KGB's unique killer: The police could not find the cause of death. After the murderer surrendered, the judge thought he was a liar

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KGB's unique killer: The police could not find the cause of death. After the murderer surrendered, the judge thought he was a liar

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In a office building in the Square of Munich, Statshenbesky raised the newspaper in his hand to point to a passerby without any contact, no sound, and the passerby fell to the ground as soon as he was magical.

Statshen (hereinafter referred to as shorts), stuffed the newspaper into his pocket and hurried away. On the way to the train station, Statshen pulled out the newspaper in the bag, and threw it into the river together with the secret weapons wrapped inside.

The next day Munich News reported: "The editor -in -chief of" Ukrainian Independence "Lever Ribett, a heart attack, died in an office building."

After Statshen returned to the apartment in East Berlin, he wrote a letter: "I met that person in a very familiar town. I greeted him, and I was convinced that the conversed greetings made people satisfied."

The original letter was written to higher -level officials. Statshen is a secret KGB agent who has been lurking in Germany for three years.

This is the first time Statshen performs assassination mission. The task is very successful, but his anxiety is difficult to settle. There is no reason to kill a person who does not know each other, which makes him bear a heavy psychological burden. But as a Agent, he had to do so.

Stakshen was born in a small village in Ukraine. His family and his fellow are supporters of the Ukrainian nationalist forces. His father and sister were wanted. But the young Statshen is not keen on the activity of the army. He cares more about his studies. His biggest wish is to successfully finish his work and life from university.

Later, the Soviet Secret Police found Statshen and told him that if his father and sister were arrested, he would also be inferred by the school and even distributed to Siberia.

The secret police promised Statshen that as long as he could provide the troops hiding, he could let his family be removed from the wanted list, avoiding the prison disaster, and he could read in a peaceful environment.

Statshen was finally persuaded. He disclosed the troops information according to the request of the secret police, but the result was not as good as he thought. Although the family does not need to be wanted anymore, they are regarded by the family and their fellows as betrayal, and they have never returned. He couldn't go to school anymore, because the money on his body couldn't even buy a few potatoes.

At this time, the secret police took him and arranged him to work in the Ministry of National Security (KGB's predecessor). This was his only way out. He could only give up his studies for KGB.

Picture | KGB Headquarters

After several years of training, Statshen was sent to Germany to perform tasks. He was mixed with Ukraine immigrants, traveled to and from East Berlin and Munich, and did intelligence work for three years.

One day, the superior Damon found Starin to the safe house. Damon handed him a weapon. This weapon was a metal cylinder, with a trigger like a pistol, but it was not a bullet but a toxic liquid that was launched. The trigger is built, and the viral liquefaction is sprayed with a fog, and those who inhale the venom will die because of the cardiac arrest of the heart.

There is also a feature of this venom. It is colorless and tasteless without leaving any traces. Even corpse tests cannot be found.

In order to prevent the user inhaled the venom, Damon also gave him two antidote, one was the pill taken in advance, and the other was a pharmacy that was inhaled after the venom was launched.

Seeing these, Starshen secretly was surprised in his heart. One reason was that he was amazed by the invisible weapon. The other reason was that he guessed his next task, that was, using this secret weapon to perform assassination.

Statshen was born in a traditional Christian family. The values ​​he had suffered for a long time made him difficult for him to accept this task, but he could not refuse in front of the superior KGB.

Stakshen turned around, hoping to find a reason to persuade himself to make himself no longer morally condemn. In the end, he finally remembered a bare reason that he heard it in political theory class: "Kill this person to help more people find the way home."

Just like betraying his family to save his family, "eliminating" Ukrainian immigration leaders to let those followers return to their hometown. Statshen hypnotized herself countless times, and finally determined to perform the task. So, with the beginning of the scene, Ribert died silently under Stanfish gun.

After successfully assassining Ribett, Statshen repeatedly comforted himself: "This killing did not use violence, and soon ended. The deceased had no bleeding, no pain, and no despair. The tragic situation of Better's death. "

Damon also helped Sta to reduce the psychological burden and told him that if these people could not meet the needs of the times, they should be "removed."

After that, Statshen continued to pass on intelligence and did not receive the assassination task.

In May, the 20th anniversary of the founder of Ukrainian nationalist organization Konovaritz was assassinated. Statshen was sent to Rotterdam to participate in commemorative activities. The scale of this event is very large, and the leaders of Ukrainian nationalist organizations from various places will participate.

Damon did not explain the specific task, only let Statshen bring the camera to take photos of these organizations and leaders at the activity ceremony.

At the commemorative ceremony, a number of organizations and leaders came to the stage to speak. Finally, a middle -aged man came to power. His speech was impassioned and obtained by the audience.

Because Damon only arranged the task of taking pictures to Statshen, he did not pay special attention to the specific characteristics of these people. But the last lecturer took him a very deep impression on him, which was a very conspicuous blue Buberk.

At that time, Statshen didn't know, this was the next assassination object, the leader of the Ukraine Independence Movement, Bandera. The Soviet Union believed that Bandela was the leader of the Ukrainian nationalist organization with the largest number of people in the Western world, and his assassination plan had been launched.

Next, Damon arranged a clearer task to Statshen, which was tracked in Bandra in Munich. After Damon's investigation, Bandela was likely to patent Spriban Poppel, and he also found a suspicious place of residence.

Statshen took the ambiguous information in Munich for many days, but found nothing. Except for the signature of a chess tutorial on a chess tutorial, he did not find other useful information, and Bandra never lived in the suspicious place of residence.

When Statshen was leaving Munich, he accidentally read Munich's address book. Unexpectedly, in the address book, there was really the name Stepan Poppeer, and there was a phone call and his address: No. 7, Crete Street.

Statshen came to Create Street the next morning. Under the floor of the No. 7 apartment, the blue Boquan car that impressed him was stopped. It happened that one person came down from the car, which was Bandera on the podium.

Picture | Bandra

Statshen wandered for a few days in Munich, and he found that the blue Obubo car often stayed on the streets of Ziberlin near the Headquarters of the Ukraine Immigration Organization. In this way, he can fully confirm the residence and whereabouts of Bandra.

Damon was very happy after hearing Statshen's report. He couldn't even believe that the young agent in front of him could independently complete such a major task.

Within a few days after Statshen returned to the bland intelligence, Damon gave him a very familiar thing -killing Ribet's poisoned liquid gun.

Seeing this weapon again, Statshen was at a loss, thinking about how to refuse, because he was unwilling to participate in the assassination. However, Damon worked so much to arrange so many tasks in order to let Statshen be ready to assassinate Bandra.

Statshen quickly made a suggestion that disapproved of the assassination of Bandra. In his many days of tracking, it was found that the assassination of Bardelabi was much more difficult to assassinate Ribett, because Bandela always had a bodyguard to follow, and he would also be equipped with a gun. His awareness of self -defense was strong.

Damon did not care about the proposal. He showed Statshen's poisoning gun in his hand. This is a improved double barrel that can be fired twice in a row and resolved Bandera and his bodyguards.

Damon said that his superior hopes to complete this task as soon as possible. Damon also gave him the key to the gate of the apartment channel, and suggested that he do it at the entrance hall.

Statshen came to Munich with a improved weapon. He was insomnia and could only paralyze himself by alcoholism every day. He kept receiving the urging of superiors, and Statshen had no chance to hesitate and shrink.

Statshen walked to the streets of Munich, like last time, rolled a poisonous gun in a pocket. According to Bandera's working hours, I traveled to Crete Street and Ziberlin Street. Sure enough, I could meet Bandera almost every day, but there was always a bodyguard guard around him. Statshen did not dare to act rashly.

A few days later, Statshen finally found that Bandera drove back to the apartment alone, which was a rare opportunity. Band drove into the apartment garage. There was no one in front of the garage. It was a good place to act. Star applying for a poisonous liquid gun waiting for Bandra to appear, just like waiting for Ribett.

When Bandra turned off the car, Statshen suddenly gave up, and a voice in his heart told himself that he could not do so. Seeing that Bandra was about to stop the car and walked out of the garage, Statshen resolutely drove two shots on the ground with a poison gun, shot all the poison, and then inhaled the antidote and turned away.

Starshen's feeling of relief did not last long. He regretted it because he gave up this opportunity, but there was no reason to explain the reason to KGB.

When he followed Bandra, he might be tracked and monitored by other agents. If KGB saw the scene just now, he would definitely be punished.

On the way back, Statshen came up with a lot of reasons for himself. He was sure that other agents must not see the scenes in the garage, so you only need to say that other people suddenly came in the garage. Regardless of whether Damon believes, he can only explain this way.

After hearing it, Damon was very disappointed. Fortunately, he did not punish Sta Shen. A few days later, Damon gave Statshen a poisonous liquid gun and told him that he must seize the opportunity next time. Many people in Moscow are waiting for his report.

This time Damon has completed his task within ten days, and the time is very urgent. Damon did not say what would happen for ten days, but Star Shan guessed that it would not be a good ending. Statshen knew how Kigt -defending agents were treated. Only by obeying orders and killing Bandra can he get rid of the predicament in front of him.

Statshen returned to Munich again. The people on the streets of Zeppelin came and went. No one would pay more attention to this thin young man, let alone imagine a fatal weapon hidden in his pocket.

At noon, Statshen saw the familiar blue Buba sedan on the road, with his driver and a strange woman on the car besides Bandela and a strange woman.

"It seems that I can't do it today," Starin thought.

He looked at the time early. If you "get off work" now, I am afraid that the agent who monitors his own will report to his superiors that he will not be due to his diligence. So Statshen took the tram and went to Bandera apartment again. He planned to go around there, so that the superior knew that he was trying to do this. Late time, the blue Bulabobao drove into the street, and the woman in the car disappeared, only Bandera and driver. Stakshen thought: "Is it a good time now?"

In order to let himself be relieved, he decided not to hesitate and act as soon as possible.

There is a driver, and the garage is not the best place to do it. Starshen used the key to Damon to open the gate of the No. 7 apartment corridor and entered the entrance hall to stay in the rabbit. This is also the best plan for Damon to give him.

The entrance hall is very narrow, and the hits are the stairs. There are no movements on several households upstairs. In the quiet entrance hall, Statshen can only hear his breathing sound. In order to make the task more smoothly, he also took the calf agent while taking the antidote, so that he could make himself more calm.

When he was holding the poisonous gun to wait for the waiting, a woman's voice suddenly came upstairs, followed by the sound of high heels and wooden stairs collided.

", 咚, 咚!"

Statshen immediately became nervous. Who is she? Is it a neighbor? Are you here to welcome Bandra? Will a person standing in the hall neither go upstairs nor go out, will it make people doubtful?

Statshen found a corner next to the stairs, and he quickly hid in. After the woman went downstairs, she opened the door and did not find that there was a person in the hall at all. Stakshen was relieved. He walked out of the corner, went to the corner of the stairs, and stood here, pretending to be a neighbor who was going downstairs.

Soon, the door made a noise, and someone opened the door with a key, which was Bandela. He pulled the key from the door with his right hand, holding a bag of vegetables with his left hand. His keys seemed to have some problems, and he couldn't get out of the lock of the door, even if he kicked the door with his foot, he didn't pull it out.

The door was open, and people on the streets outside came, and Statshen was embarrassed in the front hall. He had to squat down and pretend to be shoelace, waiting for Bandela to get the door. If he tied his shoelaces and Bandra could not close the door, he could only give up this opportunity.

Sure enough, when Statshen tied his shoelaces, Bandela's key seemed to weld in the door. Statshen had to stand up and go to Bandera to prepare randomly. As he approached, Bandela finally pulled out the key.

"The key is not easy to use?" Statshen asked casually.

Bandra didn't find something wrong, and sighed, "Yeah, I finally got it."

"Bang" sounded, and the apartment door was closed. At the same time, Statshen lifted the poison gun wrapped in the newspaper, and the subtle sound of the venom was covered in the collision of the door ...

Statshen opened the door of the apartment and moved towards the street, and soon disappeared. When the apartment neighbor found that Bandra, who fell to the ground, Statshen had already fled to safely.

Statshen returned to Moscow, and KGB awarded him the Red Flag Medal. In the Cold War, this was a great honor for agents. KGB's superior expectations for Statshen had high expectations and had listed him as an elite agent.

However, Statshen couldn't face this medal, let alone to continue the assassination mission in KGB. Statshen knew that KGB did not allow agents to resign. If there were only two ways to leave: one is the death of the battle, and the other is to defect.

Three years later, Statshen successfully defeated. He surrendered in West Germany and explained the killing of Bandera and Ribett.

The judge did not believe these sensational words at first, because people always thought that the cause of the death of Bandra was a serious injury after stroke. Even if the forensic doctor extracted toxic substances in Bandra's body, the investigators could only speculate that several suspects could not confirm who was the murderer. As for Ribett, no one has never suspected that he was assassinated.

A few years have passed, and suddenly a person who claims to be a murderer is really hard to believe.

The investigation and trial of Statshen lasted for more than a year. The judge finally judged that Statshen was a murderer, but his judgment was only eight years in prison.

The judge believes that Statshen is not a murderer who is poor and evil. He was used by KGB, just like the poison gun, he was just a murderer.

After the public was public, Statshen was finally relieved. From then on, there is no need to do a violation of assassination mission, no more victims of the Cold War, and no longer need to be torn back and forth by political struggle and conscience.