After the loss, Haoge had no real power. Why did Dorang, who was alone, forced him to death?

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After the loss, Haoge had no real power. Why did Dorang, who was alone, forced him to death?

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In August of the eight years of Chongde (1643), the Qing Dynasty Emperor Taiji died suddenly, which caused a major crisis. As a masterpiece and the throne, Doru quickly summoned the Minister of the Internal Minister Sony and others to discuss the heir of the throne.

Sony first made a remark of Dorr's resentment: "The emperor has a prince, and he will stand one. He knows it." It is clear that other people except Huang Taiji's son can inherit.

The generals of the two yellow flags directly controlled by Huang Taiji advocated holding the high position in Herge. Turg, Sony, and the imperial courts came to Suwang's palace one after another, saying that he was embracing Haoge as a king. The highly respected and mastered king Jilhalang, who has mastered the blue flag, also tended to support Hergen ascension. In terms of strength, Haoge has the support of Zhenghuang, yellow, and blue flags, and the support of the general blue flag he led by himself, occupying an absolute advantage in military. At that time, the highest prestige was Prince of Emperor Taiji's second brother, and he believed that Haoge was "the eldest son of the emperor, and he was the inheritance of Dadong." From the perspective of public opinion and strength, Herge inherited his father's great advantage.

However, Dole's overall strength is even more upper than the strength. Many forces gather in Chongzheng Hall and discuss extensively who can inherit the big position. Sony once again proposed to make a prince, both on behalf of his son and his son. Dole ordered them to retreat temporarily, and his tone was fierce. At this time, Nurhachi fifteen sons also stepped forward and said, "If you don't agree, you should be the emperor, and my name has been mentioned in the widow of Taizu." Dole said: "Prince Su (Haoge) The name is also mentioned by Taizu, not just your name. "It means that he disagrees with Duo Duo, and he does not agree with Haogge.

Duo Duo also said, "Don't stand me, talk about the chief, be Prince of Lili (Dai Shan)." Dai Shan and Lao Cheng held heavy and hesitated, and quickly rejected "Prince Rui (Dole) if he agreed, of course, the blessing of the country; otherwise the prince should be established. . As for me, my age is declining, and it is rare to be competent. "In the end, double hair reached a compromise.

The person who supported the prince failed to inherit the big position, but eventually pushed it to the road of death. "The nine king's abandoned eldest son Hukou (Haoge), Wang Estaba's ninth son, six years old, is very unhappy." That is to say, although this compromise result, although the two parties have been temporarily reached, they have laid the contradictions that the contradictions broke out in the future. The foreshadowing also directly caused Haoge to be killed later.

In this struggle, Fulin is the biggest beneficiary, but because of the young age, it is still in the middle of the struggle between the two sides. Whether it is Dole or Haoge, they are very unwilling to be emperor. Doru reorganized power in a roundabout manner. First, he assisted with Jirhalang, and later he developed into the main regulation in order to highlight his position. The main reason for the whip body quickly was quickly.

But at this moment, Dole actually controlled all the power of the Qing Dynasty. He believed that although Haoge failed to inherit the big position under his suppression, the political situation changed, and he could turn his hands at any time. To this end, he stepped up the design of the Hagg.

On the eve of the entrance of the Qing Dynasty, Herge was reported that he had dissatisfaction with Dole, such as curse Dole "Non -blessed people, but there are diseases, and their life geometry can be used for the end?" So Haoge The banned, and at the same time supported the Eight Banners of the Haoge to be executed, and did not have a family property. At this time, the status of Dole was not stable. Soon he was forced to release Haoge, and fined five thousand, winning the population of Qi Niu Lu, and leaving his king. At the time, the Korean people said that the Hagg could be released because the emperor Shunzhi asked Dole Kuan to "cry or not eat" before his elder brother Haoge was immortal.

Soon after that, Dole took the Qing soldiers into the customs, and Herge also joined the customs with the army at the time. Therefore, in October of the first year of Shunzhi (1644), when Fulin succeeded in the throne in Beijing, Haoge was recovered and was recovered. The leather position, in the early book seal, said: "Er and Shuo Su, who was caught in the past, and then entered the Shanhaiguan with the uncle's regent. Put, Taka Zhaoxue, granted a book treasure, and reproduced Prince Hesuo. "This is because of the beginning of Dole's entering the customs. The situation was very critical. At that time , Rich experience, so it can be used. In the second year of Shunzhi, Herge was continuously sent by Dole to fight, and has settled the anti -Qing Dynasty forces in Shandong. In the next few months, he was appointed as the general of Jingyuan to conquer Zhang Xianzhong, and he had set up a world for the Qing court to stabilize the regime.

However, after the situation was stable, in February of the five years of Shunzhi, when the handsome soldiers returned to Beijing, they suffered cold encounters, which is different from Duo Duo's enthusiasm. The emperor's "feasting" in Taihe Hall was not only that. Soon after Haoge returned to Beijing, he suddenly occurred in Hills, and finally became a guilt. Under the operation of Dole, the opportunity of the kings, Belle, Beizi, and ministers was convened, and finally made him "to die" with Haoge "dead evil". In the final analysis, it is still related to the "old thoughts" and "unforgettable". It can be seen that Dole's disposal is because of the competing for the big place to laid hatred. Perform a liquidation.

Haoge is very painful to his own be framed. Once, he said to people, "If you release me, if you do n’t release it, you do n’t mean that I am in love with the sons, and I will kill the sons with stones.” I can imagine that at this time Ge, the most advantageous heirs in the big position have made him feel better because of fighting with Dole, and even want his sons together. Haoge died shortly during his imprisonment, at the age of 37. Regarding the death of Haoge, the official "Qingshi Record" of the Qing Dynasty did not explain in detail. "The Biography of the Eight Banners Tongzhi Haoge" simply said: "Constructing King Rui Doru, alas." That is to say, Haoge's fiercely banned one month for a month for prison.

Less than two years after Haoge's death, Dole "Prince of Naheshuo Haoge Fujin Bolzjin", in nominal, Dole is the uncle of Haoge. I have. In the world, Huang Taiji ordered to eliminate the bad habits of Manchuria, and he was not allowed to marry and marry. Dole captured his nephew widow.

This also explains the reason why Shunzhi ordered the corpse of the coffin to open the coffin to Dorr's coffin after the death of Dole's death.