In 1949, a prisoner escaped the detention center with a wooden board before his sentence, and the special agents were dispatched without caught.

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In 1949, a prisoner escaped the detention center with a wooden board before his sentence, and the special agents were dispatched without caught.

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In the early morning of April 11, 1949, the Detention Center of the First Inspection Brigade of the Shanghai Police Command, located at 171 Weihai Guard, made a mess.

With the detention director Xu Shaoyuan's order, "chasing!" Several cars immediately launched, carrying a lot of guns with a guns out of the detention center and chasing on the street. However, Xu Shaoyuan's momentum was very big, tossing for a whole day, but he couldn't see it. It turned out that a prisoner named Fan Jiman was detained by the detention center. As a result, before the departure, Fan Jiman escaped from a wooden board to escape from the detention center he was in charge.

Fan Jiman's jailbreak, why Xu Shaoyuan's hunting hunting? What is his identity? How did Fan Jiman succeed in jailbreak by a wooden board? All of this will have more than ten years from this lurking Kuomintang, and have worked with the first killer Chen Gongzhang for a long time, and even said that Fan Jiman, who had been a boss of Mao Renfeng.

Fan Jiman was born in 1906 and was born in Liangshan County. At that time, Liangshan County was under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Province, and now it has been changed to Liangping County in Chongqing. Fan Jiman, as a red agent lurking inside the Kuomintang, has used many pseudonym throughout his life, such as Fan Xing, Jiang Jiejie, Fan Jimei. His original name was Fan Xiancai, and the name "Fan Jiman" was actually one of the pseudonyms. However, because of the long time and wide range of use, the name was eventually used.

Fan Jiman, a 19 -year -old, was successfully admitted to the Hanyang Military Factory Specialized School and Wuchang Central Military and Political School (also known as the Wuhan Branch of Huangpu Military Academy). During his studies, he joined the Communist Party of China. In 1928, Fan Jiman was admitted to the Central Army Officer School and became the sixth student. He studied at the school for one year.

In 1930, for Fan Jiman's worries, he was admitted to Peiping University. During the school, he was proficient in the four languages ​​of Japan, Britain, Russia, and Germany, and provided great help to him later. What was worried is that he was betrayed and prison by the traitor this year, because the enemy couldn't get any evidence and had to release him again. But because of this jail, he was interrupted with the party. In order to restore the relationship, he was looking for, but he never couldn't do it as expected.

In 1932, Fan Jiman returned to Peiping and was looking for the anti -Japanese national saving activities while looking for. Under the careful observation of Fan Jiman, I finally found that a female classmate in her class was very special. Her name is Xue Xun, who is clean and neat, showing a strong patriotic spirit. Fan Jiman felt that she might be the Communist Party, so she took the initiative to approach her, and boldly spoke her experience, hoping that she could help herself restore the relationship with the party.

Fan Jiman's eyesight was very strong, and his judgment was correct. Xue Xun quickly reported the matter to the person in charge Lao Du. Unfortunately, because the underground organizations of Shanghai at that time were severely damaged, Lao Du could not confirm whether Fan Jiman's experience was true, and he needed further investigation. At present, he could not help him recover the relationship. However, because of his personal trust in Fan Jiman, Lao Du temporarily followed Xue Xun to organize some activities.

The news of the recovery relationship did not wait, but waited for a bad news. It turned out that Fan Jiman's fellow and classmate Cao Ce was arrested by the warlord. After Cao Ce was imprisoned, the trustee sent a letter to Fan Jiman, hoping that he could help. Although Cao Ce is equivalent to Fan Jiman, Cao Ce has an important status in the party. He used to be the secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee.

In private, Fan Jiman couldn't sit and ignore it, and then launched his various relationships and tried to rescue Cao Ce. In the end, Fan Jiman found Chen Gongxuan, a classmate at the Huangpu Military Academy, hoping that he could help himself. At that time, Chen Gongxuan served in the Kuomintang forces and was the head of the secret publication. He had certain connections and influence in Peiping. If he is willing to rescue himself, it can help Cao Ce get out of danger.

However, although Chen Gongxuan and Fan Jiman have the friendship of classmates, he is a person who is not able to afford early and does not mean to rescue him. It is just dragging and pressing Fan Jiman. Fan Jiman did not wait for the news that Cao Ce was released, and realized that the problem was, and then found Chen Gongzhang's inquiry again.

Chen Gongxuan simply showed his cards this time. He could help bail Cao Ce, but there was a condition. Fan Jiman also had to help him a lot of foreign language materials provided by the American embassy to fill him Essence Fan Jiman is proficient in many languages, and it is not difficult for him to translate. In order to save Cao Ce with danger as soon as possible, he decisively agreed.

After getting foreign language materials, Fan Jiman was surprised to find that these foreign materials were not ordinary materials, all of which were diplomatic and important military intelligence between the Kuomintang and Japan. Such an unexpected joy made Fan Jiman very excited. In the process of translation, he copied a copy and saved it, and passed Xue Xun and Lao Du to take over with their superiors to hand over these important intelligence materials.

Since then, Fan Jiman has obtained information one after another, and all of them have been handed over to the organization through this way, which has made the military and diplomatic situation between the North China Japanese and the Kuomintang North China. At the same time, Fan Jiman's outstanding translation ability was also recognized by Chen Gongxuan. Under his activities, Cao Ce was quickly released by the warlord.

Unfortunately, only about half a year after the time. Due to the betrayal of the traitor, Fan Jiman used the opportunity of translation materials to obtain information exposure, which caused Chen Gongxuan to be furious, causing Fan Jiman to be caught again. Fan Jiman's girlfriend Peng Yaluo heard the news and ran around, and found many powerful officers in Huangpu Department to help, so that Fan Jiman was able to escape. After Fan Jiman was released from prison, he studied at Peiping Sichuan Middle School and earned what he needed to live. He studied at the Russian Economics Department of the Peking University French Academy, continued to enrich himself, and worked hard to realize his revolutionary ideals.

Fan Jiman's girlfriend Peng Yaluo, one teacher named Shamei, Shamei had a sister named Zheng lived in Peiping. During the Spring Festival in 1934, Fan Jiman and Peng Yaluo went to the New Year's New Year's Eve. Fan Jiman met Sister Zheng's husband Liu Zunqi. The two talked very well. After this time, Fan Jiman visited Liu Zunqi's family several times, and the two forged a deep friendship.

Liu Zunqi's position at that time was a reporter and translation of the Soviet Tas Suseo in Peiping, and he was accompanied by Fan Jiman. He has a friend named Liu Yizheng, a reporter from the Shanghai Evening News in Peiping. Occasionally, the three met in Liu Zunqi's family. The three of them talked with each other and appreciated each other.

Liu Yizheng had an idea for Fan Jiman to help translate some Japanese materials, but because it was the first time he met, he was not embarrassed to speak directly, but asked Liu Zunqi to help ask Fan Jiman's opinion. After learning about the incident, Fan Jiman agreed to it. After he got the materials, he knew that the original materials came from the Japanese embassy. The content was related to some economy and Japanese military and political in the Northeast. It was extremely precious information.

Fan Jiman had previously helped Chen Gongxuan translate the information and accumulated a lot of experience. Now that the task of translating the data again is like the fish, the translation is fast and accurate, which makes Liu Yizheng very satisfied.

With the in -depth exchanges between the two, Fan Jiman learned about Liu Yizheng's true identity. He is an intelligence staff member of the Soviet Red Army's General Report Department. Since there is a common goal of anti -Japanese, Fan Jiman has worked hard to work, and Liu Yizheng also arranged a title of "Liberal Daily" reporter for him to make him some necessary socialization.

Since then, in addition to doing translation work, Fan Jiman is also responsible for staring at foreign newspapers and searching for some important information from the newspaper. During the period, Fan Jiman rushed from the head of the Japanese North China Army to the commander of the Tueta Army to Peiping. In the news of He Yingqin, he was calculated that Meijin Micheo was not good at this trip. Essence It turns out that Fan Jiman's inference is right. After the two met, the two signed the "He Mei Agreement".

As the cooperation between Fan Jiman and Liu Yizheng gradually tacitly tacitly tacitly tacitly tacitly tacitly tacitly tacitly tacitly left Beiping and went to the northwest on the grounds of receiving new important tasks. On the eve of the farewell, Liu Yizheng and Fan Jiman talked to Fan Jiman, solemnly to Fan Jiman:

"Although the light of lightning is bright, it is a little vector that the light of the star is weak, but it is Changming all night ..."

After this, Fan Jiman and Liu Yizheng broke the contact. At that time, Peiping had been affected by the war of Japanese aggressors. Fan Jiman and Peng Yalo decided to leave Peiping and return to Shanghai. After returning to Shanghai, Fan Jiman taught to maintain his livelihood, while continuing to inquire about the organization's news, hoping to restore the relationship as soon as possible, but he was always unable to wish.

In 1936, due to the performance of Fan Jiman's previous cooperation with Liu Yizheng, the Soviet Union was very affirmed to his progress, and he invited him. After learning the news, Fan Jiman cheered, boarded the sea round, and went to the Soviet Union.

On the "Northern" sea wheel to the Soviet Union, Fan Jiman met Qian Junrui. The two felt very close during the conversation because of their common ideals and goals. Qian Junrui is a member of the Communist Party. The destination of this trip is France. Because of Taoist Moscow, he encountered Fan Jiman in a coincidence.

Half a year later, when Fan Jiman returned to Shanghai, he met Qian Junrui again at the anti -Japanese assembly. This time, Qian Junrui admitted that he would work for the Soviet Tas Society and hoped that Fan Jiman could help him. Fan Jiman had always had the same anti -Japanese heart, and had the same goal as Qian Junrui. After hearing Qian Junrui's invitation, he agreed.

Because of Qian Junrui's relationship, Fan Jiman was engaged in intelligence work again, and after working for a period of time, he contacted the Soviet Peter Sen and began to provide him directly with intelligence. During his time with Qian Junrui in Shanghai, Fan Jiman suddenly had a young man named Zhang Jien came to him. After understanding, he knew that he was introduced by Liu Yizheng and urgently needed Fan Jiman to help translate information. In this way, Fan Jiman works in two lines at the same time in Shanghai.

In 1939, Fan Jiman ushered in two things that made him extremely happy. The first thing is that he and his girlfriend Peng Yaluo. After years of love, he suffered from the trouble and the Communist Party, and finally officially became a husband and wife this year; the second thing was that Fan Jiman got the news. His superior was replaced. It was Liu Yizheng who had worked with each other for a while before.

The cave house has a candle night, and there are friends from far away. How can I not let Fan Jiman happy at the same time in this year?

On the eve of the outbreak of the Pacific War in 1941, the situation in Shanghai was very turbulent. A secret radio station in the French Concession was stared at by the enemy at this time. This is a radio station that can be contacted directly with Yan'an, which is of great significance to the organization. If this radio is damaged by the enemy, the consequences are very serious.

In order to ensure this secret radio station set in the Hardware Store of Baolpe Road, Fan Jiman was ordered to be ordered, wore a suit leather, and walked into the hardware store. In the name of the purchase of electrical appliances, it will be packed in advance. The shop is transported out of the shop under the eyelids. Since then, Fan Jiman escorted the radio station to Anle Tun, and transferred the radio to a car that had been waiting for a long time to complete the task of protecting the radio. In order to ensure that the radio station can continue to run, Fan Jiman tried his best to this, and finally rented a pavement near the densely personnel Jing'an Temple Dahua Shopping Mall, and dug land in the house to place the radio. Contact.

In order to cover his identity and obtain more information, the Fan Jiman and his wife opened a bookstore. Under the high pressure of the enemy, he still stood in Shanghai.

At the end of 1943, Chen Gongxuan, who had not dealt with more than ten years, appeared again in Shanghai. After Chen Gongzheng arrived in Shanghai, he immediately found Fan Jiman. This time, he was looking for Fan Jiman and did not mention old things. Instead, Fan Jiman asked Fan Jiman to help him collect Japanese pseudo -puppet information. In order to facilitate Fan Jiman's work, he also found a house for him at the intersection of Yalbi Road and Spirit Fed Road.

Fan Jiman immediately reported this matter. After being agreed by Liu Yizheng, he began to provide Chen Gongxuan with information related to Japanese pseudo -related information. Fan Jiman was very intelligent. He used the opportunity to contact Chen Gongzheng to obtain some important information from the Kuomintang from him and reported it to the organization in time.

In 1944, Liu Yizheng was transferred from Shanghai again and separated from Fan Jiman. Soon after Liu Yizheng left, the Japanese gendarmerie began a big search. Fan Jiman was also arrested in this search. The charges were "anti -Japanese elements". After hearing the news, Peng Yoluo immediately found Chen Gongxuan and witly used the relationship between Fan Jiman and Chen Gongxuan. He lied that Fan Jiman was accidentally caught because of collecting information for him. Chen Gongxuan believed that he was true and immediately used the relationship to save people, so Fan Jiman was able to escape.

Due to Liu Yizheng's departure, Fan Jiman returned to freedom and broke the organization again. Fortunately, Zhang Jien, who had been transferred before, had a better understanding of Fan Jiman. After Pan Hannian's approval, he began to establish a connection with Fan Jiman through Zhang Ziyu.

In 1945, shortly after the victory of the Anti -Japanese War, the domestic situation changed, and Chiang Kai -shek's ambition to launch a civil war was already known to passers -by. At this time, Liu Yizheng returned to Shanghai again, and secretly found Fan Jiman, explaining the situation at the time. And clarify that Chiang Kai -shek may become the enemy of the main struggle in the future.

Fan Jiman's view of Liu Yizheng was very recognized. Liu Yizheng felt that the time was mature and conveyed the work arrangement of his next step to Fan Jiman's organization. In order to achieve the confidence, the organization decided to let Fan Jiman enter the enemy and sneak into the Kuomintang for intelligence collection.

For the situation at the time, such a work arrangement was very suitable. From the perspective of Fan Jiman's personal perspective, he was not only born in the Huangpu Military Academy, but many students were in the Kuomintang's internal position. Putting into the best candidate inside the Jiang Gang in Shanghai.

Fan Jiman did not hesitate to hear the words. In order to revolutionize the cause, he had already prepared for "not entering the tiger's hole to get a tiger." In the spring of 1946, Liu Yizheng once again left Shanghai because of the task. Before leaving, Fan Jiman ordered: "The deeper the drill, the better."

In June 1946, as Chiang Kai -shek launched a civil war, Fan Jiman also stepped up the movement of entering the enemy. However, whether Fan Jiman was looking for Huangpu's classmates or Chen Gongyi, they were unwilling to help Fan Jiman enter the military agency. Especially Chen Gongxuan, he had turned his face with him because of Fan Jiman's revealing information, and naturally guarded him.

Fortunately, there was no end to the road. The following autumn, when Fan Jiman was anxiously looking for the opportunity to enter the enemy, Zhang Ziyu, who had contact him during the Anti -Japanese War, suddenly appeared. After meeting Fan Jiman's bookstore, the two had a long talk. During the conversation, Fan Jiman talked about his current situation.

At this time, Zhang Ziyu's disclosure of the public is already a director of the Kuomintang. He has such a identity. In addition, Fan Jiman itself is born in Huangpu Military Academy and is well -known in multinational language. Zhang Ziyu helped Fan Jiman enter to enter The Kuomintang military organs are naturally not a problem.

After the two discussed, Zhang Ziyu decided to help him achieve his goals, but for caution, Fan Jiman decided to change his name to Fan Xing and used the fact that he had previously collected information for Chen Gongxuan. He lied that he had played for the Kuomintang many years ago. When Zhang Ziyu recommended Fan Jiman to Chen Cheng's time, it was when the Kuomintang was employed. After Chen Cheng saw Fan Jiman's careful designed resume, he immediately decided to use Fan Jiman.

Fan Jiman entered the Kuomintang as expected and was responsible for international intelligence. After Fan Jiman entered the Kuomintang, with his strong talents, he was quickly promoted and became a subordinate of the special agent, Zheng Jiemin, and his boss of Mao Renfeng. Not only is he equipped with a small car, but he also has a large number of running fees. He used this money to make a large office for himself to cover himself to collect information.

During the period, Zhang Ziyu made a group of Japanese invaders' arms and intended to give it to the New Fourth Army in Zhejiang. Unfortunately, the facts were unknown, and the reactionary was perceived, so he exposed his identity and was arrested by the agent. Fan Jiman was already a major general of the Kuomintang at the time. In order to cover Zhang Ziyu's escape, he directly pulled Zhang Ziyu to his car and sent him out of Shanghai from the enemy's eyelids. He also helped him hire a fishing boat, sent him to South Korea, and moved to Hong Kong. The enemy caught Zhang Ziyu and wanted to swallow his house. Before Zhang Ziyu left, Fan Jiman had instructed Fan Jiman to help take care of the house, and Fan Jiman also promised him that the house must belong to the people in the future. According to Fan Jiman, according to the reason, he controlled the house in his own hands and practiced his commitment to submit it in 1949.

After the three major battles started, Fan Jiman's actions were more positive, frequently traveled between Nanjing and Shanghai, and reported important information to the organization in a timely manner. In the three major battles, Fan Jiman has achieved many important information, so that the party organization has a comprehensive grasp of some enemy conditions, truly knowing and knowing one another, and eventually won.

For example, in the Battle of Liaoning and Shen, Chiang Kai -shek ordered the Liao Yaoxiang Corps to the west of Liaoning;

In the Huaihai Campaign, after Chiang Kai -shek ordered Qiu Qingquan to reinforce, Qiu Qingquan's stationed position and the location of the headquarters were all learned by Fan Jiman and passed it to the organization;

In the Battle of Pingjin, the secrets of Chiang Kai -shek's extinction of humanity, Chen Changjie, decided by the embankment, etc., and were mastered by our army in advance for Fan Jiman. It can be said that the victory of the three major battles, Fan Jiman, as a latent intelligence staff, has contributed.

In 1949, the Kuomintang defeat had become, and Dawn was approaching. However, the period before Dawn was the darkness, and the Kuomintang fell crazy during this time and desperately creating bleeding incidents. Finally, Shen Hantao was one of them under the intimidation of the enemy.

Shen Hantao had previously been responsible for intelligence work and had contact with Fan Jiman. When the enemy searched Shen Hantao's residence, he found a book given to him by Fan Jiman, and forced Shen Hantao to say that Fan Jiman and his relationship with him. After the betrayal of Shen Hantao, Fan Jiman's true identity was provided.

After learning about the news, the relationship was not directly arrested because of the relationship between Chen Gongxuan and him. Instead, he told Chen Gongxuan first. After meeting with Fan Jiman, Chen Gongxuan explained to him and was denied by Fan Jiman Yantou. Chen Gongxuan did not continue to argue with Fan Jiman, but just told him that if he had no problem, as long as he went to the Secret Bureau to explain the situation.

Chen Gongxuan said that he was light and light, but he obviously had no trust in Fan Jiman. After the conversation, he directly ordered Fan Jiman to bring Fan Jiman to the Secret Bureau. Ye Xiangzhi, the deputy director and second director of the Security Bureau's office, did not turn around, and directly escorted the traitor Shen Hantao to Fan Jiman to let them face the face.

Fan Jiman was in danger, and denied all the charges that were unfavorable to him, and scolded Shen Hantao's blood mouth to spray people. Ye Xiangzhi did not have an iron certificate, and Fan Jiman's identity was a major general of the Kuomintang, and his attitude was very tough. Ye Xiangzhi had to set Fan Jiman on the Confidential Bureau on the grounds of "waiting to find out".

When Fan Jiman was escorted to the detention center, he was wearing a major general's uniform and wearing a collar and shoulder chapter. Fan Jiman's move caused the dissatisfaction of Xu Shaoyuan, the director of the guard, and asked him to take off the collar and shoulder chapter. Fan Jiman was furious, saying that his army was named by President Jiang, and questioned Xu Shaoyuan, "What qualifications do you have to take off your shoulder chapter?"

Seeing that Xu Shaoyuan was a little guilty, he changed his face. It was advised that Fan Jiman was better to temporarily remove the collar chapter and the shoulder chapter, and was rejected by Fan Jiman. Xu Shaoyuan had no longer mentioning the matter and took him to the police room temporarily.

Since then, Nanjing has repeatedly sent officers to interrogate him. Fan Jiman kept his mouth like a bottle, and from time to time he took out the momentum of Major General of the Kuomintang. To these officers, "Boss and Mao Renfeng believe me. People dare to bully Lao Tzu. "Seeing a few interrogations, Fan Jiman was unscathed, but his attitude was even harder. The people in the detention center dare not embarrass Fan Jiman. Usually not only to be polite to him, but also playing cards with him when they are bored.

There was also a man named Zhou Liyang with Fan Jiman. He suddenly found Fan Jiman on April 10 and told him an important news.

It turned out that on this day, Xu Shaoyuan had a quarrel with the deputy director Peng Mengjun, which was very fierce and attracted the attention of Zhou Liyang. After the two of them ended the quarrel, Xu Shaoyuan removed the prisoner's roster and circled three names on it, namely "Liu Xiyou", "Zhang Wenyuan", "Fan Xing" (Fan Jiman's pseudonym after sneaking into the Kuomintang).

Out of curiosity, Zhou Liyang stepped forward and asked Peng Mengjun: "What does it mean to draw circles on the names of these three people?" Peng Mengjun replied casually: "It is about Jienan City Detention Center. Today the prisoner is broken and will be solved tomorrow. "Nanshi Detention Center, which is comparable to the" Ghost Gate Pass ". Once it is escorted to the South City Detention Center, most of them are torture. Escape again.

Fan Jiman was surprised when he heard the news, and immediately got up to check the prisoner's roster and found that there was really a circle on his name. Fan Jiman immediately told Zhou Liyang the idea he wanted to escape and asked his suggestions. Zhou Liyang told Fan Jiman that we were all around us around us. Climbing directly, we would make a noise. The gun guards on the door of the door were shocked not far away. Speaking of which, Zhou Liyang asked Fan Jiman, have you reached the point of death? Fan Jiman replied firmly: "If he is escorted to the South City Detention Center, he will die." Zhou Liyang heard the words and told Fan Jiman decisively: "Then escape."

In the early morning of April 11, 1949, Zhou Liyang lied that he had a stomachache and asked the guardian Xu Buqing to help take medicine for medicine. Fan Jiman had long been guarding the toilet. After Xu Buqing went out, he immediately put a plate of the usually placed on the face of the prisoners, and was skilled in the bamboo fence. Then he boarded the wooden board to escape.

Due to some panic, Fan Jiman failed to step on the wooden board after stepping on the wooden board for the first time, and he injured his face. He endured the pain and quickly got up and fled with the wooden board quickly.

About a minute later, Xu Buqing hurried back and said to Zhou Liyang: "Mr. Fan ran away!" Zhou Liyang showed an unbelievable appearance, saying to Xu Buqing, Mr. Fan could not escape. Here, it will be released in a few days. You go to find it again, you may not have a rest, you haven't seen it. Xu Buqing believed that he was true, and turned to find again, leaving sufficient time for Fan Jiman to succeed in jailbreak.

After the news of Fan Jiman's jailbreak was determined, Xu Shaoyuan organized the special agent to go to the streets to chase, and Fan Jiman, who was familiar with the streets of Shanghai, quickly found the place to hide, and found the Democratic League Feng Hefa. Help. Feng Hefa often helped progressive people and had heard of him for a long time, so he dared to ask him for help. Sure enough, Feng Hefa decided to help Fan Jiman take him to his girlfriend's house temporarily until Shanghai liberated.

In his later years, Fan Jiman donated more than 4,000 books and magazines he treasured in his later years. Mr. Fan Jiman, who was still in his later years, died of illness in Shanghai on December 6, 1990 at the age of 84.