Korean politics because of "SA de" into a clear confrontation: fear of losing the Chinese market

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Korean politics because of "SA de" into a clear confrontation: fear of losing the Chinese market

2016-08-13 13:07:55 406 ℃

South Korea to protest the deployment of "SA de" action wave has lasted more than 1 months. Figure for Seoul Gwanghwamun Plaza, South Korean civic groups held demonstrations, the Korea US authorities requirements to the withdrawal of the deployment "Sade" decision. Newspaper reporter Chen Shangwen photo

Newspaper reporter Chen Shangwen in South Korea "people's Daily" (2016 08, 03, 13 Edition)

From July 13 was designated as "Sade" anti missile system deployed to date, Gyeongsang province Seongju every day have thousands of people insist on opposition to the deployment of "Sade" candlelight rally. August 10, in the White House petition site home page "undo deployed in South Korea 'Sade' anti missile system to determine the number of signatures has more than 10 million; in a symbol of the Korea national establishment, get rid of the Japanese colonial rule, on August 15, 815 people in South Korea will truncates sends reveals one's aspirations, the government revoked" Sade "deployment decision and to promote peace.

White hot debate

"Ask the president to apologize!" "How can the opposition party members called the" traitorous slave "to support North Korea forces"?" South Korea the largest opposition party common democratic in hospital on behalf of Yu Xianghu August 9, asked the president to the position of the party, six members have visited China to apologize. Even on the day, the Democratic Party criticized the government in the deployment of the stubborn position on the issue of SA, asked the government to reconsider the deployment decision.

August 8 to 10, six of deployment "Sade" dissenting common Democrats to personally visit, understand China's position of "Sade" into the North Korea related issues and to exchange views on relations between China and Korea. However, these members visit the same day, the South Korean President Park in public criticism of them, to their national interests, and that they should not visit China at this time. South Korea's ruling party's new national party, the wording is more intense. South Korea's National Defense Commission Chairman, the new national party, said Jin Rongyu, the opposition party members' visit to China is a disgrace to South Korea's diplomacy and political. Institute of new nation party on behalf of the Zheng Zhenshuo says opposition "Sade" will have a loss of the Korea US alliance and diplomatic means to resolve the North Korean nuclear and missile issues is nonsense.

August 11, is running for the common Democratic Party leader Jin Xiang Kun said in an interview with South Korean YTN radio, park Geun hye such criticism and slander the visit to members of the effort, not the president should have the attitude. "SA de" is not only involved in international relations, but also involves economic, military, security and other issues, it should be taken into account. In the deployment of the "Sa" problem, the government if it is always so stubborn, autocratic, refused to communicate with the people, will provoke a mass boycott of the Korean people. He believes that the deployment of the "SA de" decision should be re considered.

According to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported, another common Democratic Party leadership election of the United States and love the autumn, recently said that diplomatic, economic and military aspects from the point of view, the deployment of Sade's decision is a defeat to incur.

Common article, former leader of the Democratic Party in Yin clearly stated that South Korean foreign priority is blocked due to damage caused by the deployment "Sade" on the relationship between South Korea and China, the current government instead blamed the opposition party members to this effort. "It's chilling."

"South Korean politics around the 'sa de' debate has entered a white hot stage." "South Korea daily," said the evaluation. The Korean national news, "the editorial pointed out that the crux of the problem not the things simply classified as" national interest ", but should know what is the meaning of" national interest ". The ruling party to the opposition party members put on a "traitor" label, should have a good answer decided to deploy "Sade" is in accordance with the "national interest".

From more than two thousand.

July 5th, the South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman said the humanities are still at a regular press conference that the U.S. military deployment in Korea, SA de time and place has not been finalized. However 8, South Korea and the United States military jointly announced the deployment in South Korea "Sade" system decision; a message, Yin City, Pyeongtaek, paint Valley "candidate" protest demonstrations like a rising wind and scudding clouds; on the 13th, the government announced Wisconsin "successful."

"Clearly is related to our home, our life, why no prior any deliberation, part of the decision makers should set it?" Li Zaidong, President of the county farmers' Association, told reporters. Wisconsin County Sheriff Jin Hengkun said wake up in the morning, the local government received the central government unilaterally to convey such an important decision, really can not understand.

All the time, the TPK area of the county is located in the new national party. South Korea, "Daily News" reported that now as opposed to the deployment of Sade, Seongju 4000 new national party, more than 2000 people have submitted application of quit a party, swear and ignoring public opinion, "the ruling party to draw a line.

July 19th to 20, the South Korean parliament on the deployment of "SA de" to the government. South Korea's defense minister, said in response to the Korean people, South Korea will not share the "SA de" intelligence, nor with the United States to share information on regional missile defense system. In August 4th, the text has also said that it can be in the South Korea US Japan intelligence sharing agreement to provide Japan with the range of the sa. The Korean national news, said it will further arouse the outside of the "SA de" whether the United States led the South Korean defense system between the three countries questioned.

In August 4th, Pu Jinhui said, you can consider other areas of the county in the deployment of sa". Earlier, South Korean Defense Ministry has repeatedly stressed that, star hill fort is the best place to deploy. Based on the president's statement, South Korea's defense ministry the same day Corwin, if Seongju recommend another resident, Department of defense of the of feasibility study. South Korea's ruling party stressed that this is not the deployment of the "SA de" to discuss the meaning of again. The co Democratic Party said the government must now change its position, only to show how hasty the decision was.

Fear of losing the Chinese market

On August 3, the Republic of Korea opposition Democratic Party, National Party, the Justice Party held a meeting, the party's leader, decided in Congress to jointly promote the construction of procuratorial reform of the special committee and Sade "measures of the special committee. South Korea free speech practice consortium chairman Kim kind of iron published article said, if the SA De strategy special committee was set up to discuss several issues, including the "SA de" cost issues are concerned. It is understood, Sade a fort at the expense of is 1.5 trillion won (1 yuan or about 166 won), an interceptor missile at a cost of $110 billion won, "he said. South Korea's defense ministry said South Korea only to provide the deployment, and according to the status of the U.S. military agreement, special agreement, the South Korean government to share the cost of U.S. troops stationed in South korea. If the deployment of "SA de" in Korea, South Korea will increase the burden of defense, the "SA de" operation to maintain the cost of the United States to pay it?

A "Sade" fort to defend South Korea? South Korean National Party MP Chung in the access of Wisconsin pointed out that deployment "Sade" will make the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula naught, open will be a permanent split.

Kim kind of iron also asked, China is Korea's largest trading partner, the South Korean government to ignore trade, culture, tourism and other possible losses and forced the deployment of the "SA de", the purpose? Before the National Party leader zhe show, to the South Korean people calculated brushstroke Zhang: South Korea's exports to China accounted for total than a quarter, deployment of the "Sade", the Korean economy will suffer a blow can imagine.

Yonsei University in South Korea political and diplomatic Department Professor Cui Zhongjian recently in an jtbc South Korean TV station to interview, called the international community, that is the coexistence of social, not only exist in Korea society. Former South Korean foreign minister, North Korea graduate college president min in the "Central Daily" published an article said, go to pay attention to the moves and order, again good moves if the reverse order will become bad strokes and diplomatic sense similar. Deployment of "SA de" will greatly deteriorate the security environment in Northeast asia. South Korea's military to replace diplomacy, is an extremely dangerous move.

South East Asian Peace Research Association President Jin Xiangchun in an interview with our reporter pointed out that the United States trying to deployed in South Korea "Sade" system to control the entire Northeast Asia Bureau. In Korea, deployment of the "Sade" will bring challenges to the relations between South Korea and china.

For the people of the county, they are not required to deploy to the third place, but to allow the government to withdraw the deployment decision. The people of the Republic of Korea said that the South Korean is the hope that South Korea should not forget the existence of the.