People in Pyongyang on line and drink beer? There are beautiful waitress!

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People in Pyongyang on line and drink beer? There are beautiful waitress!

2016-08-13 21:36:26 232 ℃

Hot days to taedonggang beer, Pyongyang taedonggang Beer Festival, the first of August 12, in the Datong River and the Taedong River, boat opened, Pyongyang citizens and foreign visitors to hundreds of people attended the event.

August 12th, in Pyongyang, North Korea, the people of the public in the beer festival toast.

This is the August 12th shooting in Pyongyang North Korea from the taedongang brewery waitress.

The opening ceremony began at 7 in the evening. Korean people's service and administration director, beer festival organizing committee will Cui Yingnan chairman, said in a speech taedonggang beer festival in Pyongyang by the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un personally initiated, and make detailed instructions. Held in Pyongyang taedonggang beer festival for the publicity of the Korean famous brand -- taedonggang beer, improve the brand visibility and competitiveness, to show to the masses of the people as the center of socialist system superiority has important significance.

Then, people have raised their glasses of beer to celebrate, laughter can be heard without end banquet toast each other. On the stage as well as Korean songs and musical performances, heighten the atmosphere was warm. In addition to beer, the organizers also prepared a variety of flavors of fried chicken and lamb, as well as bread, peanuts and other foods. Everyone was eating fried chicken, while drinking beer, enjoying the cool breeze of Datong River, is not comfortable.

The Pyongyang taedonggang Beer Festival venue are located in Datong River river and Datong River Cruise. Late 8 am, by neon lit blew the Taedong River Cruises start slowly, carrying nearly 300 guests night taedonggang. It is reported that the beer festival will last until the end of August, opening hours every day for the evening of 7 to 12. The ticket price is $3 per person, including two cups of beer. Taste fried chicken and other snacks are required to pay.

During Oktoberfest, taedonggang beer price of $0.5 to $2.5 per cup. Taedonggang beer is North Korea's most popular and best reputation of local beer brand, according to the difference of fermentation process is divided into 1 to 7, a total of 7 varieties. Taedongang brewery located in Sadong District of Pyongyang city.