What is the average life expectancy of ancient emperors in China? The only factor is not lived near a woman.

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What is the average life expectancy of ancient emperors in China? The only factor is not lived near a woman.

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The emperor, as the highest risk in ancient China, people envy and fear. Just as the curse of the blessing, the blessing of the disaster".

There are 209 generations of emperors who have the exact date of birth and death. These 209 people, the average life expectancy is only 39.2 years old.

It is pointed out that the average life expectancy of the ancient Chinese population is only 35 years old, so the average life expectancy of the emperor is not low.

However, the average life expectancy of 35 years includes a large number of aborted population. In fact, the low life expectancy in ancient times was mainly due to the high mortality rate of newborn infants. If this factor is removed, the average life expectancy of the ancient Chinese population could reach 57 years.

As is known to all, the man who is born to die cannot become emperor. Therefore, 57 minus the average life expectancy of the emperor of China is nearly lower than the average age of nearly 18 years old by the age of 39.2.

The reason for this life expectancy, nothing more than the following:

First, wife too much. We are the envy of the emperor's wife is more emperor's harem, but a kind of worry. We can get a rough estimate, half of women into emperor's harem are big background, some small brands are turning to the emperor. No tillage is not finished, only exhausted cattle.

Second, easy to be killed. The ancient emperor's non normal death rate is extremely high, Chinese dynasties count as Xixia, Dali and other countries, the historical record is called the emperor for a total of 611 people. Among them, 272 people died of non normal, accounting for nearly half of the proportion. What candlelight shadow, and then look at the emperor before the Qing Dynasty, which death is not a mystery?

Third, chaotic service traitional. The ancient emperors such as Qin Shihuang, hope to find some Taoist ever-young, Party Shilian eating some immortality is often, look at a few of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, "Dan" is tried out, can never return.

Although the average life is very short, but there are still a few good long emperor, looking today is long.

Kublai Khan - 80 years old

Kublai did not inherit the legacy of Tiemuzhen, young began a two venture, but deliver the goods established across the Eurasian dynasty. Kublai finally lived to be 80, but he had a bad habit of drinking.

Alcohol may be on horseback nation habit, the life of Kublai love drinking mutton slices cooked in hot pot if he can believe, to improve the daily meals, at the age of 90 are possible.

Song Gaozong Zhao construction - 81 years old

If you do not look carefully, really can not believe this brother can live to more than and 80. Although Zhao Gou moderate abilities, but have to say good luck, Song Huizong and brother Song Qinzong Torre are enjoying Zhaogou gold, is now "".

Kublai with the strong physique, longevity Zhaogou say it is always not so glorious: Zhaogou life no way nearby, some functions of the body is "obstacle".

But it's good, "disorder" Zhaogou was re courtier, secondly in calligraphy and science achievements.

Wu Zetian -- 82 years old

Wu Zetian in his early years in the industry Temple served for 5 years as a nun, she learned of self-cultivation meditation exercises in the past five years, even after a day busy she too would take time to meditate.

In addition, Wu Zetian's interest in a wide range, and longer than the temperament, also wrote a good word. And Wu Zetian is good at training horses, want to move the cell is also very rich, and she also has a study of traditional Chinese medicine, the way of life of her mental state and physiological state has great benefits.

Although the behavior of Nanchong raises some dirty, but from the perspective of yin and Yang, but also help her way of longevity.

Xiaoyan "- 86 years old

Liang Wudi is the famous Chinese Bodhisattva emperor, Buddhist life. Not only the life of Buddha, when the emperor on the way there are several monks, the ministers in the court again and again to spend money to redeem him.

But the emperor did not keep the commandments, life life the last woman, a vegetarian, a daily meditation time is compulsory.

Qing emperor Aixinjueluo Stinle - 89 years old

Aixinjueluo Stinle is that we often mention the "Shiquan elderly" Qian Long.

The reason for his longevity is more diverse, it can be said that he is a model for the pursuit of a healthy life. He summed up the "breathing through my muscles, often not timely supplements ten four," Sixteen word mantra of health.

He was 65 years old can still have a daughter, it is said that at the age of more than and 70 can also be another woman, 80 years old still hunting and archery. The British envoy had participated in the Qianlong 83 years old birthday, he felt that "the emperor of Qing Dynasty agile, graceful bearing, no excessive aging face, always smiling, looked about 60."

Unfortunately, the Emperor Qianlong early reign of man, the late who lost the Treasury empty and international opportunities, gradually buried small seeds of Qing dynasty.

Author: Wang Mingwei, Peking University alumni from the media "Weiminghu lake is an ocean of history" editor "knife. The tomb of the founder.