I have been confused about the history of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. Can I science?

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I have been confused about the history of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. Can I science?

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After the Anshi Rebellion, the Tang Dynasty began to go downhill, especially the Fanzhen forces began to become stronger, so that Tang Ting had to be strictly guarded. Although it was barely maintained by the situation, the state expenditure also increased. More and more, many people are almost forced to survive.

In this case, there are some private salt traffickers, such as Huang Chao's family. His family sells private salt in order to survive, and gradually becomes a private salt leader in Shandong.

When Huang Chao was young, he took the imperial examination several times because he was unwilling to inherit his family business, but he was unfortunately selected. meaning.

When I was in September 8th, I killed it after it bloomed.

Chongtian incense is through Chang'an, and the city is full of golden armor.

Due to the repeated trial of the imperial examination, Huang Chao went home to inherit his family business and became the leader of the private salt traffickers, but he was really unhappy. Shandong encountered severe natural disasters. There are also free money to buy salt, so he can't mix it anymore.

At that time, the people were very dissatisfied because the court paid too much taxes, and Huang Chao gathered thousands of people's leisure uprising. This is the famous Huang Chao Uprising in history.

Huang Chao's uprising gave the Tang Dynasty who was ill and had a heavy blow. In a short period of time, they lost their two Beijing. In order to suppress the rebellion, the Tang Dynasty first recruited Zhu Wen, the subordinates of Huang Chao, and let the Shakuo people use troops to send troops. Help, it took more than six years to get Huang Chao.

After the Huang Chao's uprising, the Tang Dynasty formed a dozen fuses of the vanity town. Among them, Zhu Wen and Li Ke were the most powerful with the two. In addition, Li Maozhen, Tian Lingzi and others were very strong.

Although Zhu Wen and Li Ke defeated Huang Chao together, the contradiction between the two was deep.

Li Keyi was a Sha Tuo. The ancestor was given the surname of Li by the emperor of the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, he was very close to the Tang Dynasty. Moded Zhu Wen in words, and Zhu Wen sent someone to assassinate Li Ke after the banquet. Li Ke escaped after losing a few hundred people.

At that time, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty was Tang Yizong. He did a lot of work with the contradiction between Li Ke and Zhu Wen, but the effect was not good.

Later, in order to recognize Li Ke's contribution to the rebellion, Tang Yizong seal him as the king of Longxi County, which made Zhu Wen, who had only a marquis in Pei County.

However, Zhu Wen was helpless, because his strength was not enough to defeat Li Keyan, so he fought around and expanded the territory. He was ready to use Li Ke in the future.

After Tang Yizong's death, Tang Zhaozong succeeded him. He was very unhappy about Li Ke and Tian Lingzi and others, so he formed a central army with a number of people to reach 100,000 to defeat Tian Lingzi. In addition, Zhu Wen attacked Li Ke.

Zhu Wen was not ambiguous. He led the army to attack Li Ke, but he could not win. Although Li Ke had not suffered any losses, he had a great opinion on Tang Zhaozong, so he led the army to attack the city and expanded a lot of sites.

The situation of the Central Army who attacked Tian Lingzi was not optimistic. A person named Wang Jian led the troops to rebel and occupied the Sichuan area. Want to be opponents on both sides.

However, Li Ke's luck was not very good. His department launched a rebellion with the support of the Khitan people and defeated him. As a result, his site shrinks and lost the Hebei area, leaving only Shanxi.

This is cheap Zhu Wen. He took this opportunity to siege the city around and finally obtained the control of Henan, Shandong, and Shaanxi, and became the largest town forces at that time.

In the following years, Zhu Wen continued to attack Li Keyi. On the one hand, Li Ke responded to the Tang Dynasty on the other hand, but the Tang Dynasty was helpless.

In 19900, a major event occurred. Eunuch Liu Jishu and other banned Tang Zhaozong, the prince Li Yu as the emperor, the prime minister Cui Yan designed to kill Liu Jishu, and then wrote the letter that Zhu Wen, who had a good relationship with him, entered Beijing to destroy the party. Zhu Wen Seeing the opportunity, he led the army into Luoyang, supported Tang Zhaozong's succession, and then took it to Chang'an, turning it into a puppet.

Zhu Wen's emperor to order the princes, and Tang Zhaozong seal him as King Liang for him, but he was not satisfied. After killing hundreds of royal members and ministers, he abolished Tang Zhaozong and renamed Tang Zhaozong's second son. Li Yan is the emperor, for Emperor Tang Ai.

Subsequently, Zhu Wen continued to attack Li Ke, but Li Ke was very tenacious and resisted the attack.

Because Li Ke had been changed to King Jin at that time, his battle with Zhu Wen was also called the battle of Jinliang. This was the struggle between the two most powerful town at the time.

In 19907, Zhu Wen was unable to destroy Li Keyan, and he was a little anxious, so he abolished Emperor Tang Ai, established himself as the emperor, established the beam. The history was called the Hou Liang, and the Tang Dynasty perished. This was the first country of the five generations.

Knowing that Zhu Wen usurped the throne as emperor, Li Ke attacked his heart with qi and blood, or ordered the Tang Dynasty to continue to use the country of the Tang Dynasty. He died shortly after his death. He gave his son Li Cunzhen three arrows before his death, representing his three enemies. The first was Zhu Wen. The second is Liu Rengong, and the third is Yelu Abao. He asked Li Cunyu to help him destroy these three enemies. Li Cunzhen agreed with tears and opened a brilliant life.

With the demise of the Tang Dynasty, the forces of vanity town in various places could not sit still, and they came forward to build their own countries. This is the first country in the ten countries. In the same year, Wu Wang and Huainan, who separated the Anhui area, made Yang Wo announce that he would not recognize Hou Liang. He meant that Huainan was independent and no longer obeyed the leadership of any court. The second country.

It was also this year, occupying Tanzhou assassin in Hunan, and Zhenhai Jiedushi, which occupied Zhejiang. They all sorted out the back beams and were named Chu Wen and Wu Yuewang by Zhu Wen. The control of Zhu Wen has become an independent regime. Historically, it is called Ma Chu and Wu Yue, respectively. This is the third and fourth countries in the Ten Kingdoms.

In 19909, Wang Jianzhi, who occupied Fujian, had only tens of thousands of soldiers. In order to protect himself, he finally decided to vote for the back beam. Zhu Wen was very happy, and he registered him as the king of Fujian. He established a high degree of autonomy. Fujian, this is the fifth country in the ten countries.

And just when the founding of the founding country in the south, the war in the north was also underway. After Li Ke died, Li Cunzheng succeeded as the Jin King. Essence

As Zhu Wen's younger brother, Zhu Wen naturally would not sit down, so he led 500,000 to rescue, but was beaten by Li Cunyu to return.

This is the most tragic battle in Zhu Wen's life, so that when he evaluated Li Cunzheng, he said that having children should be like Li Yazi (Li Cunzheng's nickname). Li Ke used this son, my son is not as good as pigs and dogs!

Soon after, Zhu Wen fell ill. His son Zhu Youzheng took the opportunity to kill him. The other sons also came to compete for the throne. The back beam was caught in the civil strife. Li Cunzheng took this opportunity to defeat Liu Rengong and seized the Hebei area. The strength was greatly strengthened. , And started the conquest of the back beam.

During the period of Li Cunyu's attack, Liu Ye, who occupied Guangdong and Guangxi, announced that he would no longer be loyal to the back beam and established a country named Han. It is known as the sixth country in the ten countries. The time was in 19917. Essence

Li Cunzheng attacked the back beam in a row. In 19923, the back beam of internal and external problems was defeated by him. He ascended to the throne in Luoyang and established the second country in the five generations. The rule of the Tang Dynasty, although he had no relationship with the royal family of the Tang Dynasty except Li.

After the establishment of the Tang Dynasty, Li Cunzhen continued to conquer, eliminated the small regime such as Qian Shu, and finally controlled most of the north and a small part of the southern region to become the most powerful country at that time.

However, although Li Cunzhen is a good fight, he does not know how to govern the country, let alone how to soothe the people on the newly obtained land, so the rebellion happened. Dark arrow shot and killed.

After Li Cunzhen's death, the throne fought began. In the end, Li Ke's adopted son Li Yiyuan became the new emperor. Li Yiyuan was a good emperor. During his reign, Li Keyuan actively built the country and achieved good results. However, he was still a lack of pioneering spirit The emperor, Later Tang, began to lose control of Jingnan and Sichuan.

In 19924, after Tang Jingnan Jiedushi leaving Gao Jixing's control of the post -Tang Dynasty, and then Tang was unable to conquer, and he was registered as the King of Nanping. nation.

In the blink of an eye, in 19927, the deputy envoy of the Tang Xichuan Jieduki also wanted to be an emperor, and cut off all channels from Sichuan to the outside world. Finally, in 19934, he announced that he had left the Tang Dynasty control and ascended the throne to establish an emperor and established a country. The national name is also Shu, which is called Hou Shu in history. This is the eighth country of the ten countries.

And one year before Meng Zhixiang's name, Li Yiyuan died at the age of 67. His son Li Conghou succeeded. Li Conghou was a person with a doubtful disease. He always felt that someone wanted to murder him. The confrontation of the clan kings directly angered the kings, so he sent troops to attack him. He was eventually overturned by his brother Li Congke and General Shi Jingtang (son -in -law of Li Yiyuan).

Later, Li Congke's successor was the emperor, and Shi Jingtang became a powerful figure because of credit, but Li Congke was also a person with a very suspicion. He felt that Shi Jingtang held heavy soldiers in his hands. Ready to find a chance to kill him.

In order to protect themselves, Shi Jingtang sought the protection of the Khitan people. In order to fish for the benefits, the Khitan people proposed many harsh conditions.

In the end, Shi Jingtang gave Khitan with the sixteenth states of Cut Youyun, and recognized the Emperor Khitan as the condition that his father was used as a condition to replace Khitan to help him attack the Tang Dynasty.

Under the joint offensive of the Khitan and Shi Jingtang, the post -Tang Dynasty was destroyed in 19936. Shi Jingtang established the Jin Dynasty in the future.

After the establishment after the establishment, Shi Jingtang ceded Youyun 16 states to the Khitan. This incident had a very bad impact, which caused the Central Plains dynasty to be invaded in the north. Hand.

In addition, Shi Jingtang also shamelessly compared the Emperor Khitan as his father, and he was very charming. He sent tribute to Khitan every year to fulfill his filial piety. He was also called the emperor and became the laughingstock of the world.

One year after the establishment of the Jin Dynasty, several major events occurred in the south. Xu Zhizheng (Li Yan), the adopted son of Xu Wen, the southern Wuquan Chen, launched the military coup, seized the control of the North Korean government, and soon abolished Wu Lord Yang Ye. Established the Qi State, and later changed the country name to Tang. It was known as the South Tang Dynasty. This was another dynasty with relatives with the Tang Dynasty and the ninth country in the ten countries. It is worth mentioning that the third year after the establishment of the later Jin, that is, in 19939, the Jinghai Jiedushi in northern Vietnam made Wu Quan also announced that he would no longer be loyal to the Central Plains regime and established its own country. This is independent from China.

In 19942, Shi Jingtang died in a scolding sound. His nephew Shi Chonggui was supported by the ministers as emperors, and the minister Liu Zhiyuan became the power minister who defended one side and held heavy soldiers.

Shi Chonggui is not the same as Shi Jingtang. He is unwilling to yield to the Khitan people, so he no longer calls Emperor Khitan as his father and no longer tribute. As a result, the Khitan people were annoyed and sent troops to attack.

Later, some ministers used to be a slave to the Khitan people. In order to keep the richest wealth, they should be in line with the Khitan people. The Khitan army eventually entered the capital Kaifeng, and the later Jin was destroyed. This year was 946 years.

In fact, the later Jin could have been permanent, as long as Liu Zhiyuan sent troops to rescue, but he sat in the success or failure, and eventually led to the end of the post -promotion.

After the Khitan people entered Kaifeng, Yeludu was preparing to officially ascend the throne as emperor and used Kaifeng as the capital, but unfortunately he was dissatisfied with his soil and water, and he died soon before he lived. , Then withdrew from the Central Plains area.

When Liu Zhiyuan saw the opportunity, he led his army to Luoyang and ascended the throne to the throne and established a country named Han. It is known as the Han Dynasty. This is the fourth country of the Five Dynasties. This year is 947.

In fact, Liu Zhiyuan was a Sha Tuo person, and Liu was changed after he called the emperor. The purpose of him was to climb his relatives with the Han Dynasty, so as to stabilize his rule. This was also a common practice at that time.

Liu Zhiyuan died of illness in one year. Before his death, his son Liu Chengyou succeeded and asked Liu Chengyou to kill several ministers after his succession, including the Tianxiong Army Johor Guo Wei.

After Liu Chengyou's succession, he killed several ministers, but Guo Weiren was in the field and learned the news in advance. So he was rebellious. Liu Chengyou was so angry that he killed Guo Wequan, who stayed in Kaifeng, and Guo Weizi Chai Rong's family.

As a result of the war, Guo Wei quickly defeated Liu Chengyou. After that, he pretended to hold Liu Zhiyuan's adopted son Liu Ye as emperor, but the news of the Khitan attacks came. I went to resist, but the soldiers walked halfway, pushing him, gave him a yellow robe, and then wrapped him back and sealed it.

After Guo Wei returned to Kaifeng, he no longer installed it, but immediately ascended the throne to be emperor, and the country was changed to Zhou. It was called the post -week of the history. This is the last country of the Five Dynasties. The time was 951.

Later, Zhao Kuangyin made the yellow robe, which was actually learned from Guo Wei. The plot was almost exactly the same.

After Guo Wei called the emperor, he killed Liu Ye. Liu Ye's father Liu Chong was in Taiyuan at that time. He felt very angry and established himself as an emperor in Taiyuan. He established a country. This is the tenth country of the ten countries.

Then surrender to the south. Since 19945, the vast regional Southern Tang Dynasty has begun to attack the surrounding countries by relying on its strong national strength. Most of the land in the south.

At this point, the country existing on the land of China, in addition to the post -week, is Houshu, Wuyue, South Tang, Jingnan, South Han and Northern Han Dynasty.

During the reign of Guo Wei, he gained martial arts and achieved a lot of achievements, but unfortunately he had no son, so when he died in 19954, he had to pass the throne to Yangzi Chai Rong.

To be precise, Chai Rong should be called Guo Rongcai, and his descendants should also surname Guo.

Chai Rong is a great emperor. After his succession, he determined the goal of "developing the world with ten years, ten years to support the people, and ten years to the peace". For this reason, he worked unremittingly. With the help of Zhao Kuangyin and others, Make a lot of achievements.

In general, with the efforts of Chai Rong, the Northern Han Dynasty and Hou Shu were beaten down, and more than a dozen states were taken from the Southern Tang Dynasty. , The south of the Tang Dynasty claimed to be self -proclaimed.

The most exciting thing is that Chai Rong also defeated Khitan and recaptured the three states in Youyun 16 states. This achievement can be described as brilliant.

However, Chai Rong was not very lucky. He was ill during the Northern Expedition. He returned to Beijing on the way back to Beijing.

It didn't take long after returning to Beijing, Chai Rong died. He was in office for only five years. If he gave him a few more years, he might have achieved greater achievements.

After Chai Rong's death, the eldest son Chai Zongxun (actually the fourth son, and the first three sons were killed in Kaifeng). Because he was very young, Zhao Kuangyin was ready to usurp. When the soldiers went to resist, when he walked to Chenqiaoyi outside Kaifeng City, a yellow robe plus stories happened.

After returning to Kaifeng, Zhao Kuangyin forced Chai Zong to train him to give him a meditation. From this he established the Great Song, and the five generations ended. The history of the Song Dynasty was about to start. This year was 960, but at this time the Ten Kingdoms era was not over.

Because Chai Rong laid a good foundation, what to do after the establishment of the Song Dynasty was very simple. It only needed to destroy the remaining countries. Being eliminated or surrendered, only the North Han and Wu Yue were still supporting it.

After Zhao Kuangyin's inexplicable death, his brother Zhao Kuangyi succeeded. He recruited Wu Yue in 19978 and eliminated the Northern Han Dynasty in 19979. He got a general, that is, the first generation of Yang Ye of the Yang family.

At this point, the fifth generation and ten kingdoms have ended. Most of China's land has been included in the Song Dynasty. The Song Dynasty became the unified dynasty. The dynasty, of course, is another topic.

To sum up, the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms are a period of chaos, and the five generations of the five generations are inherited from each other and mainly occupy the north. Outside the north, other countries are in the south;

As for the Song Dynasty, it was actually the continuation of the Five Dynasties (later weeks). There were some periods of time with several countries in the ten countries. After the Northern Han Dynasty was destroyed, it completely ended the turmoil.