"People say" the tragic actress Ruan Lingyu to death

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"People say" the tragic actress Ruan Lingyu to death

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The mention of Ruan Lingyu, we naturally think of "the four words People will talk.". The pressure of public opinion over her only 25 years old and fresh life. Even more shocking is the Ruan Lingyu committed suicide after, many loves her fans should also choose to end their own lives, visible Ruan Lingyu in the year to be popular. In fact, there is a purpose to write this article, is in this era of the new media is so developed, the pressure of public opinion has been very strong, and I hope to write this text to guard against the Internet do not appear Ruan Lingyu phenomenon". Well, let's talk about Ruan Lingyu to interesting life scripts.

A girl of humble origins, a poor family

Ruan Lingyu was born in the early twentieth Century, her father is a hard labor, the mother is a servant, can be said to be the bottom of the community of small figures. More miserable is, in very small Ruan Lingyu, father became ill because of overwork, painfully, leaving mother and Ruan depended on each other.

Young Ruan Lingyu's upbringing was mother when Zhang family servant's backyard. In such a strange environment, Ruan Lingyu has no playmates, and the lack of fatherly love of comfort, causing her character of some pessimism and depression.

Although the family was poor, but Nguyen mother is still pay attention to the Ruan Lingyu's education, do not hesitate to request Master Zhang (school board president), let the Ruan to Zonta girls learning, which also Ruan Lingyu in the future can be famous with the foundation.

Deformity of love, cohabitation and master 2

As we mentioned, Ruan family is a large family of parent service zhang. Zhang has a gentleman named Zhang Damin. This is Zhang Damin one hundred percent purity of gongzige, spend money like water, what ability are not typical of a fiend in human shape. Ruan Lingyu lived in Zhang courtyard, two people will inevitably meet. When Ruan Ling was 16 years old when the jade, it is just a process that is a beauty, naturally attracted Zhang master. Zhang Damin like the tempest pursuit flowery Ruan Lingyu and succeed, this fall in love with two people living together for the outcome, of course, Zhang Damin moved out of Zhang Jia. After all, this is the love of unsuitable, Zhang is not agree with the two people together.

Ruan Lingyu and Zhang Damin

Despite some twists and turns, but Zhang Damin and Ruan or together, Ruan Lingyu therefore also give up the academic, but short-lived, Zhang Damin money that a fast, not how many days starvation. Dilemma has inspired the Ruan, she was admitted to the film company, began to act in a movie, and from spiralling out of control, not long popular in the beach.

But this relationship is abnormal, Zhang Damin become worthy of the name "parasites", he will continue to toward the Ruan asked for money to squander, moreover does not hesitate to shake off out of Ruan Lingyu some privacy as a threat, so this has resulted in two people's feelings are gone, Ruan Lingyu very want to get rid of this gentleman, gentleman like maggots, and later to a month

Get rid of the parasite, but encountered an affair of Fuxin Han

Ruan Lingyu Tang Jishan photo

The Ruan to Zhang Damin helpless when when her life into her second man, Southeast Asia is famous tea merchants Shan Tang season, also Tang had another identity, that is, Ruan Lingyu serving Lianhua Company big shareholders. Tang Jishan is a very good understanding of the woman to seize the heart of a mature man, he was very good to Ruan Lingyu, to accompany her through the hard times. But this is only a representation, the real Shan Tang season is a rich merchant played by actress fills, and in two people know early, Tang's ex girlfriend once wrote to remind Ruan Lingyu not to repeat the mistakes of her, but it is love of Ruan Lingyu is the sweet and tyrant Shan Tang season fans of the soul of God upside down. Later Ruan Lingyu slowly found the true face of Tang, Tang fooling around in the entertainment circle, dancers and was having an affair, let originally heart have been hurt the Ruan Lingyu wound and deep layer.

Two men playing a lawsuit, the weight of public opinion Ruan Lingyu

A lot of articles on Ruan Lingyu suicide write very vague, here I give you a thorough talk about some. Mr. Lu Xun had written for this year,People will talkThese words are very impressive, the public opinion, the news media reports are to make Ruan Lingyu suicide indirect reasons. What the hell is going on? In fact, this is Zhang Damin and Tang Jishan's lawsuit. Cause Zhang Damin frustrated after and to the Ruan to up to 5000 yuan of a huge sum of money, but the Ruan Lingyu did not give and decisively rejected. So a paper petition has been falsely accused of stealing Ruan Lingyu Zhang something for Tang Jishan. And Tang Jishan for his innocence, let Ruan Lingyu out a statement, the statement of the two people's economy is independent. This lawsuit let Ruan Lingyu's private life is exposed in the media and public opinion, a good face Ruan Lingyu can not stand the overwhelming newspaper reports and the streets of the people hot. Those who do not see a little empty opinion in Ruan Lingyu's spiritual world and the courage to live. And Ruan Lingyu gave up the last straw of Cai Chusheng's life. It can be said that Ruan Lingyu on the one hand to face such as parasites like Zhang Damin, engage in an affair Tang Jishan, as well as the pressure of public opinion, the choice of sleeping pills to end their lives only twenty-five years old. Here in a sentence, Ruan Lingyu was found sleeping pills to eat when it is actually very timely, but later delayed treatment, this inside and Shan Tang season has direct relationship, if at that time he will direct the Ruan sent to Shanghai church hospital maybe Ruan Lingyu will save. Ruan Lingyu first by the Tang sent to the Japanese hospital far away from home, spent nearly an hour, but the result to the hospital didn't the doctor on duty, more bitter forced Tang Ruan sent to private doctors, then Ruan Lingyu had the best treatment period. Ah, it is estimated that Tang is the account of his face, just want to in some private hospital Ruan Lingyu, ah sad, reputation is so important?.

Ruan Lingyu at the funeral.

Throughout the Ruan Lingyu's life, her love is very unfortunate, her suicide on the one hand, the pressure of public opinion, if at that time, the media not to report wantonly, if the process media in a gentle way, with objective facts reported that Ruan Lingyu also won't have such a strong suicidal tendencies, and on the other hand, if Zhang Damin Shan Tang season not so slag male that Ruan Lingyu's heart will not be subjected to such a big blow. In short, let's remember this great actress.