Has Han Xin personally participated in the battle of Julu?

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Has Han Xin personally participated in the battle of Julu?

2016-09-09 01:23:12 3331 ℃

In 207 BC December, Qin Chu forces fought a fierce battle in the Julu area, Xiang Yu led the army to cross the river after tens of thousands of boats, to attack the four hundred thousand Qin to hesitate attitude, after nine World War II defeated Qin, creating a history of the most exciting win with fewer wars.

Look at the three years later, off another war in Jingxing: army generals Han Xin Zhao Jingxing attack rate of tens of thousands of people, in the face of two occupy the right place Zhao Jun, Han Xin troops back water array, in the limb of the underground environment, stimulate the death of soldiers and then beat the courage, beyond all expectations Zhao Jun.

Contrast these two campaigns, many of the same points.

The winning side, are more than the number of their enemy forces face many times, are active in the army will own no retreat situation, are facing an impasse but inspired soldiers desperate counterattack courage, is the face of the enemy finally win. Compare Xiang Yu with the tactics of the great, unexpectedly have the striking resemblance.

So, the question is: go and put to death and then these two tactics are so similar, Han Xin is not personally participated in the battle of Julu, so it has excellent performance later in the battle of Jingxing?

Look through the history books, have participated in the battle of Julu regarding the issue of Han, actually no record. Even the most detailed records of the "historical records", but also the general said Han Xinxian is in hand when the beam, the beam was defeated after the death of Han Xin and went to Xiang Yu's, has not been reused...... Then, directly across to the turn to Liu Bang. Battle of Julu so wonderful, Han Xin did not mention a word.

From a beam to Xiang Yu's men during this period, the time can be short or long, maybe a beam with defeat, Han Xin kuibing defected to Xiang Yu's; it is possible that Xiang Yu is in Julu after the defeat Qin Han Xincai came more congenial; even Xiang Yu and Qin in Xianyang, preparing for packet world. Han Xincai ran congenial.

So, we can rely on the historical traces, to try to analyze the Han did not participate in the battle of Julu.

From the time that the beam in September was defeated, then Xiang Yu and Liu Bang gathered the deserter, protect Pengcheng, then sent troops to attack Qin agreed "who first in Guanzhong, who is the king" and the Song Yi stranded for forty-six days did not move until November, Xiang Yu huff killed Song Yi took command of Julu in December and the battle of qin. During this period of time is long enough, to have enough time to go to Han yu.

Maybe some people might think that time is not his wandering, until Xiang Yu won in Julu, only to sound world. But don't forget Han Xin aloof character in Han Xin, an extraordinary character, he was most familiar with my hometown in Huaiyin often eat rice, so he was unfamiliar with the home life for three months, do not have starved to death? Don't think he can from the crotch, it will be a man without principle. Han Xin always thinks highly, will never bow begging. With no dignity beg, rather than the full arms while looking for opportunities to achieve the ideal.

The history books and records that Han Xin had many times to prepare Xiang Yu have not been adopted. Han Xin was a military genius, a political idiot, to prepare Xiang Yu, Xiang Yu is probably not in the battle of Julu after the victory of the time, because at that time Xiang Yu has no shortage of military plans, the need is more political strategy. So, many times to should be from Zhao Faqin Xiang Yu sent troops to save time, and even how to deal with the Qin army in Julu.

Obviously, Xiang Yu did not listen to the Han, even to the battle of Julu, are not Han's suggestion. Instead, it seems from this perspective, your behavior is more in order to put an end to Han Xin as the representative of the type, in order to survive and even can "drill people crotch" group customization strategy, they broke away in a clean manner.

Sure enough, Xiang Yu's strategy worked on the battlefield. Hurry, the rabbit will bite, if tens of thousands of rabbits with acute, burst strength is terrible, and tens of thousands of army are not the rabbit, is also fierce people than the rabbit. Julu, Han make a deeper understanding of the posterior has vast, only to fight bravely before blaze a way out of feeling.

All the signs indicate that the rate of the war of the Julu has been the battle of the.

The battle of Julu, had a great impact on the Han military thought, Xiang Yu put to death and then the Jedi counter kill, beat the world's strongest Qin main killer by this war an awe-inspiring reputation extending in every direction, Xiang Yu laid a dominating position. After the war of Julu, and all the princes are frightened "kneeling" to see Xiang Yu Xiang Yu camp. In this large kneeling move into the Chu army camp behind the crowd, on the sidelines of a little heart is lower in the Chu said to myself: "what is this? If you give me a chance, I'll do it better!"

Then the opportunity came: three years later, the war broke out in Jingxing......