Fortunately, Li Shimin: Fortunately, Qin Qiongcheng bit his gold and did not come to Xuanwu Gate. When they came, they would be beaten when they came.

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Fortunately, Li Shimin: Fortunately, Qin Qiongcheng bit his gold and did not come to Xuanwu Gate. When they came, they would be beaten when they came.

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Qin Qiong and Cheng Bingjin may participate in the change of Xuanwumen, but they have never participated in the battle of Xuanwumen. This can be found in the "Old Tang Book", "New Tang Book" and "Zi Zhi Tong Jian".

The Biography of the Old Tang Book is 14th, the eighteenth biography, the fourth biography of "New Tang Book", the fourteenth biography, and the fifteenth biography, the "Zi Zhi Tong Jian" Volume 191, all of which are clearly recorded. In the first place of Qin Qiong's killing of Qin Qiong, he also recorded that Cheng Bingjin tried to encourage Li Shimin before the change of Xuanwumen.

Qin Qiong was confined to General Zuo Wuwei without being stunned to the end. He also showed that in the change of Xuanwumen, Qin Qiong was standing on the side of Li Shimin. However, in the 15th list of Xuanwumen or ten killer lists of the thirtieth list of "The Book of the Old Tang" and the thirtieth list of "New Tang Book", there is no Qin Qiong. Jun Ji, Zhang Gongjin, Liu Shili, Gongsun Wuda, Dugu Yanyun, Du Junzheng, Zheng Rengong, Li Mengshu.

In accordance with the rules of the history of the official revision, the characters who participate in a major historical event shall be sorted according to the size of the official jue. On June 4th, the nine years of Wude, the change of the Xuanwumen, Qin Qiong was Shangzhu and Wing Guogong. The second deputy guardian of the Qin Wangfu Mansion, who is the position of the Jue and Honor, is just a low -level military officer from the four grades: "In addition to the official Qin and Qi Wangfu officials, they each set up the left and right six guards and the left and right family accounts. One right and first guards are one of the guards, and the fourth product is under the fourth product. The command of the army has been accompanied by the guards. The deputy guards each, from the four grades. Twenty -two officials "" "

Qin Qiong Biewei Chi Jingde's official Juejun is high, and he can play than Wei Chi Jingde. If he participated in the change of Xuanwumen, Li Shimin would not encounter such a big danger: "And the completion and Yuanji, the party will attack Xuanwumen , Bingfeng is very prosperous. Gong Jin (Zhang Gongjin, then the long history of the right Wu Hou, the staff of the Qin Wangfu, is the same as the left and right Qian Niu Wei Changshi, the capital of the Governor's Metropolis, and the Cao of the Prince's House. The official officer from the five -product of the five items) has the courage to be courageous and closed the door to refuse.

Qin Qiong and Cheng Bingjin were allocated to Li Shimin by Tang Wude, Li Yuan (Tang Gaozu is the temple number after his death) from the beginning of the Tang army. of. Qin Qiong was held by Li Yuan to heaven, and Li Shimin was also a guest at him: "Gao Zu is a matter of Qin Wangfu, Wang You's award ceremony. The emperor gave a golden bottle, and said: 'Qing did not come to me without a shot, and made meritorious merit, so that the meat can be eaten, when cutting it, the child and the girl jade! Country. From the three stolen of the world charging, Jiande, and Black Black, there is no pioneering array, and there is no backbone before.

Li Yuan and Li Shimin are good to Qin Qiong, and they are very inconspicuous when they are built into Yuanji. They actually listed Qin Qiong on the top of the nirvana: "Building the Yuanji North Bei to discuss the discussion of the Yuan Ji Bei. Xing, the prince and Yuan Ji plot: 'soldiers, I and the Qin king went to Kunming Pond, and the strong priests pulled it to hear, and I believed it. Shu Bao et al. '"

Based on the analysis of the above historical materials, Qin Qiongcheng bite gold must support Qin Wang Li Shimin. They did not appear on the list of "Xuanwu Gate Top Ten Qin Generals". There was only one reason: they stood in line but did not fight. It was discussed that they only protected the safety of the Qin King's Mansion and fighting the periphery. They killed Li Yuan's children and grandchildren, and they were firm.

Of course, the readers of the two Tang books and "Zi Zhi Tong Jian" certainly knew that after Li Shimin killed the elder brother Shimin and the fourth brother Yuan Ji — (the third child in the Zhengshi is Xuanba, the word Dade), and again Killing ten nephews, Wu De for nine years, Li Jiancheng was 38 years old, Li Yuanji was only 24 years old. Li Jiancheng's five sons may have an adult, but Li Yuanji's five sons can not exceed ten more than ten age. Li Shimin waved the butcher knife to the young nephew. Do you say that Qin Qiong watched his sleeve or a knife? That's all the grandsons of Li Yuan!

Li Shimin opened his killing ring, and even his number one thug, captain Chi Jingde, couldn't stand it.

Qin Wang Li Shimin, who was killed, should be fortunate after the butcher knife was put away: Fortunately, the Shangzhu Guo, Ying Guogong Qin Qiong, and Su Guo Gong Cheng did not come to Xuanwu Gate. They are here, and Wei Chijingde is likely to be by these two. Bringing down, this is not the result I want!

Li Shimin is a generation of Ming Jun and heroes. No one can deny this, but at the same time, anyone who has a little kindness will have a very small word for Li Shimin's ruthlessness: Before the same as the water and fire, the three brothers often crossed each other to do it all overnight all night. Drinking, according to etiquette, those killed nephews, as long as they can walk, are all kneeling to "Second Uncle" and "Second Bo" toast.

We can imagine that if Li Shimin insisted on asking Qin Qiong and Cheng Bing Jin to follow himself to Xuanwu Gate, they would definitely go, but in the face of the fierce battle of Xuanwumen, what would happen to Qin Qiong and Cheng Bingjin, Li Shimin's hearts in the hearts of Li Shimin's heart There must be no spectrum. Under the comprehensive analysis, we think that these two may have two performances. As for which performance is acceptable to Li Shimin, it is really inaccessible.

Jianjian Yuanji has already killed Qin Qiongcheng to bite gold, which is by no means a wise choice. Captain Chi Jingde was captured by Qin Qiong, but he couldn't fight with Wei Chijingde and Li Yuanji? If Qin Qiong and Cheng Bingjin went to Xuanwu Gate, the men who built Yuanji were not enough to kill them -Cheng Bingjin in Zhengshi would not only have a three -board ax. Article 3 of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Pei Yuanqing) is also brave. In the battle between the Wagang Army and Wang Shichong, Cheng Bingjin rescued Pei Xingzheng's life: "Xingxun first goes to the enemy, and falls in the place of the Liuya. In this way, killing several people, the world is invincible. ","

Qin Qiong and Cheng Bingjin are masters of Shunji. If they are willing to kill the ring at the Xuanwu Gate, they can only escape from the wind, and they can only escape from the wind. This is of course the scene that Li Shimin is willing to see, but this scene does not appear, so we can be sure: Qin Qiongcheng bit the gold and only provides a backup and unwilling to charge.

In addition to helping Li Shimin fight blood, Qin Qiong and Cheng Bingjin may also have another performance, that is, Wei Chijingde, who was beaten by the prostitutes of the stabbing king to protect Li Yuan.

Looking at the two Tang books and "Zi Zhi Tong Jian", we will find that Wei Chijingde, who has built the first -level Yuanji and spear, actually has an attempt and the opportunity to kill Li Yuan: "At the same time, Gao Zu rafting in Haichi in Haichi . Taizong ordered the guard of Gao Zu. Gao Zongjia held a spear until Gao Zu. Gao Zu was shocked ... Nanzheng, Beimen Bingma and the second house still refused to fight. The soldiers were punished by King Qin, so they were determined inside and outside. "

Seeing Li Yuan in full armed for armed forces in Wei Chijingde has already made a clear attitude: If you refuse to yield, send you to the road with Jiancheng Yuanji!

If this scene falls into Qin Qiong and Cheng Bing Jin's eyes, the consequences will be very serious: Cheng Bingjin may just open his eyes, and Qin Qiong will stab at Wei Chijingde with a shot.

Wei Chijingde cleaned up Li Yuanji Chuo Chuo, and his technique of avoidance and polygamy was not easy to make in front of Qin Qiong: "Each enemy has a Xiao Ryzen shocked to exit the crowds, and Qin Wang ordered Uncle Bao to take it to take it to him. , Jumping horses stabbed in the world, so I was as good as it was. "

When encountering a difficult bone, the heavy hammer sent by Li Shimin was Qin Qiong instead of Wei Chijingde, indicating that Li Shimin also knew who's martial arts was better. If there are Qin Qiong and Cheng Bingjin standing aside, Li Yuan's confidence will be sufficient: In addition to the four sons, he has eighteen sons in addition to building, the world, Dade, and Yuanji. Killed by General Zuo Wei of the Sui Dynasty and the master of the Ziyin Shi of Xijing, but Lao Liuyuan Jing, Lao Qiyuanchang, Lao Eight Yuan Heng, Lao Jiu Yuan Fang, and Lao Shiyuan were all eight or nine years old. Li Yuan again After more than nine years, these people can be cultivated into the next emperor, and they can win the crime of Li Shimin forced the father with the elder brother and the father.

Li Yuan's helplessness is that the generals who can fight are helped Li Shimin. If Qin Qiongcheng bite Jin Jin on the side of Li Yuan, the Old General Wagang will respond to Niu Jinda, Liu Hei, Xu Shiji and others. Li Shimin may be reduced to prisoners-- Xu Shiji had previously rejected Li Shimin's slope to explain the neutrality, and the reason he maintained neutrality was like Qin Qiong. It was changed to Li Shiji, and later changed to Li Ji to avoid the people of the world. If the people were not the emperor, he was also called Li Shiji), attached to the genius, migrated Cao, 50 hectares of Tian, ​​and the first area of ​​A. (Xu Gai, the father of Xu Shiji, known as Li Gai) King Jiyin, solidified, changed Shu Guogong. "

The change of Xuanwumen was originally a dispute over the position of the imperial prince, and finally evolved into the disabled of hands and feet. The twelve descendants of Li Yuan died in the fate. This kind of thing should not happen in the Tang Dynasty, and naturally it was not the result of Li Yuan and Qin Qiong. While praising Zhenguan's emperor Li Shimin's talents, he couldn't help but be cold to his cold heart in front of Xuanwu.

Li Shimin killed a brother and one brother and ten nephews one day. His fourteen sons of his own seemed to be not very good at the end: except for being given to death or exile by Li Shimin, he was basically cleaned up by Tang Gaozong Li Zhi and Wu Zetian. I -how much Li Shimin's son died in the fate, and different historical records were different, because it had nothing to do with this article, so he did not make detailed statistics.

The royal family has no relatives, and the general is affectionate. Qin Qiong and Cheng Bingjin not only have affection and righteousness, but also have their own bottom lines. After the change of the basalt, Li Yuan gave them three thousand households (with Tang Liudian as evidence). Seven hundred households, which is enough to show that their performance in the change of Xuanwumen made Li Shimin very dissatisfied, and Qin Qiong said that for 12 years of illness, Li Shimin neither visited nor medicine (Qin Qiong poured off the medicine, but he was unprooped blind. ), The two forgot each other and have nothing to do with each other, let us think of it: "Capto, the festival is complete (the evaluation of Qin Qiong)". What would reaction to seeing Jiancheng Yuanji being killed? Li Yuan trembled under the bloody spear, would Qin Qiong turn off the Wei Chi Jingde with a punch? If Qin Qiongcheng bite Jin Jin behind Li Yuan, how will the change of Xuanwumen's change?