She participated in the Korean War at the age of 15, with the tongue of oral cleaning for soldiers, with the mouth to help platoon urination

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She participated in the Korean War at the age of 15, with the tongue of oral cleaning for soldiers, with the mouth to help platoon urination

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When you may have seen the movie "major", reflects the volunteer action story of the hero, there is a girl named Wang Lan health workers we must impress, because she is not only beautiful, but also sing very well.

"This movie is" Shangganling reflect the true battle of Triangle Hill, many people inside, where the protagonist Wang Lan is the prototype of female health workers Wang Qingzhen.

Wang Qingzhen was born in Wuhan, his parents were created on the railway workers, she was 13 years old when he joined the revolutionary ranks, in early 1951, when only 15 year old Wang Qingzhen with the troops into combat.

In 1952 October 14th, a major battle started at that time, Wang Qingzhen as the 45 division of the health workers took part in the battle, also experience the brutal battle.

At that time, the U.S. military use of bombs, fire and blocking way attempted to kill the volunteers, 3.7 square kilometers in the U.S. Army volunteers stationed on two fronts, crazy poured about 1900000 rounds, more than 5 thousand bombs, the whole mountain was cut off 2 meters, a scorched earth war for more tragic, visible.

In a major battle, Wang Qingzhen is responsible for the treatment of the wounded, the U.S. blockade positions on the extreme water shortage, Wang Qingzhen is mainly responsible for the care of the wounded, to take care of the wounded defecation and feeding, when necessary by mouth suction to the wounded.

Due to the use of fire, many soldiers face burns, can not chew, Wang Qingzhen is always the first to put the drug mouth to eat a drink of water, and then use the mouth to feed medicine to the wounded mouth, sometimes even to clean up the mouth with the tongue for the wounded.

Now, you may feel a bit sick, but if you see them struggle with the enemy on the battlefield, you will feel, how beautiful these she did.

One night, Wang Qingzhen routinely patrol all the wounded, she suddenly heard the local people groan, quickly ran to see, that is the fire injured Cao Cao was platoon platoon leader, because the injured abdominal shot to flow out of the intestines.

Wang Qingzhen asked the platoon groan is uncomfortable, Cao platoon equivocate to urinate, Wang Qingzhen see, Cao platoon is temporarily not normally due to injury to urinate, then brought a catheter to him, but still no urine row long cao.

See Cao long row abdominal swelling is more and more big, the sweat on his forehead sweat, Wang Qingzhen very anxious, watching the pain she and Cao Cao long, regardless of the Lieutenant's block, with the other end of the catheter is sucked up by mouth, urinary catheter along the final row out.

Wang Qingzhen with excellent performance and pay, was named the two class, won the medal of honor of the two soldiers. In 1958, Wang Qingzhen returned to his parents' home in Beijing and worked as an ordinary worker at a medical device factory.

Later, because of the need of work, she returned to the army, until 1982, she retired deputy director of the Department of health in the Corps position.

In his later years, Wang Qingzhen and her husband, a retired cadres living in Hubei city of Xiaogan, but few people know her on the Korean battlefield experience, Wang Qingzhen is now 81 years old.

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