As the boss of Chairman Mao, his position was taken over by Premier Zhou, and his sister and brother were fulfilled.

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As the boss of Chairman Mao, his position was taken over by Premier Zhou, and his sister and brother were fulfilled.

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The Republic of China Shao Yuanchong is a wonders and talents. He is a little cute, and is full of aggressive.

He was born in the 16th year of Guangxu (1890 AD), and the 29th year of the Qing Dynasty (1903) was tested.

Don't underestimate this talent, Chen Yuan, a historian who is ten years older than Shao Yuanchong, is known as the "History", known as "History", which is known as "the past century". Take the talent.

Even domestic celebrities such as Chen Duxiu and Jiang Menglin only stopped in Xiucai.

Of course, in the thirty -first year of Guangxu (AD 1905), the imperial examination was abolished. Chen Yuan, Chen Duxiu, Jiang Menglin and others failed to rush down on the road of imperial examinations, which was another saying.

However, Shao Yuanchong was admitted to Xiucai at the age of 13, which was amazing.

After the imperial examination was abolished, Shao Yuan rushed to the thirty -two years of Guangxu (1906 AD), and was admitted to Hangzhou Zhejiang High School, and became a classmate with Chen Blei. He later tribes in the first year of Xuantong (1909 AD). In the second year of Xuantong (1910 AD), he was admitted to the judge and served as the president of the Zhenjiang Local Jury Department of Jiangsu Province.

However, in the three years of Xuantong (1911 AD), Shao Yuanzhong fell in love with the celebrity Zhang Mojun, and the "juvenile Wite trouble" rushed.

Zhang Mojun comes from the Xiangxiang family. His father, Zhang Bochun, was once a person. During the Guangxu period, he assisted Zeng Guoquan to supervise the Liangjiang Academy.

Zhang Mojun has been well educated since he was a child. At a very young age, he reads the history of the history and copy the monument.

But she is only a talented woman, not a beauty.

Why do you say that?

In other words, Zhang Mojun fell in love with the talent Jiang Zuobin, but Jiang Zuobin suspected that he was talented and had no appearance. He fancy her three sisters Zhang Shujia, and later walked into the wedding hall with Zhang Shujia.

Zhang Mojun was done by Jiang Zuobin in this way, and he was greatly hit. She hated Jiang Zuobin as a "appearance control". She made a cheap herself and vowed not to marry for life.

In addition, Zhang Mojun was born in the ninth year of Guangxu (1883 AD), and was seven years older than Shao Yuan.

However, Shao Yuanchong didn't care about Zhang Mojun's age, didn't care about her appearance, only admired her talent, and had no hesitation, and fell in love with her at all.

When Zhang Mojun's love failed and his mood fell into a weakness, Shao Yuanchong boldly expressed his love to Zhang Mojun.

However, the flowers were ruthlessly flowing.

Zhang Mojun did not put Shao Yuanchong's "little brother" in his eyes. He thought that he had no smell of milk. He was a hairy child who did not understand, and he looked at it.

Shao Yuan was so anxious that he was mad, chasing the interception, and entangled Zhang Mojun.

Zhang Mojun had no intention of marrying, but he couldn't entangle Shao Yuanchong. He casually had three tricky conditions. He said that he had to meet these three conditions at the same time before he could become his husband.

These three conditions are: one is to be printed by the officials; the other is that Wu must be the general; the third must be an international student.

I have to say that Zhang Mojun himself is also a "appearance control".

Jiang Zuobin looks handsome, and she can fall in love with him unconditionally.

Shao Yuan rushed to her appearance, and she came up with such three tricky conditions to embarrass Shao Yuanchong so that Shao Yuanchong would retreat.

But Shao Yuan was full of energy and confidently replied: "Give me time, all three conditions will be achieved."

Writing here is easy to reminiscent of a plot in the movie "Wu Champion Su Qier" starring Zhou Xingchi: the noble son Su Can watched the woman in the Qinglou as frost, and boldly showed love. In order to send him, Ru Shuang so that he could get out of the ground and said, "My heart, must be the material of the champion, the people above 10,000 people." Su Can quickly replied: "For women, to be a female mad, to enter the female, enter for women, enter for women, and enter for women. Beijing takes the champion. "Going home becomes the seller's property and goes to Beijing with his father to take the martial arts examination.

Shao Yuanyong's performance is really similar to Su Can in the movie.

He studied in Japan in that year.

When studying abroad, he first served as the editor -in -chief of Shanghai's "News of the Republic of China", and later served as commander of Shaoxing, the Chinese Revolutionary Army. From the "Second Revolution", he went to Jiangxi Hukou to participate in the battle for Yuan. Later, he participated in the Zhaohe warship uprising in Shanghai.

In 1917, Sun Yat -sen established the military government in Guangzhou and served as Marshal of the Navy. Shao Yuanyong had become a close friend of Sun Yat -sen. The Commander -in -chief of the Revolutionary Army Shandong was renamed as the secretary of the Marshal Marshal's plane, and the post of Secretary -General.

In the six years from 1911 to 1917, Shao Yuanyong kept in touch with Zhang Mojun -the love letter he wrote to Zhang Mojun, there were as many as two thousand, which can be described as true and deep in love.

He believes that he has been the commander -in -chief of the revolutionary army in Shandong, and Wen has been the Secretary -General of the Marshal Palace. The three conditions have been reached. Zhang Mojun suddenly was 33 years old.

Although his personality is pedantic, he also knows how to change, and he is worried that Zhang Mojun can't wait. He wrote a letter to test Zhang Mojun. The idea is that the three conditions will be achieved, but can it be a little change. Intersection

Zhang Mojun had already abandoned Shao Yuan. When he saw that Shao Yuan was rushing to this letter, he immediately took Shao Yuanyong's "not fulfilling the agreement" as charges. He wrote more than 2,000 letters to her by Shao Yuanchong to her, and replied to "stretch".

Shao Yuanchong was frightened and sweaty. He reviewed himself in "Shao Yuan Chong Diary": "I have a lot of baihua, so I can't redeem it."

From then on, he was so panic and panicked, and he dared not provoke Zhang Mojun in a word. He went to study abroad in Wisconsin University and Columbia University in the United States. Later, he ordered Sun Yat -sen to inspect the work of the overseas Foreign Democratic Party, traveled to the United States, Britain, France and other countries, went to the Soviet Union to study military affairs, and then went to study in Germany.

During the study of study, his friend Huang Jilu asked Shao Yuanyong's marriage affairs.

Shao Yuanyong didn't want to think about it, and said, "Non -Zhang Mo Jun does not marry."

However, in the seven years of studying and studying in the past seven years, he has never wrote a letter to Zhang Mojun, and he does not know whether Zhang Mojun is still angry with him.

In May 1924, after returning to China, he took over the Secretary -General of the Command of the Guangdong Army.

It is really good in the workplace and frustration in love.

Shao Yuanchong wanted to test Zhang Mojun's tone, but did not know where to start.

Huang Jilu gave him a trick: let him test Zhang Mojun's attitude on the grounds that he gave him a new book "The Status of the United States".

Huang Jilu's meaning is: Zhang Mojun does not respond after receiving the new book, so good things are difficult to harmonize; if she is willing to reply, everything is good.

Shao Yuanchong sent the book together with the letter, and he had a loss in his heart.

He wrote in his diary that day: "The villain is the most unbearable, not obtained, and suffers from it;

From 1911 to 1924, the time span had been 13 years before and after.

How many men in the world can love one person in the long 13 years of time?

Zhang Mojun was the heart of Tieshi, and when he received the new book from Shao Yuanchong, he couldn't help crying.

She replied with a trembling hand pen: "Since Bingchen's wings are eight, each other's sound is cut off. Yesterday, she suddenly returned from the United States. Shi Jiazi Qiu Meng also. "

She also described a poem, poetry cloud:

Looking at the vastness, there is a book for eight years;

The old and sad words of the sky, tolerance to death.

After receiving the letter from Zhang Mojun, Shao Yuan was surprised and excitedly said to Huang Jilu: "She responded to me, she responded to me."

On the same day, Shao Yuanzong wrote a reply and wrote six poems in one breath.

One of the small prefaces is: staying in Europe and the United States for eight years. In the past, he could not do Mo Jun's book. The people returned to China for thirteen years. Dangerous noses brought back the words, and in the dream soul, the palm of the palm of the heart; Lovers get married.

On September 19 that year, the two held a wedding ceremony in Shanghai, and the new house was located in the Cangzhou Hotel in Jing'an Temple Road, Shanghai.

This year, Shao Yuan was 34 years old and Zhang Mojun was 41 years old.

Zhang Mojun was inherently in arrears. At this time, he was too old. One day before the wedding, he was missed by the restaurant's service as a bride's mother.

The servant asked Zhang Mojun respectfully: "Old lady, when will the lady get tomorrow?"

After listening to the servant, Zhang Mojun's tears suddenly came out, and she felt deeply: "No chance will be no chance."

Huang Jilu later wrote the first oil poem to tease the matter, Shiyun:

Shao Zhang's happy event is tailoring, and the Cangzhou Hotel in the cave is open;

The servant asked the old lady with a smile, when will the lady come tomorrow?

Although Zhang Mojun was old, he was still caught up with the last bus of late marriage and late childbirth. After marriage, he gave birth to a son and a daughter.

This thirteen -year -old "sister -in -law love" was successful.

Here is a few months before the marriage, in June 1924, a major event in the history of the modern Chinese revolution.

That is, on June 16, the Huangpu Army Officer School held a opening ceremony.

Shao Yuanchong was originally deputy director of the Political Department of the Military Academy, but Dai Jitao, the first director of the Political Department of the Military Academy, suddenly went away, and he filled the post of the Director of the Political Department.

However, Shao Yuanchong was in love with Zhang Mojun's fiery love, and it was difficult to care about the work of the military academy.

By the end of August, the teachers and students of the military academy showed great dissatisfaction with Shao Yuanchong's work, and unanimously requested to be replaced.

The young Premier Zhou has returned from France. After careful consideration of our Guangdong District Party Committee, he sent him to the military academy to take over this position.

Shao Yuanba was not allowed to get rid of this position, and he hilariously went to Shanghai to prepare for marriage.

In other words, Chairman Mao's work in Hunan and his performance at the Kuomintang's first National Congress received the appreciation and attention of Sun Yat -sen and other Kuomintang people. When elected the Kuomintang Central Executive Member and the Kuomintang alternate executive member, Chairman Mao was successfully elected as the Kuomintang Elier Central Executive Committee.

In mid -February 1924, Chairman Mao became the central figure of the CCP's executive department of the Kuomintang. The Shanghai Executive Department of this Kuomintang was formed by Hu Hanmin, Wang Jingwei and Ye Chuyu, but the actual person in charge was Hu Hanmin, the Minister of the Organization Department. Chairman Mao's duties at that time were "assisting the minister and handling headquarters affairs", that is, he was both secretary of the Organization Department and Secretary of the Document Division.

Shao Yuanchong left the Huangpu Military Academy and served as the director of the Document Division of the Shanghai Executive Department when preparing for marriage in Shanghai.

In other words, in that short period of time, Shao Yuanchong and Chairman Mao constituted a superior relationship.

However, Chairman Mao soon became the agent minister of the Kuomintang Central Propaganda Department, and his status suddenly surpassed Shao Yuanchong.

In March 1925, when Sun Yat -sen died in Beijing, Shao Yuanchong was one of the witnesses of the will.

In his diary, he recorded the process of Sun Yat -sen's "big shape" and "breathing stop" to "Mrs. Sun's eyes hanging his eyes". The diary of the day also remembered: "In the future, the remains will be buried in Zijin Mountain in Nanjing in the future, and the remains will be preserved to imitate the Lenin. Those who want to be buried in the Zijin Mountains of Nanjing have covered the place of the first revolutionary capital, and they want to inspire the deceased to complete the work of the Revolution of 1911. "

Although Shao Yuanchong's thoughts are pedantic, he has deep national feelings and family feelings.

He saw the Japanese invaders entering the customs to violate our territory, and then shouted: "Kou Ridan, the center will no longer be determined to kill the thief, the people will do everything, and there will be no death!"

In January 1935, at the Central Political Conference, Wang Jingwei advocated "conspiring the goodness of China and Japan".

Shao Yuanchong and Wang Jingwei made a stiffness, and they did not stay at all, and eventually dispersed.

In a word, Shao Yuanchong is a person who supports anti -Japanese and wants to resist Japan.

Unfortunately, in December 1936, Shao Yuanchong called Chiang Kai -shek to Xi'an and met the Xi'an Incident.

Shao Yuan's conflict was changed, and he couldn't hold his breath. He wanted to jump from the West Jing's guesthouse to escape. As a result, he was shot and shot by the gendarmerie of Yang Hucheng. He died two days later at the age of 47.

Zhang Mojun heard this bad news and was sad. He lived in his hometown of Xiangxiang to make poems, write, paint, and educate children, and ignore dust.

Zhang Mojun wrote a small poem who missed Shao Yuanchong, which was very beautiful. Poetry Yun:

I am still linked to Mei Qing today, and danced Wu Gou as angry.

I asked Hua Lang as it seemed that tears were not fine for three years.