Germany, a run of refuge: Germany is not safe, Putin better than Merkel

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Germany, a run of refuge: Germany is not safe, Putin better than Merkel

2016-08-12 02:39:33 301 ℃

The influx of refugees has brought a lot of problems to the German community, which has been a headache for the germans.

There was a German couple who felt that the refugees were not safe for Germany. It was a great disappointment to Merkel. Then, they made a decision: take refuge to the whole family, old and young!

And their choice of destination, even in Europe is not very popular in russia.

They believe that Putin was a better leader than Merkel.

In December last year, his wife Carola (Carola Griesbach) in the husband and Andre Andre Griesbach belt with two daughters and four grandchildren, open a car home van starting from northern Germany. After traveling 2300 kilometers, arrived in the Russian capital of Moscow.

Though they arrived in Russia, they were rejected by Russia when they applied for asylum.

The Russian government thinks that Germany is a very safe country, so they rejected the asylum request.

But Andre's desire to stay in Russia is so strong.

"Germany is no longer safe and no country has accepted as many foreigners as it has in Germany." Andre said.

"The American war, the Syria war, is Germany's folly."

In addition, the German children under the influence of the environment and premature also let them worry.

In MR and Mrs Andre, Russia is much better than Germany.

"Putin is a better leader, the German government has been corrupt home, and Putin much more democratic than Merkel."

"We want to stay here and work. Many people give me the opportunity to work, there are farmers, as well as construction workers. In fact, my house in Germany is my own house made. I'm here as a German translator." Andre said.

"In Germany, if you want to get a job, you need a variety of qualifications. But working directly in Russia. Once the Russian government let me in this work, I immediately began to work without demur."

Now, they are staying in a small hotel on the outskirts of Moscow, hoping that they will be able to apply for asylum in Russia. A family did not work, the money is also a basic use of light.

"We don't have any money left, but the good Russians have given us a lot of help. The Russians are so nice that we can't get the help from the Germans. They are all very selfish."

As for the family and friends of the Andre family in Germany, their attitudes have changed from the initial anger to the support.

Andre said: "unless they come to Russia to see us, we won't meet again. We will never go to any country in the European Union."

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