When Guo Jing died, Yang Guo really did not go to the rescue field?He might go, and rescued Guo Fu's son

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When Guo Jing died, Yang Guo really did not go to the rescue field?He might go, and rescued Guo Fu's son

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In the martial arts story, those protagonists are inevitable, such as Yang Guo and Guo Jing who appeared in "The Condor Heroes".

Yang Guo is a hero, Guo Jing is also a hero. Everyone who reads the original book knows that the two of them have different personalities. Yang Guo is a person with a slightly evil style. Forgot to make friends, but his personality is destined that he will not choose to stay in Xiangyang like Guo Jing. This is understandable. Most people worship Guo Jing, but want to be Yang Guo. This is a fact.

Therefore, the distinctive personality of the two also brought different endings to the two. Yang Guo eventually retreated to the hidden rivers and lakes with his wife Xiaolong.

(Guo Jing, Huang Rong still)

But when the last battle of Xiangyang broke out, did Yang Guo really want to save Guo Jing in the past? Perhaps this is not the case. Through the details of the book, Yang Guo not only went, but also took away Guo Jing's grandson.

1. The doomed tragedy

Some people often criticize Yang Guo's selfishness and do not help Guo Jingshou City. In fact, it is purely generous. Xiangyang City will be broken. Asked Guo Jing, "Uncle Guo, do you say Xiangyang can hold it?"

Guo Jing did not answer positively, but took Zhuge Liang's deeds as an example: "Zhuge Liang's talent to rule the country and the people can't understand. He once said that he only knew 'bowed and died. I. I talked to Mrs. Guo that Xiangyang was able to keep and unable to keep it. When it comes to it, I always just bowed myself, and I died.

From Guo Jing's words, it is not difficult to make his helplessness and despair. He guarded Xiangyang that he knew that he could not do it. Yang Guo helped Guo Jing guard the city. It was nothing more than one life.

However, it is not valuable that after Yang Guodong's ending of Xiangyang City's ending or later, he could also appear in the Xiangyang War at the end of the "Condor Heroes".

(Yang Guo, Guo Fu's stills)

It is precisely because Yang Guo always thought about Uncle Guo. When I guess that when the last battle of Xiangyang broke out, he would still go to Xiangyang to help out.

2. Yang Guo, who is weak to the sky

First of all, from the results, Xiangyang City was finally broken by the Mongolian side. Although Jin Yong did not directly write the war, the later Emei disciple Zhou Yiruo recalled the tragic situation of the year.

Original: "On the day of Xiangyang City, the couple of Guo and Guo Gong broke their prisoners at the same time, and the Dragon Sword did not know where to where.

So even if Yang Guo came to help, it still failed to change the ending. This is not difficult to understand. Yang Guo is not a god. Even if he has three heads and six arms, how can he change his life against the sky?

Coupled with the "Yang Guo Fei Shi Khan Khan" before, the Mongolian side naturally did more strictly for the protection of Da Khan, and it would not give Yang Guo's opportunity to re -apply. "At this time, it can't work.

What can Yang Guo come to help out at this time? Very simple, save people, save Guo Jing's family as much as possible.

Zhou Yiruo's memories of Zhou Yiruo are actually inaccurate to describe the encounter of the Guo Jing family with "fighting the family". First of all, Guo Xiang is determined to be far away in Nishikawa. She naturally live well. In addition to Guo Xiang, Guo Fu actually has The goal is unknown, where did she go?

This may be a foreshadowing.

(Guo Fu stills)

In the author's opinion, Guo Fu may not die at the time. She was only seriously injured, but she couldn't support it for a long time. At this time, Yang Guo rescued her and her son, but Guo Fu knew that her injuries had been unable to return to heaven, so she asked for Yang Guo escaped Xiangyang with his young son.

But after all, from the perspective of the people participating in the battle, Guo Fu has been rescued by Yang Guo, and naturally they cannot be clear whether Guo Fu died with Guo Jing. It is clear that she died.

But the question is that Guo Fu really has a son? Can't you have no basis for nothing, right? In fact, there are really clues to speculate in the continuous version.

3. The son of Guo Fu who lives in the future

Regarding "Guo Fu's whereabouts are unknown", more people's speculation is that she later went to Yang Guo, and she came together with Yang Guo after the death of the dragon. At the same time, the existence of that character also confirms that the author's speculation is more reliable.

(Yu Lianzhou Stills)

That man was Yelu Yuanru.

How can Yelu Yuan make people? Not to mention that this character only exists in the serial version of "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji". Most people have never read this version at all. The name did not give him any drama.

The book was mentioned by Yu Lianzhou's mouth, and the original manner said: "Yu Lianzhou saw him with six cloth bags on his back. He thought that this was a six -bag disciple in the beggar. This kind of humble act is coming? Besides, the beggar gangs is a good friend to help the Lord Yelu Yuanru and the master Song Yuanqiao again. This is really strange. "

The amount of information described in this paragraph is not large, and the existence of this role does not affect the main plot, but the name "Yelu Yuanru" and his "beggar gang" identity is full of information. (Yeluqi, Guo Fu stills)

Combining the surname "Yelu" and the identity of "Beggar Gang", it is not difficult to speculate that this person must be the son of Guo Fu and Yeluqi, otherwise in just decades, how can the "first gang of the world" in the Central Plains appear in just decades? Two people who are not related but their surnames are "Yelu"?

So the question is, how did Yeluyuan live to later generations?

At this time, combined with the speculation of the previous article, everything is well explained. It was Yang Guo who went to Xiangyang to help out and rescued Guo Fu and Yeru Yuanru, but Guo Fu died halfway, so Yang Guo took away Yelu Yuanru, and Then he passed on his chivalrous spirit and secretly helped him lead the beggar gang, which also explained why the later yellow shirt women would care about the beggar. Naturally, it was the arrangement of her ancestor Yang Guo.

Unfortunately, Jin Yong deleted the role of "Yeluyuan Ru" in the Sanlian version, so only through the stories of the serial version can you understand this dark line plot.