Cixi chose a special coffin for himself during his lifetime. For a special reason, he did not sleep in the death.

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Cixi chose a special coffin for himself during his lifetime. For a special reason, he did not sleep in the death.

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On November 15, 1908, the Empress Dowager Cixi left the world at the age of 73 due to heart failure caused by evil diabetes and diabetes.

The life of the Empress Dowager Cixi is very comparable. Since her teenager enters the palace and starts with the favor of the emperor, the history of the Qing Dynasty is destined to be inseparable from the woman. When she was alive, she was powerless, and even the emperor could not refute her opinion. As the most noble woman in the dynasty, she also enjoyed her enjoyment, and her life was very luxurious. However, even if she is re -height, she can't escape the reincarnation of life.

The ancient and distinguished royal family was prepared in advance. The emperor's tomb of the emperor began to be built in more than ten years in advance. When the queen mother passed the seventy -year -old life, she also felt that her body was getting worse. So she no longer focused on her daily enjoyment, but began to consider her behind her.

Cixi's self -sustaining identity must make herself rich and rich after death, so she wants a good coffin.

According to the custom at the time, the best coffin was the golden coffin, and then the precious pearl gems were inlaid on the golden coffin, and it was a magnificent! But the golden coffin also has a disadvantage, which is too heavy. Once Cixi uses the golden coffin, it means that a heavy golden coffin needs to be transported from Beijing to Putuo's Ding Dongling. How much manpower will it take to succeed!

After the golden coffin is a wooden coffin. Although the wood does not sound as expensive as gold, if the precious and rare wood such as rosewood and nanmu is used as a coffin, then the value of this wooden coffin is expensive, and the person used is quite decent. Moreover, this kind of wooden coffin can be kept by maintaining it. The corpse is not rotten for thousands of years, it can be said that it is done in one stone. However, the discerning Cixi shook her head after thinking about these two choices, saying that she wanted a jade coffin.

It's not difficult to find, it is difficult to find a big and good jade material that is enough to make a coffin. Li Lianying took the purpose of Cixi and promised to make her satisfied, but he also drumped in his heart: Where can there be such a large jade material! There was no way, Li Lianying had to go to the head of the internal affairs government. The two numbered the jade mine known in the Qing Dynasty one by one. Finally, the Hetian green jade mine on the Milly Mountains in the Kunlun Mountains was selected because it was likely to find it here. Enough to make a coffin jade material.

After receiving the intention, the local manager quickly sent two proud men to start looking for jade. As a result, the three people found it for more than ten days and discarded several pieces of materials to find a piece of jade. This jade material has more than 20 tons of weight, which is enough to make a coffin, but it is not red. There are three cracks on this jade material, which is a relatively obvious flaw.

It is really difficult to find a big and indifferent jade material. Therefore, even if this material is slightly flawed, it is still selected. After all, these flaws must be covered up after being carved by the craftsmanship.

After the material was selected, the transportation was about to be transported. After the jade mining manager found the jade material, he set out to arrange a hand to send jade materials into Beijing. Cixi said something directly, but the people below were embarrassed. How trouble would it be of such a large piece of jade to be transported to the capital.

But even if it is troublesome, they can only do it when the imperial decree came down. According to a poem called "Jade Xing" in the Qing Dynasty: The jade mine chief took a year to transport the jade from the mountain, and then put the jade on a special carriage. The front of this carriage is hundreds of horses in the pull, and there are countless officers and craftsmen in the back. In this way, this giant carriage can move slowly. At that time, the traffic conditions were backward, and the ground was not flat at all, so the carriage was slow and difficult. In winter, they would spilled water on the ground and wait for the water to be frozen. It can be a little faster.

In this way, two or three years later, this huge stone was finally transported to Kuromi County. Seeing that after another one or two years, the jade can be made into a jade coffin in Beijing. The news of the collapse.

The queen queen died, and the material for building a coffin would take more than a year to transport it. Therefore, the miners who transported them realized that they didn't seem to have to transport this huge jade. However, if the queen queen does not need this piece of jade, then they have no responsibility to continue to "send jade to Beijing", which means that this huge jade is about to become a waste.

The soldiers responsible for transportation and the jade mining manager decided to destroy the rare jade of the world to prevent others from playing this jade.

When the two leaders ordered it, the miners and soldiers were not ambiguous at all. They picked up the tools at hand and knocked it up. A few days later, a huge jade disappeared, replaced by the broken jade residue. Then the miners each picked the small piece of jade in their own phase. The huge jade materials had disappeared, and there were only two stones left by two miners left in place.

The remaining jade materials have gone through the downward of the Qing government, the war of the Republic of China, and the founding of the People's Republic of China. After half a century, they were moved to the county party committee of the county party committee half a century after half a century for cultural relics. In 1965, after negotiating from Mr. Hu Chengzhi of the China Geological Museum, the Xinjiang Kwa County Government presented the larger one as a gift to the China Geological Museum and became the "treasure of the town hall" here. The other one was slightly smaller, and it was given to the Xinjiang Land and Mining Bureau.

Cixi had a luxurious life, but he couldn't use the jade coffin, and eventually used wooden coffin.