South Korea to promote the deployment of North Korea to return to the blood alliance relationship?

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South Korea to promote the deployment of North Korea to return to the blood alliance relationship?

2016-08-12 02:42:39 264 ℃

South Korea in the deployment of Sade on stubborn tendency in the United States, will suffer the consequences. From the current situation, the deployment of Korea Sade is thing of iron nails, the mainstream of the South Korean government, community, public opinion, public opinion is deployed in support of Sade. China should not be forced to abandon the deployment of South Korea through diplomatic channels to have a fantasy.

The South Korean government is currently trying to force China to accept its deployment of the behavior of the. South Korean officials even clamor, South Korea to develop nuclear weapons. Li Deheng, director general of the South Korean Unification Ministry, said that if North Korea continues to develop a nuclear bomb, South Korea will use nuclear weapons.

In addition to extreme officials such as Li Deheng, South Korean scholars and the mainstream of public opinion is argued that the technology will not affect the chinese. South Korean Catholic Kanto university professor and former ambassador to Belarus ambassador to South Korea Jiang Yuanzhi said and Sade radar system range although including Chinese territory, but technology of China will not pose a threat, and as long as not in South Korea as the target, other countries will not be monitoring and cut shot.

Even with a huge pressure on China to visit the 6 South Korean opposition members, they come to China's purpose is to appeal, the Chinese media do not incite people to anti Korean sentiment. One of the South Korean members told the media after the meeting, the Chinese participants said that the worst case of South Korea is facing China to re form a blood alliance with North korea."

Indeed, it is time for China to play a strong North Korea.

Recently, China's diplomatic action on North Korea has been somewhat loose. The UN Security Council has not issued a statement condemning North Korea's opposition to the North Korean missile launch and a drop in the waters near Japan. August 11th, the Russian ambassador to China Denisov is to the Russian news, said Russia jointly developed to prevent the escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the proposal.

In economy, China also in through creative ways for the North Korean economy income, in order to break the American attempts to from economic strangulation Korea's attempt to.

First, the Sino Korean fishing right to carry out the transaction. According to South Korean media reports, North Korea to 75 million U.S. dollars to the Chinese Ministry of East and west of the transfer of fishing rights. July 1st, South Korea's National Intelligence Service reported to the Congressional Intelligence Committee of the Chinese and Korean fishing rights trading amount is $30 million.

Secondly, between China and the DPRK conventional trade rebound, August 10, "Korea Daily" reported that, between China and the DPRK Hunchun Rajin - Shanghai sea route re opened. In August 9th, a North Korean cargo ship from the port of Rajin, carrying 1000 tons of wood arrived at Shanghai port.

Further, the development of tourism between China and the dprk. May 31, China and North Korea opened Pyongyang - Jinan route, to carry out business tourist charter; July 9, China and North Korea in Dandong port opening visa free North Korea and a half day tour, on July 15, China and North Korea opened Taiyuan Pyongyang tourist charter flights.

According to public data, tourism revenue is one of the main sources of foreign exchange income. 2014 tourism revenue of $43 million 600 thousand, equivalent to half of the city's Industrial Park foreign exchange income. In 2015, the number of foreign tourists to receive foreign tourists about 100 thousand people, of which more than 90% Chinese tourists. With the development of tourism between China and the DPRK, foreign exchange earnings from tourism industry in 2016 will be greatly improved.

At the same time, by the impact of South Korea to deploy SA, South Korea's tourism and entertainment industry has been hit hard. According to the latest data show that in July, South Korea's exports to China fell by 9%, while China is Korea's largest trading partner, exports to China accounted for about 1/4 of South Korea's exports to china.

China is supposed to reflect on the policy toward South Korea too much.