China even out of the two strokes to support North Korea's strategic security against South Korea was hit hard

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China even out of the two strokes to support North Korea's strategic security against South Korea was hit hard

2016-08-13 13:07:50 324 ℃

Past, the development of friendly relations between Park Geun hye government and China, in order to maintain the stability and the denuclearization of the peninsula China try to rein in North Korea. To this end, China at the United Nations Security Council level support through the most severe sanctions against North korea. China to do so, it is to pull South Korea to curb North Korea's nuclear ambitions, to avoid completely into the United States camp to break the strategic balance between the country and the region. However, park Geun hye government but because the United States will continue to the North Korean provocations led to North Korea's development of nuclear weapons, but ultimately blamed on China, a head headlong into the arms of the United States, turn to the introduction of Sade to contain China. Have to say, this is a lack of strategic thinking, this decision has fully exposed the lack of Park Geun hye government idea of extreme and strategic thinking, the consequences will be very serious. Now, the consequences are far from reflected.

However, China has recently made two strokes, has made South Korea feel very uncomfortable:

One, China oppose the Security Council issued a statement condemning North korea.

In South Korea announced Sade into the North Korea, the North Korean missile fusillade, the United States, Japan and South Korea immediately asked the Security Council to condemn North Korea. However, the Security Council behind closed doors will open again and again, results a condemnation did not send out, the reason is very simple: China opposes! In fact, the opposition was more than China, Russia will be against. China's opposition to the Security Council statement by the Security Council, the root cause lies in the United States and Japan in doing the work of doing harm to China's strategic security, China and how it can cooperate with you? So, on the Korean Peninsula, although China is not what is said, but leave China is saying nothing.

Therefore, in the coming days, South Korea not only did not improve the deployment of South Korea's security, but it is to bring too much strategic security, South Korea's enemy is no longer just North Korea, but including China and russia. Compared to North Korea, China and Russia's military capabilities and the United States once the United States in the peninsula, there is a big movement, South Korea can be turned into a risk of ruin. Without China's stability and stability of the peninsula, South Korea's strategic security is undoubtedly a significant reduction in the peninsula, South Korea's diplomacy is no doubt equivalent to paralysis.

Two, China's purchase of the North Korean sea fishing rights to support the North Korean economy.

According to South Korean media reports, confirmed, North Korea following the western waters, peninsula in eastern waters of the northern boundary in north area of fishery fishing rights transferring to China to achieve collect, the total value of the deal is $75 million a year fishing rights, recently has 1000 Chinese fishing boats near the eastern waters of the northern boundary of the fishing. We all know that the North Korean economic pressure, especially after the pressure is greater, and now China to buy fishing rights can not only guarantee the domestic consumption of seafood, but also indirectly support the North Korean economy. It is clear that South Korea to see such a message will be very unhappy, but because of the lack of understanding of China's South Korea, then China will not take into account the South korean.

Since South Korea has a note for the first time in China to the Chinese that Sade's deployment decision, then believe there will be more counter-measures.In particular, some military measures will likely to make the country's national security suffered heavy losses. (authorship: out)