Ukraine, Russia and go to the edge of war?

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Ukraine, Russia and go to the edge of war?

2016-08-13 21:36:09 285 ℃

In Mr Putin's domineering after gorging like to eat piece of fat of Crimea, Russia and Ukraine border again beaching, the armed forces of the two countries at loggerheads, the threat of war.

On July 28, from the hands of Ukraine Crimea grab hand for two years, Putin thought oneself can be without scruple the piece of fat mouth to eat, he signed a presidential decree, Russia in the Southern Federal District and Crimea Federal District merger restructuring for the new Russian Southern Federal District.

Vladimir Putin recently high spirited, Diplomacy around score, relations between Russia and China closer; Turkey to Russia furuan; Japan and South Korea are to improve relations with Russia; Britain's new prime minister, ready to in the summit talks with Vladimir Putin, Germany, France and other countries are also active in improving relations with Russia. Putin may be the international community of Russia's isolation is lifted, so that the Crimea would like to take the opportunity to devour.

Putin in Ukraine after the formal Crimea swallow, comparison of corpuscles, did not take action against the large-scale public. But Russia has been the first to hit the. Russian agents announced the arrest of Ukraine sent to Crimea to engage in terrorist attacks agents. Earlier this month, the Russian Federal Security Agency said that Russia in Crimea to stop the Ukraine Department of Defense Intelligence Agency planned series of terrorist actions. Captured 7 suspects, the Russian side of the sacrifice of a soldier and a secret agent.

Grasping the relationship between Russia and Ukraine agents become further split the fuse, what Ukraine have sent agents to engage in terrorist attacks? Russia, Ukraine, each holding a word, the truth can not be resolved. Ukrainian Ministry of defense and the president of Ukraine Poroshenko resolutely denied, but Mr Putin was emphatic said to avenge their fallen Russian soldiers agents.

On August 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine tried to in the Crimea to "terror" manufacture incident, the destruction of the situation, Russia will not remain indifferent, will take more stringent measures to protect the Crimea safety.

On November 8, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement said that Russia has been wiped out in Ukrainian defense ministry Investigation Bureau in the Crimea region layout of the network of secret agents and arrested in the Crimea to the Ukrainian side agents provide the assistance of Russians and Ukrainians. On the same day, Putin called its top military and intelligence officials to consider the ground border, offshore and Crimea airspace anti-terrorism security measures".

Putin overbearing attitude scared boluoshenke. The authorities in Ukraine have dismissed the allegations as a false excuse for Russia's launch of a more military threat to Ukraine. On August 11, Poroshenko ordered, enhance the operational readiness of Crimea along the border troops and Ukraine's eastern Donbas area conflict front-line troops. In August 12th, the Ukraine Security Bureau announced that it has been to the east of Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea border warning level of terrorist threat to the highest face of the actual threat red warning. Ukraine's ambassador to the United Nations Ye Leigh Yisi C charged to the international community, Russia has 40 thousand troops stationed in the Crimea area.

But the Russian army, indeed in the Crimea launched the action, including plans to hold the large-scale military exercises in the Black Sea, anti-aircraft missiles S400 also have been deployed to the Crimea, and cut off the northern Crimea near regions of Ukraine's network connection.

Mr Putin's routine too much, half truths is difficult to distinguish, this time Russia provoke Crimea catching agent events, is not is a part of the Russian "hybrid warfare", remains to be seen.