Mao Yanwen: Love is also charity. In 1935, 37 -year -old tremblingly married Xiong Xiling, 65,

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Mao Yanwen: Love is also charity. In 1935, 37 -year -old tremblingly married Xiong Xiling, 65,

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When the two feelings cannot be happy, you can also retreat and make love a charity cause. Mao Yanwen's experience tells people that there is nothing impossible. On February 9, 1935, she was 37 -year -old Xiong Xiling, 65, held a wedding in Muertang, Shanghai. Hongyan and white hair, rhyme circulating, and before, the reason why she was able to marry was called "old uncle" Xiong Xiling because she visited Xiangshan Ci Chuangnan hosted by Xiong Xiling. At that time, her heart trembled strongly, and suddenly the word "career" was flushed, which made her blushing her heart, and promised Xiong Xiling's proposal through Xiong Xiling's daughter Xiong Xuan.

A. The woman who is only high in the eight -fighting can not find a love that suits you

The only high -fighting from "Southern History" refers to Cao Zi Jianwen's outstandingness, saying that it was only one stone in the world. Later, people used this metaphor to learn very high. Mao Yanwen is such a woman. She was born in a native home in Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province in 1898. Small name Yuexian, English name Helen. Has received a complete new education. He studied at Jiangshan West River Girls 'School, Hangzhou Women's Normal University, Zhejiang Wuxinghu County Girls' School, Beijing Women's Higher Normal School, Nanjing Jinling Women's University.

In 1929, Mao Yanwen went to the University of Michigan in the United States to study education administration and sociology. He received a master's degree in education two years later, and had exchanges with Hu Shi, Mao Zishui and others. After returning to China, he worked at the Department of Education of Jinan University and Fudan University. It is a "high -quality woman" of Xueba, but on the road of love, she has a bumpy encounter that does not match her personal conditions.

Mao Yanwen set a kiss when he was 9 years old. The other party is the business partner of Mao Yanwen's father, a family named Fang. The surname Fang came to the Mao family as a guest. When he saw Mao Yan's eyes, his eyes and cleverness, he suddenly proposed to get Mao Yanwen to marry his son in the future. Mao Yanwen's father and Fang surname were very familiar. They knew that they also liked the son of Fang surname, and they were very happy to agree to the matter.

Mao Yanwen did not know about it at the time, just studying in a heart. Six years have passed, she has been admitted to Hangzhou Women's Normal School, and hopes that she can receive higher levels of education in the future. However, the family surnamed Fang gave out the marriage contract at this time. Mao Yanwen's father felt that the man should have promised a thousand gold, and he couldn't regret it. At the door of the house. What to do? The mother opened the back door to let her daughter escape.

Why escape? In addition to the "getting married early" that the mother thinks, there is an important reason, that is, Mao Yanwen already likes his cousin Zhu Junyi at this time, and the person who welcome her at the back door is Zhu Junyi — the two of them are young. With mutual admiration. The "escape event" opened their emotional gates. Mao Yanwen told his father that he liked Zhu Junyi and hoped that his father could agree to them together. His father was very angry, but how could his daughter grow up when she grew up? Then he hurriedly apologized to the Fang family, but this was the marriage.

Looking at Mao Yanwen and Zhu Junyi together, Mao Yanwen's parents are very happy, because the two people not only have a relationship between relatives, but the combination of the two can kiss and add relatives. In addition, from Mao Yanwen's parents, Zhu Junyi’s family and character are both Very good, but also an advanced child. Subsequently, Mao Yanwen and Zhu Junyi were officially engaged by the parents of both parties. However, the facts are not as good as Mao Yanwen and his parents think.

After Mao Yanwen graduated from a girl school, Zhu Junyi, a teacher who went out to Qinghua, chose to go abroad to study abroad and study in the United States. When the difference was here, Zhu Junyi vowed and told Mao Yanwen that the day when he returned from studying abroad, he married Mao Yanwen. Mao Yan Wenxin, in the waiting waiting, miss the wings, let a warm and lingering letter flying to the other side of the ocean. Six years later, she finally looked forward to Zhu Junyi who returned to China, but Zhu Junyi suddenly changed his hexagram, and resolutely proposed to lift his marriage contract with Mao Yanwen for the harmful next generation of close relatives. Mao Yanwen wanted to cry without tears, but he was unexpected. He could only see the groom of the person who had made up with his Prime Minister. It turned out that Zhu Junyi fell in love with others when he was in Tsinghua. Before marrying someone else, he gave his cousin a guise.

B. After losing "cousin", Mao Yanwen met again

Today, we call the male who does not seriously treat the relationship between the opposite sex and play with each other's feelings. At that time, Mao Yanwen did not have this word, but fate directed her experienced "scum man" after losing his "cousin".

Wu Yan, from 1894 to 1978, male, character rain monk, Yuheng, pseudonym for the rest of his life, from Liyang County, Shaanxi Province. With Chen Yinque and Tang Yongtong, "Harvard Sanjie". The works include "The Collection of Wu Yan", "Literature and Life", and "Wu Yan Diary" and so on. One of the founders of the Chinese College of Tsinghua University, known as the father of Chinese comparative literature. Today, the name people give him is: the famous Chinese modern western writer, master of Chinese, and poets. But in the love with Mao Yanwen, he was clearly crowned with "scum men".

When Zhu Junyi was studying abroad, he was a classmate with Wu Yan. Because Wu Yan heard Zhu Junyi when he was in China, the two soon became good friends. I do n’t know if there are other reasons for showing off. After being familiar, Zhu Junyi always gives the love letters sent by Mao Yanwen to Wu Yan, and even every must be seen. Wu Yan was quickly moved by Mao Yanwen's true feelings and literary talents, and even fell in love with Mao Yanwen. I think such a woman is really rare, but considering that she is a friend's girlfriend, she did not pursue it. Soon, some people introduced Chen Xinyi to Wu Yan in China, and Wu Yan asked Mao Yanwen to inspect himself. In this way, Wu Yan and Mao Yanwen had information communication. Mao Yanwen and Chen Xinyi are friends. They have a deeper understanding and told Wu Yan's character. Talking about friends can, but it is unnecessary to get engaging. Obviously, Mao Yanwen did not exaggerate because Chen Xinyi was his friend, and Wu Yan asked Mao Yanwen to inspect Chen Xinyi. Chen Xinyi established a relationship of love, and also forgot the strange affection that once came out of the love letter of Mao Yanwen in his heart.

Wu Yan

After Zhu Junyi and Wu Yan returned to China, they were both hired as professors by Nanjing University. Under the arrangement of Chen Xinyi's parents, Wu Yan met with Chen Xin. Coincidentally, on the day of the meeting, Mao Yanwen suddenly wanted to see Chen Xinyi, so she had her first meeting with Wu Yan. When Wu Yan and Chen Xin saw it one by one, the two had endless words. When they talked well, Mao Yanwen walked in. Wu Yan was shocked -haha, who is this, elegant temperament, generous and decent, Yushu's style is full of new women's style! When he learned that this person was Mao Yanwen, he seemed to have the strange feeling when he read the love book that year. He could not help but secretly sigh and had a sour loneliness.

However, all this quickly passed. The next day, Wu Yan and Chen Xin played together, became pairs, happy and sweet, and walked into the palace of marriage within half a month. What happened between Zhu Junyi and Mao Yanwen happened quietly after that -Zhu Junyi said, how can I marry you? Isn't that the next generation? Mao Yanwen said, I have waited for you for six years, how can you say that you can change the hexagram! Zhu Junyi said that the marriage contract must be lifted! Mao Yanwen was helpless and had to ask Wu Yan and Chen Xinyi for help. Wu Yan volunteered and talked hard, but helplessly Zhu Junyi had decided, and eventually dumped Mao Yanwen to marry other women.

At this step, it should be said that it is basically close to the end -Wu Yan who did not say that He Cheng went home and Chen Xinyi lived in his own life; It's over. However, Wu Yan, who used to be the "Fire Captain", was at this time, adding a fire to himself and Mao Yanwen -watching Mao Yanwen became single, Wu Yan "forgot" himself as a married man, but even One day, to Mao Yanwen confessed his love that he had been in his heart for many years. Mao Yanwen was taken aback and refused, Wu Yan chatted endlessly, and he was tangled — a certain year and a certain day, when I read the love letter you gave Zhu Junyi, I felt that feeling — my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart, Just flying to you!

Mao Yanwen is very disgusted. On the one hand, she is unwilling to listen to others to talk about Zhu Junyi again; on the other hand, she does not want to let her love letter. This kind of "privacy" that only one person can have was hung in her mouth by one day. I kept nagging, as if I was suddenly peeled off the coat on the street. But Wu Yan always sprinkled salt on her wound every day, making it difficult for her to get out of the psychological shadow of falling in love with Zhu Junyi.

Seven years later, Mao Yanwen ushered in Wu Yan again -he told her that he had no feelings with Chen Xinyi and divorced. He still loved her in his heart. He hoped to marry her. Live a lifetime. Mao Yanwen was stunned, but in the face of Wu Yanli's rebellion, she still reluctant to do it. Wu Yan was not discouraged, and launched a long marathon pursuit to her, and this pursuit has also become a topic of local small newspapers.

Wu Yan and his wife Chen Xinyi, eldest daughter Xueshu

In early 1931, Wu Yan went to Paris for academic exchanges. At this point, Mao Yanwen was going to school in the United States, and she was still single at the age of 33. Wu Yan filmed a telegram for Mao Yanwen and asked Mao Yanwen to give up his studies to come to Paris to marry himself. Mao Yanwen took the telegram and thought, and felt that Wu Yan was pretty good. After so many years of entanglement, he felt that he had been single and it was not a matter, so he agreed to Wu Yan in the embarrassment. But when she rushed to Paris, Wu Yan's tone changed, turning the original "marriage" into "love".

Mao Yanwen cried: "My old girl in her thirties, you said that let me come here to marry me, and now it becomes my love again, how do you let others think of me!" Wu Yan did not move: " People are often restricted by time and space, their mood changes, and they are not autonomous! "In this way, he turned Mao Yanwen, who was finally chased to" spare tires " -At that time, he not only played with two French girls, but also Moreover, he also wrote to show love to a domestic woman.

Today, people say that they do n’t fall in love for the purpose of marriage. It ’s not all hooligans. Wu Yan who loves the“ hooligan ”has become the commonality of most men — what you ca n’t get will always be the most beautiful, but you have it, but you have it. I don't know how to cherish.

C. In 1935, 37 -year -old Mao Yanwen trembled to marry 65 -year -old Xiong Xiling withdrawing or evacuating. The discouraged Mao Yanwen decided to end the game with Wu Yan and return to China to do a career. But in that era, a woman was not very easy to do one thing, not to mention, Mao Yanwen did not completely want to do what he wanted to do at the time.

After returning to China, Mao Yanwen, who taught at the university campus in Nanjing, still couldn't wipe out the scars left by the so -called love in the bottom of her heart. More importantly, she was in the inner contradiction - She said two words- "With this cruel experience, I have a great guer of marriage"; I also feel that "youth has passed away, and the year is thirty years old.

The contradictions make people feel painful and tangled. Therefore, Mao Yanwen has always been depressed, but at this time, another person entered her life -Xiong Xiling, 1870-1937, word Bing San, the owner of Mingzhi Pavilion, the owner of Mingzhi Pavilion, Double Qing dweller. Phoenix in Xiangxi, Hunan. Politicists, educators, industrialists and charity during the Republic of China. He used to be the fourth State Prime Minister of the Beiyang Government.

It stands to reason that Xiong Xiling was over the age of time, and there was no possibility of emotional intersection with Mao Yanwen. But they were "old acquaintances". More than ten years ago, Mao Yanwen was studying alone in Beijing. Among her classmates, she was called Zhu Xi. She often invited her to play with her aunt Zhu Qihui. Zhu Qihui is Xiong Xiling's second lady, and Mao Yanwen met Xiong Xiling through his classmates.

Xiong Xiling and Zhu Qihui had a good relationship. After Zhu Qihui died in 1931, Xiong Xiling was mourning and depressed. In 1934, looking at Xiong Xiling's unhappy look, Zhu Xi suddenly thought of his classmate Mao Yanwen, so he mobilized Xiong Xiling to talk about love with Mao Yanwen. Mao Yanwen left Xiong Xiling very well. He felt that Mao Yanwen was a very good new woman, but to pursue Mao Yanwen, he felt that he was too old and was inappropriate. With the repeated persuasion of Zhu Xi, Xiong Xiling commissioned others to propose to Mao Yanwen, but soon was rejected by Mao Yanwen.

If others do n’t work, then go to battle in person. Xiong Xiling wrote to Mao Yanwen. I did not expect that when Mao Yanwen wrote back to him, he called him "old uncle". The matter in front of her eyes was yellow. Xiong Xiling's daughter Xiong Yan appeared. She felt that her father was old and she really needed someone to take care of. She should help her father to do this. Moreover, she and Mao Yanwen were university classmates. With this self -asked task, Xiong Yan came to Nanjing and invited Mao Yanwen to Beiping to Sanxian, and Mao Yanwen agreed. It was this trip to Peiping that Mao Yanwen found his home.

After Xiong Xiling got out of the Hanghai, he founded Xiangshan Ci Elementary School and explored a scientific and practical modern education method. He handled the Ci kindergarten very popular, with the largest number of people, reaching more than 1,600 people. But after his wife died, he had no intention to take care of the business of Ci Eresseng. After Mao Yanwen arrived in Peiping, accompanied by Xiong Yan, he visited Xiangshan Ci Kyoto. Faced with the children of the Ci kindergarten, Mao Yanwen felt that this was the career he should do! Later, she burst into tears, and in an unpredictable "heart movement", she regarded love as a charity, and she trembled and agreed to Xiong Xiling's proposal.

In life, one kind of love can drive another love. Xiong Xiling's love for the children of Ci Kyoto has led Mao Yanwen's love for him. If this matter is understood according to the secular logic, Mao Yanwen should be such a psychology -because he needs a destination, and was moved by Xiong Xiling's charity, and then found his own destination in the movement. A career you want to do. In this way, while doing charity, the love between her and Xiong Xiling also had a little charitable element, because as far as the situation was concerned, if there was no child in the children of the kindergarten, Mao Yanwen would not fall in love with "the old Uncle "Xiong Xiling, charity love or charity of love has become a retreat and the second.

In February 1935, Xiong Xiling and Mao Yanwen held a wedding in Shanghai. The report published such a report: "Former Prime Minister Xiong Xiling, 66 years old (virtual years old), died four years yesterday. Ms. Mao Yanwen ’s wedding. Ms. Mao is a student who stays in the beauty, and is a professor at the university. She is 30 (virtual) in Fang Ling.

What people think of is that the life of Xiong Xiling and Mao Yanwen after marriage is very sweet. In Mao Yanwen's own words, "all day long, there are endless words of each other." However, the good times did not last long. In the third year of marriage, Xiong Xiling died at the age of 68 due to cerebral hemorrhage. After that, she was willing to be charity, never remarried, and said she would not regret marry Xiong Xiling.

On November 10, 1999, Mao Yanwen died in peace in Taipei at the age of 101. A retreat of love for the next time ended. At this time, the two men Zhu Junyi and Wu Yan who had loved Mao Yanwen had died earlier than her. Her and their stories were like the falling leaves withering in the autumn wind. It seemed that there would be no other thing.

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