiancee, and asked if he could make his fiancee recognize him. Soon, he received the reply "Yes". In 1957, the Military Commission wanted to be in Kunming's military transfer to the Haiji Cultural Regiment. Before going to Beijing, Deng Zaijun received a letter written by Zhouer. The letter said that after she arrived in Beijing, someone would take her to Zhongnanhai to meet the Prime Minister.

After reading the letter, Deng Zaijun knew that the object he was looking for turned out to be the Prime Minister's nephew. For a while, her mood seemed to be turbulent.

At this point, she can only be brave to see Premier Zhou.

On the same day, Deng dressed in the army, wore naval uniforms, and combed two braids. When waiting for Premier Zhou to send a car, she thought she hadn't taken a car yet? You can enjoy this time. But she waited for a tricycle.

Later, Deng learned from the staff around the Prime Minister that the prime minister was very clear and insisted on paying the fare because of private affairs. He often said to his family: "Car is my work for the people, and you cannot enjoy the vehicle that the public matchs for me."

Therefore, it is natural to enter Zhongnanhai with a tricycle.

Deng Zaijun was attracted to the West Flower Hall and saw Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao. As soon as they met, they asked with concern, "How big?", "Are there brothers and sisters at home?" And so on.

Deng Zaijun answered one by one.

Zhou Enlai continued to ask: "What family came from?"

Deng Zaijun replied: "My grandfather was respected in the town, and he called Uncle Deng. When I joined the army, everyone said that my family was a landlord."

After listening to Zhou Enlai, he comforted: "It's okay, you can't choose from the background, but the road can choose. You see that I am also born in a feudal family. We should all learn together and transform it together."

Deng Zaijun listened to Premier Zhou's words, always "we and we", and slowly she relaxed a lot.

After chatting for a long time, Premier Zhou said: "I eat at my meal at noon today, let you eat our two -meter rice. Now that life is good, you young people don't forget the age of Xiaomi plus rifle."

Originally, the two dishes and a soup, because Deng's army's arrival, added another dish. During the meeting, Deng Zaijun felt that Prime Minister's speech was very approachable, and the atmosphere was particularly warm.

In the future, as long as he did not go out to perform, Deng went to the West Flower Hall as soon as he arrived on the day of worship.

Once, Deng Zaijun gave a opinion to the seven mom Deng Yingchao and said, "The towels in the toilet are rotten like that.

Deng Yingchao said, "No, Uncle said that after using it, you will not change it."

This incident has given Deng Zajun's great education, affecting her attitude towards life. Later, Deng Zaijun recalled: "The Prime Minister is too perfect, and we are also afraid of being a relative. Because of our own behavior, if you do n’t do it well, you will discredit the Prime Minister and damage the image of the Prime Minister. Learn the Prime Minister as an example. "

Deng Zaijun and Zhouer are taught by Qibo

After the Spring Festival in 1958, Deng Zaijun was transferred to the East China Sea Fleet Literary Troupe and went to Shanghai. A few months later, Zhouer took the boat and ran to Shanghai to get married thousands of miles.

Picture | From left to right: Deng Yingchao, Zhou Enlai, Deng Zaijun, and Zhouer,

At that time, both of them had no savings. Before getting married, Zhouer bought a green sweater for Deng Zaijun. Many years after marriage, Deng Jun and Zhou Enlai's niece Zhou Bingde joked: "He uses a sweater to marry me home."

In 1959, Zhou Er and Deng Zaijun's children were born. He named his daughter "Mengmeng", and the family of three lived a peaceful and happy life. It didn't take long for Zhouer to receive an order to send him to work in the General Logistics Department of Beijing. For the reunion of the family, Deng also went to Beijing in the army and then transferred to Beijing TV station to work.

As soon as he arrived in Beijing, Deng Zaijun sometimes went to the Huahua Hall by himself and sometimes took the child. Every time, as long as Premier Zhou has time, he will come over to say hello.

Once, Deng Zaijun arrived at Premier Zhou's house, and the Prime Minister came out from behind her, but she did not find it. A aunt who was sitting next to him. At that time, the aunt criticized Deng Zaijun: "Look at your uncle out, you still don't stand up yet."

Premier Zhou said immediately: "She didn't see me. Don't be so restrained at home."

Later, Deng Zaijun recalled: "He can particularly understand you, he knows that you are not intentional."

Figure | Deng Zaijun

Another time, Deng Zaijun took a child who was less than one year old. When they were eating, the prime minister left them for dinner. During the meeting, Premier Zhou was very careful and said, "Well, there is no food that children eat today, so that the chef will stir the tender eggs for her to eat."

When the egg came up, the child couldn't wait to grab it.

Deng Zaijun was particularly difficult to feel affectionate, and he wanted to be too indulge in in front of the uncle.

Later, Deng Zaijun picked up the chopstick and beat the child's hand. When the Prime Minister saw this, he asked two sentences: "Why hit her?"

Deng Zaijun couldn't say a reason.

The Prime Minister hugged the child and said with a long -term voice: "Such a small child, she can neither take a spoon nor chopsticks. Her hand is her tool. We must seek truth from facts.

To make it simple, it touches Deng Zaijun a lot.

In the next few years, Deng Zaijun gave his daughters to the nanny to raise it, and he invested in his work.

On this day, Premier Zhou asked her: "In the army, what are you doing recently?"

Deng Zengjun replied: "Cultivate me in the organization and let me go to the Central Orchestra to learn Western singing." Premier Zhou listened and said happily: "Okay, Western singing is scientific, do you know what Western singing is?"

Deng Zaijun was asked and couldn't say it for a long time.

Seeing this, Premier Zhou explained immediately: "Western singing originated from Europe and is also their national singing method. It is very scientific with qi. Our ethnic singing method is also rooted in the land of our nation. Very good, we must use it in ancient times, and use the ocean. "

Deng Zaijun nodded again and again, thinking: "The Prime Minister learns that if you have children, you will definitely educate it particularly well."

Compared to the number of times Deng's army went to the West Flower Hall, Zhouer looked less. After all, he was very busy at work.

One day in 1959, Zhouer went to visit Qibo. But as soon as he entered the door, he felt an unusual atmosphere. The Prime Minister is on his head.

As soon as I asked, it turned out that the secretaries took advantage of Premier Zhou and Deng Yingchao to travel one after another. Without the consent of Premier Zhou, they had repaired the West Flower Hall with a practical principle.

After Prime Minister Zhou returned, he was unhappy by the appearance of the "rejuvenation" of the Xihua Hall. Then he criticized the staff around him.

After understanding the ins and outs of the matter, Zhou Erjun advised Uncle: "The house of the Xihua Hall is a historical cultural relic. You usually educate us to take care of the country's property.

After listening to Premier Zhou, he nodded, but still said that people around him moved his old furniture back.

Later, Premier Zhou asked Zhou Erjun: "Have you ever seen the poem of Du Fu? Is" the cottage is a song for the autumn wind "!"

Zhouer took the poem carefully:

"... Anshongxia has tens of millions of rooms.

Premier Zhou nodded, meaningful, "If you think about Du Fu's poem, you will understand why I am so angry."

Of course, Zhouer knew that Premier Zhou was pregnant with the country, and the people could not see them suffering.

Zhou Erjun and Deng are determined to live under the titles of the prime minister's relatives.

Premier Zhou's requirements for relatives are "self -reliance and self -reliance." He had warned his relatives not to be Manchu's eight -flag children. Behind the Wucheng Palace of Ziguang Pavilion in Zhongnanhai, there is a monument to the Emperor Qianlong Emperor. Premier Zhou has repeatedly used this monument to educate youth.

Both Zhou Er and Deng Zaijun had a deep understanding.

Zhouer remembered that Qibo had told him about his father. Zhou Enzhen and Mei Lanfang were the best. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Zhou Enzheng asked Zhou Enlai's entrustment and gave Mei Lanfang. He asked him to leave Shanghai that was already the occupied area and went to the rear.

Picture | Mei Lanfang

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Zhou Enzhen published an article commemorating Mr. Mei in the Wen Wei Po. The signature of the article is ‘署 文’ (alias), and it does not use ‘En 霔’. Zhou Enlai educated his nephew and learned from his father.

Zhouer remembered firmly in his heart.

Deng Zaijun also paid special attention to keeping a distance from Qibo in an open place. Once, she met Premier Zhou who went out to work, but she did not step forward to ask questions. Afterwards, she reflected the situation to Qima. After listening to Deng Yingchao, he nodded and said, "This is good, it should be completely."

Zhou Erjun and Deng Zaijun have always remembered the speech of Premier Zhou. He said this: "Don't think that because the uncle is the National Prime Minister, you think it is special." In the later life, no matter how difficult it is, they choose to solve themselves by themselves. Essence

After the death of Premier Zhou, when he attended the memorial service, Deng Zaijun, who had become a famous director of CCTV at the time, was publicly public. Her colleagues who have been with her for many years have always been covered in the drum. It can be seen how low -key Deng is.

On the 110th anniversary of Zhou Enlai's birthday, Zhou Erjun and Deng Zaijun made "Centennial Enlai" to commemorate Qibo. During the period, they interviewed more than 400 Chinese and foreign people. After the finished product came out, Deng Zaijun sighed to her husband Zhouer:

"I used to know too little about Uncle's great personality and superficial.