SA storm torn South Korea, park will be the impeachment of the park?

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SA storm torn South Korea, park will be the impeachment of the park?

2016-08-13 21:36:03 229 ℃

For more than a month, "SA de" storm continues to ferment. Public level, held in opposition to the deployment of Wisconsin candlelight rally day; politics, crossfire is uninterrupted, getting worse.

In August 2nd, Pu Jinhui at the state conference, said: many people spread unfounded rumors and lies, shake the foundation of national defense."

On August 8, for six members of Parliament to visit China one day, Hui son elder sister is furious, she publicly criticized the anti Sade "members of Cheong wa DAE, dissuasion, bent on behavior of visit is not understand politics," help China ".

On September 8, attended the ruling activities, she said: "a taste criticism 'Sade' into the Han, the instigation of national, this amounts to the nation and people placed in jeopardy."


It is no exaggeration to say that these words full of the smell of gunpowder, and so many lists. Enthusiastic readers as long as Baidu about the name of the name of the son, more exciting results immediately presented. And if you think it's just quarrel just that is wrong, the opposition said if you park Geun hye to in "Sade" problems "refused to communicate", it is entirely possible impeachment, South Korea should be from the origin to discuss whether to deploy "Sade".

The impeachment of the president, this is not a good thing, there is no precedent in South korea. In 2004, when he was president Roh Moo-hyun during the election period to collect illegal political funds, published in violation of the electoral law of the conversation was impeachment. So, park will have the same experience?

Impeachment is only an extreme form of political conflict. Whether the final pass, the impact of many factors, and one of the important point, probably lies in the extent to which the president led to dissatisfaction with the extent to which the words and deeds, and members of the will of the. On the current point of view, the deployment of the different attitudes of SA, has led to the South Korean people and the government, the ruling party and the opposition between the increasingly large, from the public opinion to split the political division, social fragmentation. And, this division, it seems that there is no possibility of bridging, and even effective communication is not.

Against the deployment of the "SA de", the reason is clear: "SA de" and can not protect the safety of the Republic of korea. For example, former South Korean Prime Minister Chung on July 26 in South Korea, "Central Daily" published an article said: "South Korean people still don't understand Korean deployment 'Sade', capital circle gathered a half of the Korean population, gross national product (GDP) of 60% and the total capital of 70%. North Korean Scud missiles only a few minutes to fly. However, the South Korean government decided to 'sa de' deployed in the city, the capital circle is in the 'sa de' interception distance." "I want to ask this, in the end is to protect who? In the end to defend what?"

While the party insisted on the deployment, it does not explicitly state the reason and answer the question. It is said that when the question is not good answer, an effective strategy is to avoid other". Hui son sister with at present is this trick: direct determination of deployment of Sade is needed for national defense, where the disagree with that as a shake the foundation of the national defense. " This charge is really big enough. But is not good answer public anxiety, promote discussion, effective communication, political opposition is great anger, the Zha to see how how a bit forced indoctrination mean? Although, for 1+1=2 this problem, the brain will certainly not be so successful, the tear will only continue to increase.

Of course, under strong opposition, Pu Jinhui also needs a little action. She recently said that it can be considered in other areas of the county in the deployment of sa". But justice Jun (ID:bjrbplb)'d asked: prior to the Department of defense than to say repeatedly, Wisconsin Hill Star Fort is best deployed location? So the pressure should be changed, only to prove the haste of the policy. Moreover, even if the deployment in other places, it will not be opposed to it? This is a delaying tactic, sing without sincerity. In addition, South Korean officials recently released a explicit pictures, more let the argument to "consider" the look hypocritical, also reflects the Hui son sister "a road go to black" make up their minds to be firm.

We will be trying to "flag in the weapon is opposite, accidentally?

The people at home care-laden, Hui sister but I am still my old self. To let her give up your normal communication to do may be estimated, the need to stimulate strong. This kind of stimulation, its direct initiation although comes from the domestic political situation, but the international situation also inevitably will indirectly have the influence to it.

At present, South Korea is facing the situation would not be good. Cite a simple example, after "Sade" deployment, North Korean missile fusillade, the United States, Japan and South Korea immediately asked the Security Council to condemn North Korea. However, the Security Council behind closed doors will open again and again, results a condemnation did not send out, the reason is simple: China opposes! In fact, the opposition was more than China, Russia will be against. China and Russia are around South Korea the country, the pressure if hit, I'm afraid not just limited in the economic, cultural, or entertainment circle. This impact on the Korean, South Korean people will not know. When the surrounding pressure is more intense, South Korea's domestic anti SA De situation is bound to become more intense, the pressure will be added to Pu Jinhui's body accordingly.

10 years ago, Roh moo Hyun has refused to change until moved for the impeachment vote on the same day, he didn't furuan, said to impeach the president to move case triggered by political crisis to apologize to the people. However, at this time, the opposition chose flatly refused to continue to adhere to the voting. Do the same until at the last minute, a political crisis, Pu Jinhui will come to their senses?

The farther you go, the harder it is to turn back. In the United States set a "dead end", leaving the park Geun hye jump out of the window of time, can have more and more small.