His bodyguard Mao Zedong 15 years, contracting company, separation of tears, in death

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His bodyguard Mao Zedong 15 years, contracting company, separation of tears, in death

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In Mao Zedong's bodyguard, Li Yinqiao and Mao Zedong together, stay together morning and night for 15 years. He was accompanied by Mao Zedong from the war years to the peace of the age, Mao Zedong very like and trust of the guardian of the long.

Li Yinqiao in 1938 to participate in the Eight Route Army at home, only 11 years old. Because too young, he has been working as a correspondent in the head side spy (actually are servants). In 1946, the 358 brigade was ordered to defend Yanan, in northern shaanxi. In February 1947, he was appointed to the central office, Zhou Enlai served as guards. Half a year later, in August, he was moving north in the way, Mr. Wang sent Mao Zedong as a bodyguard.

However, Li Yinqiao worried that the work is not good, do not want to go.

Li Yinqiao came to Mao Zedong, the two first conversation, they set a contract. Mao Zedong asked him, "how would you like to work here?"

"Not willing to." Li Yinqiao whispered.

Mao Zedong was silent, saying, "you can tell the truth, I love the way you tell the truth. Well, can you tell me what you are

Why don't you want to work here?"

"It's been a long time. From 1938 to join the army, I have been a correspondent, agent, think of the troops to go." Said Li Yinqiao, "I've been there for a while, and I've been there for a while. If the president arrived here, how good this go?"

Mao Zedong asked him, "how do you know that I will not let you go?"

"Chairman, listen to people say you ride the horse, through clothing, used the pen inkstone mug, with a have feelings, how good does not change. If we had the feeling, will the President let me go?"

That's Mao Zedong. Then, he said: "there must be a personal compromise, so, I give you a guard group leader. Six months, you help me half a year, is to borrow, you can not see the line?"

"Line!" Li Yinqiao nodded his head.

After half a year, the contract expires. First Mao Zedong filed a contract and asked Li Yinqiao, "do you still want to go?"

He didn't expect Li Yinqiao to answer: "want to go."

Li Yinqiao see Mao Zedong disconcertedly feel lost look, quickly said: "if you need to......"

"No, we only." Mao Zedong made a gesture of flatly said, "you are an honest man, I love you, but I don't go back, you can go."

Li Yinqiao was restless and did not go, so he said, "the president has agreed to me. The last time the agreement was a complete success. If necessary, we can contract, I would like to order a."

Mao Zedong smiled.

The two book for half a year, similar to defeat Hu Zongnan, and Li Yinqiao walk. However, half a year later, Hu Zongnan has not defeated, two people who can not get away from who. Li Yinqiao doesn't go away. In this way, they are inseparable, as long as 15 years.

However, in the long 15 years, Mao Zedong and Lee's love with the father and son. According to Li Yinqiao memories, Mao Zedong only had one temper.

That was the time of the meeting in Shanghai in the spring of 1959, Mao Zedong.

At that time Mao Zedong lived on the train. One day at noon, Li Yinqiao saw him fall asleep, according to the law to the afternoon to wake up, so went to work in the city. Who knows when he came back, Mao Zedong had to get up early, went to the city to go to the meeting. He was in a hurry, and hurried to the place where Mao Zedong had a meeting. But Mao Zedong has already opened the meeting, went to have a meal. He learned that Mao Zedong after dinner to go to the theatre, they went to Mao Zedong's car waiting.

Soon, Mao Zedong came out, and next to Ke Qingshi, who accompanied. Li Yinqiao grabbed the door, ready to wait for him to come over and get on the bus. But, Mao Zedong stood on the steps not to walk, hand akimbo, a finger Yinqiao, suddenly shouted: "Yin Qiao Li, are you doing?"

He cried out loud, angry face, a gas. Li Yinqiao one Leng, immediately respond to come over, immediately toward the steps to greet. Mao Zedong was walking down the steps. Li Yinqiao quickly helped him to sit on the car.

Subsequently, Yinqiao found Mao Zedong from time to time sucking a sucking lips, neither see Yinqiao, does not speak, anyway, is not happy and sulk.

To the theatre, he still ignored Li Yinqiao. Until the play began, he entered the story, to forget the angry things. After the performance, on the way back, Li Yinqiao quietly asked: "the president, what is the matter today, making you angry?""

Mao Zedong pouted, turned his eyes: "still say, my mouth is burned......"

Later, Lee was asked Yinqiao after dinner, Mao Zedong mouth, the water is too hot, the mouth burns. The original Li Yinqiao left, Mao Zedong woke up, Li Yinqiao is not in the other guards to take care of him. Who knows he didn't try to put hot water temperature, handed over. In the past, Li Yinqiao tea to try the water temperature, not hot not cold to pass up. Mao Zedong used to his practice, often take over is a big mouth. As a result, this time, he was such a big drink down, immediately emitted to the, and not light, so gave birth to Li Yinqiao's gas. However, when he was all towards Li Yinqiao yelled so a voice, after a gas away.

After a few years and liyinqiao memories this thing, affectionately said: "president sometimes angry, just as naive and innocent children feel wronged and act rashly, is very interesting. In 15 years with him, he only I had a temper, is full of angry children taste."

Yinqiao is in the Mao Zedong side grew up and married, ten years of life together, until 1962, organization decided to Li Yinqiao left around Mao Zedong to work elsewhere.

When leaving, two people sitting by the bed. Mao Zedong has been holding the Yinqiao's hand, a hand in the back of his hand gently touch for a while, then asked: "I heard that you go ah?"

"......" Li Yinqiao was so upset that he couldn't say a word.

"I hear you're going to Shijiazhuang?"

"Who do you listen to?" Li Yinqiao asked.

"......" Mao Zedong was silent.

"I will leave you, I will not go to Shijiazhuang, to Tianjin."

"That's good." Mao Zedong raised his voice and said, "you go to Tianjin, I'm out of date, I can talk to you."......"

Next, two people are unbearable silence.

"Oh," said Mao Zedong softly, and said, "you have followed me for so many years. People have grown up. You work around me, and you do me a favor. You are a good comrade, you in my work, has been hard, so I work very smoothly, save a lot of heart. But...... But you always follow me how to do ah, I died, how do you do?"

At this time, Li Yinqiao's tears can not help, pususu rolled down. He cried, Mao Zedong can not stand, also shed tears, choked voice said: "I can not bear you. I and my family, and my children have not seen a few times a year.

You work for me, we together every day, you than my children stay together morning and night, also pro ah......"

Mao Zedong said this, Li Yinqiao "wow" to cry out. Mao Zedong couldn't help feeling hand pull, put him a LAN into the bosom, stroking his back, cried: "Yinqiao, when I die, you every year in order to to go up the grave to see......"

Li Yinqiao burst into tears. But I saw Mao Zedong sad, afraid of hurting body, trying to restrain himself, tears, said: "the president, I listen to your old house, go on to do a good job, live up to the expectations of the chairman."

Mao Zedong wiped his tears and nodded, "well, well, that's good. You work here for 15 years, position is not high position, every move should pay attention to the impact. Not divorced from the masses, do anything, do not already, to dry out the results; not in size, to finish the job, people around me to have such a kind of spirit, not give up halfway, in one breath to go the whole hog! "

"Chairman, I remember."

In this way, Li Yinqiao left the side of Mao Zedong.

In September 9, 1976, Mao Zedong died in Beijing. On hearing the news from the radio, Li Yinqiao family burst into tears down that night, Yinqiao drove rushed to Beijing. And then, his wife, Han Guixin, came to Beijing with two children. See Mao Zedong's family, to wake him.

Later, every year in September 9th, Mao Zedong's offering and the birth of December 26th, Li Yinqiao and his wife went to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall to visit his old man.

In December 2008, when Li Yinqiao came back from the Mao Zedong memorial hall, he began to have an infection in the lungs, a number of hospital treatment, the body is still very weak. In September the following year, he was at home nagging in September 9th to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall to pay tribute to the elderly. 5 days, he suddenly increased, once again admitted to the Institute of aerospace medical research hospital, and subsequently, the deterioration of the condition. Han Guixin because of his hospitalization, advanced in age, the day by night by the nephew to take care of child care. At 7:15 in the morning of September 21st, when the nurse visited the ward, he found that he had no heartbeat.

One died in September after 33 years of Mao Zedong, Li Yinqiao also quietly walked. (Chen Guanren original, without permission shall not be reproduced)

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