Korean media: the transfer of the eastern part of China to the east sea fishing rights

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Korean media: the transfer of the eastern part of China to the east sea fishing rights

2016-08-12 02:39:08 280 ℃

According to South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported on August 11 quoted South Korean government and intelligence sources claim that confirmed, North Korea following the West Sea (Yellow Sea of China said), and the Korean Peninsula eastern waters of the northern limit line (NLL) in north area of fishery fishing rights transferring to China to achieve collect.

Sources said that North Korea through the intermediary trading company to the Chinese side in the Korean Peninsula in the East and West waters of fishing right.

Yonhap reported Chinese fishing photos

Recently 900-1000 Chinese fishing boats for fishing in the eastern waters near the northern limit line, the analysis confirmed that China has from the DPRK acquired fishery fishing rights. Allowed to fishing in the DPRK waters of a Chinese fishing boat more than 2500 ships, China to 820 billion won (about $75 million) price purchased fishing rights. Far exceeds the size of the report by the National Academy of state of Korea in July 1st to the Congressional intelligence committee.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported on July 1, citing South Korean lawmakers Li Wanyong and Byung ki disclosed the news, South Korean National Intelligence July 1 to the Congressional intelligence committee report said, North Korea at a price of $30 million, to China sold this year's fishing rights, allowed to fishing in the DPRK waters of a Chinese fishing boat has more than 1500 ships and up to three times the previous years.

The source also said that since Kim Jeong-eun was in power, has been to encourage the North Korean fishermen, but this is completely contradictory to the Chinese sold to the North Korean fishing rights. The proceeds from the sale of fishing rights in North Korea are used in the Kim Jeong-eun administration.

According to the Observer reported earlier, in 2012 began to have Chinese fishing boats were DPRK detained, and are required to pay the ransom. September 2014, a Chinese fishing boat carrying six crew from Dalian apricot fishing fishing No. "Liao tile fish 55090" and the DPRK have illegally entered the North Sea Fishing detained. Five days after it was released. The ship claims to be pleased to open that their ship is in the normal operation of the waters of China by North Korea's armed gunmen hijacked, forced into the waters of the North korean.

It is reported that there are always differences between the boundaries in the western waters of the Korean Peninsula, korean. South Korea, including Yin Ping Island, "west five island" and the west coast of North Korea unilaterally and the East China Sea set called the "northern limit line," the maritime border, South Korea and North Korea in the Western sea border has become a military conflict often happens on.

Foreign media reports, the United Nations by the impact of a new round of sanctions, North Korea coal exports fell 40% year on year. Last year, North Korea's coal exports about $1 billion, accounting for 40% of all exports to North korea. Same North Korean arms exports dropped by 88%.