Over the years, the highest level of change! Putin, director of the office of the sudden dismissal Ivanov

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Over the years, the highest level of change! Putin, director of the office of the sudden dismissal Ivanov

2016-08-13 13:08:01 224 ℃

Earlier this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and the office of the director of Ivanov (left) at a meeting of Moscow Kremlin. Source: visual China

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday in case there is no sign of the sudden dismissal of the office of the president, director of the Sage Ivanov, Sergei Ivanov, and this is the highest level in recent years and the Kremlin to make personnel changes.

The 63 year old Mr Ivanov is Putin's allies of the long-term, Ivanov has in the Russian Soviet era secret service agency KGB (KGB) office. This is the 44 year old deputy Anton Vaino (Anton Vayno) replaced. Analysts believe that Putin's move is an attempt to introduce a new and more young members of the Russian regime.

Ivanov, who served as defense minister and first deputy prime minister, in the 70s of the 20th century had with Mr Putin together in Leningrad KGB and become, Mr Putin's right-hand man. According to Agence France-Presse, at the end of the second term of office in 2008, many observers had Ivanov as a potential successor to Putin. However, Putin will be the president of the incumbent Prime Minister Medvedev, after he continued to serve as president.

In a subsequent broadcast of the Russian state media, Putin thanked Ivanov for his work, and said that the move is the decision of the two sides. Putin said, "I remember the agreement between us, you asked me not to let you in the office of the president of the office for more than four years, this is also I understand you expect to change the work of the reasons."

Ivanov promised will in his new position in "positive, active and effective work, he will continue as a member of the Russian Security Council, is responsible for environmental protection, ecology and transportation affairs special representative of the president. Ivanov served as defense minister from 2001 to 2007, was appointed as director of the office of the president at the end of 2011.

According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that some analysts have put Putin's move as a move to replace their allies around the younger, more obedient people of a move.

"Putin found with ask redundant problem, not with him as a colleague speak of people doing things more comfortable," analysts in Tatiana Stano Vee A political policy center think tank in Moscow said, "gradually, he will be with his previous life without any relation to the people around."

Last year, Putin had dismissed the Russian Railways minister Vladimir A Kooning (Vladimir Yakunin), the drug enforcement administration director Viktor Ivanov, Viktor Ivanov) and the Federal Security Bureau Eugene Mu Rolf Yevgeny murov).

Russia will host the next presidential election in 2018. Putin is widely believed to be re elected in the new presidential election.