How many champions are unknown?

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How many champions are unknown?

2022-06-24 12:28:45 12 ℃

These days, the college entrance examinations in various places have been released one after another

Congratulations on TA

If there are poor children's shoes around

Please tell TA, all kinds of possibilities in life:

There are many ways to write the writing background of "Maple Bridge Night Bo". I chose Zhang Jilu's list. After the poet Zhang Ji was placed on the list, he was very unhappy to go to Suzhou Sanxin and live in a small passenger boat next to Hanshan Temple. The insomnia Zhang Ji looked at Suzhou City at the head of the ship. Sadness came from it, inspired by the upper body, and casually rap this eternal poem.

Li Shizhen, common titles: great pharmacist in the Ming Dynasty. He participated in the township test three times and could not get it. Affected by his father, proficient in medicine. On one occasion, King Chu Shizi was educated, and he suddenly did not save personnel. Seeing that he was going to Yan Wang Temple, he was finally born by Li Shizhen. So Li Shizhen was recommended to the court and made a senior hospital. One year later, Li Shizhen resigned to go home and took 28 years to complete the "Compendium of Materia Medica".

Wu Chengen, since childhood, is intelligent, learned, and helpless scores are unfavorable, and they have been associated with the list. It was only a middle age to make up for a tribute student (similar to the current protection student) and became an official in Changxing, Zhejiang. But how can he suffer from the darkness of the officialdom? After writing ghost novels to vent their dissatisfaction, lashing society to pursue the balance of the inner universe.

Wang Zhihe, the founder of Wang Zhihe and bean curd. In 1669, Wang Zhihe entered the Beijing Examination and stayed in Beijing after the list. He made a tofu business in order to make a living, and planned to make a living and studied until the next exam. Then there is a routine similar to the food story: the tofu is not sold in summer, afraid of bad, cut into small square pieces, with salt, peppercorns and other condiments, and marinate in a small tank. Coincidentally, he concentrated on reviewing and forgot to this matter according to the script. It wasn't until autumn that I remembered the small tank of tofu, opened, smelly, and was not willing to throw it. Unexpectedly, this dark dish has a good taste, and the neighborhood neighborhood said that it was good after trying it. Later, Wang Zhihe simply sold stinky tofu. Today, "Wang Zhihe" has become the old name of China.

In April 1903, Yuan Shikai played the court, expressing the main meaning of "non -scrapped science, Daqing pills". Two years later, Yuan Shikai played with Zhang Zhidong again, and once again expressed the main meaning of "no sculpture, there is no such shop after this village". The Qing court then bite his teeth and announced that he would never see again!

It doesn't matter if you lose your hands in the college entrance examination

There is infinite possibilities in life