Hong Xiuquan in the end is how to die? Is death or suicide? Why there are so many claims

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Hong Xiuquan in the end is how to die? Is death or suicide? Why there are so many claims

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Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement, adhere to the 14 years, the influence of the majority of China, becoming the highest peak of the Chinese peasant movement, all these achievements and Hong Xiuquan is not open. Hong Xiuquan as the supreme leader of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement and spiritual leader, for their ideological and spiritual, people know more. But for the cause of Hong Xiuquan's death, there has been controversy in the community, there are two kinds of theories, such as suicide and death.First of all to talk about the suicide theory, history and so the two statements, one is said Hong Xiuquan committed suicide by swallowing gold, another is to commit suicide.

Puts forward the earliest Hong Xiuquan to commit suicide, Zeng Guofan, said Zeng Guofan in Tongzhi three years July 7th, Mouzon reporting the victories, in the memorial portrayed a very detailed, strong Memorial brother too much content, strong brother generally explain is to say; Hong Xiuquan have to commit suicide, Huang, Hong Xiuquan's side in the maid saw.. Tongzhi emperor also believes in the official text of praise and Zheng Guofan Hong Xiuquan's edict to commit suicide. In "Qingshi Gao" is such records, the poison killed Dutch act. "Is the moon, Hong Xiuquan to Jinling critical, poisoned death. Group teaching method with God for UAE, no coffin, shroud embroidered satin, bury the pseudo palace, a secret for the time being." There are a lot of theories about Hong Xiuquan took poison to commit suicide, but the sum down, said Hong Xiuquan took poison to commit suicide is nothing more than so many people. On the one hand is the conventionalism predecessors, especially Qing government official said that this did not make a in-depth study, in a certain extent can be described as a parrot. On the other hand they have to commit Hong Xiuquan theory, related to their class position. They all stood on the ruling class, against and against the peasant army. Naturally, the conclusion of the argument is highly consistent with the Qing dynasty.On the way to Dutch act.. Zhao Wenlie Zheng Guofan Department of the key staff, the "static" diary records can lay a lot about the Taiping insider. Tongzhi three years (1864) on June 19, he in his diary wrote: "and yesterday escapement pseudo song Wang, Chen, Xun state, said pseudo king in April, death, or governor not harmonic, swallowing gold and the vast, or died of disease. This history although quoted song Wang, committed suicide by swallowing gold records, but for Hong Xiuquan died for, is still vague, not sure. Remember to participate in the movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom British Augustus Frederick Lindley, in his book said: "clear records reported capture Nanjing as follows: August 17, besieger learned king tunjin suicide." The record should be the authority of Augustus Frederick Lindley, his sympathy for the Taiping army, and actively support the movement of the Taiping Heavenly kingdom. But when Hong Xiuquan died, he was not in China. In 1863 December 8th brought Li Xiucheng, to Shanghai to buy weapons, warships, forced to return home, what he knows the news about the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, were as hearsay.
For case fatality. For the case of the death of Hong Xiuquan said, mostly from the Peace Corps said, there are a small number of the records of the Qing dynasty. Such as Zhao Liewen in the diary: "(Tongzhi three years) at the beginning of May six...... The smell of the probe report intrinsic said Hong Xiuquan has died in April 28th in the first counter (that in 24)." After the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was suppressed, the Taiping Army senior generals were captured, they have written for the book. Some of them recall the death of Hong Xiuquan. Hong Xiuquan cousin shirt Wang Hong Renzheng in books for the said: "heir smell Nanjing exit, pseudo king has in the city died, his son, the young king Tim your years will be sixteen years old, divide the Nanjing and Hong Rengan also captured Yu Wang Li Ruisheng in a statement also said that Hong Xiuquan disease," April 20, so Hong Xiu body ". He Wen Ying Huang in the confession said: "the False King Hong Xiuquan, April 19 in Nanjing dead, swollen died because of the legend, some say because the troop movements real oneself commit suicide." Huang Wenying is the young king of the colonial secretary, but the death of Hong Xiuquan is ready to accept either course. Tiangui Fu Hong captured and write readme books under several articles, including a record: "Lao Hong Xiuquan) in QianDian, I in the temple to the left house... This year in April nineteen night four more I died." Another said: "in the year since the beginning of the April ten day of onset, died in April 19th. I also do not know why disease. He did not use the coffin to carry yellow clothes in utero Royal Hill park. There is around two royal court, father's funeral department before the royal court, from his father to live across the two temple hall." [29] books are not a readme text that Hong Xiuquan died. Because Hong Xiuquan died, Hong Fu Tiangui, living in Tianjing, and lived in the land from the close proximity of Hong Xiuquan, the highest position of the young god, Hong Fu Tiangui is easily met Hong Xiuquan. Therefore, his statement should be the most authoritative, but also the most credible.

Strong brother or more agree with the latter point of view, after all, in different classes, represented by the class interests of different, so the idea of the generation has a class nature.